NWA-TNA PPV 2 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

If you’re looking for a company with a chaotic history to take a deep dive with, look no further than Total Nonstop Action / IMPACT Wrestling! Welcome back to the NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView series. In its second showcase on television, NWA-TNA is proud to present NWA: TNA #2 (and I am proud to present the NWA-TNA PPV 2 RetroView!) This one-hour and forty-five-minute card emanates live from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. What’s in store for this event? Let’s find out!

Set The Scene

Last week, NWA-TNA started off with entrances from our commentary team. However, this week’s episode abandoned that trope. Nevertheless, this week’s pay-per-view is commentated by our three favorite announcers – Mike Tenay, Don West, and… Ed Ferarra. Emanating from Huntsville, Alabama’s Von Braun Civic Center, we’re set to receive an interview with our new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock. On this show, we will also be seeing a main event between rivals Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett (along with the appearances of Jackie Fargo and country music legend Toby Keith.) Finally, tonight will also crown the first-ever NWA-TNA X Champion (I’ll explain that later.) Without further ado, let’s get into the program!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall (w/ Toby Keith and Jackie Fargo)

Remember that main event I just mentioned? Well, it seems like Jarrett doesn’t want to wait. Jarrett makes his way down to ringside and calls out Scott Hall, who arrives (flanked by Toby Keith and Jackie Fargo.) It seems like Jeff Jarrett has moved his match to the opener. Jeez, it’s like this dude is booking the company or something.

This match starts off with an intense staredown. Jarrett and Hall lock up, leading to an arm drag takedown by Jarrett. While Hall is in a prone position, Jarrett begins to drum on the back of his opponent’s head. Eventually, both men are back to their feet, and we are met with a lot more staredown action. Jarrett gets cocky and addresses the crowd in the corner, but Hall attacks him from behind.

Eventually, Jarrett is clotheslined to the outside of the ring, where he is met by Toby Keith and Jackie Fargo. Keith stares bullets into Jarrett, and Fargo throws Jeff back into the ring. Soon, the pace begins to quicken, and the crowd is starting to wake up for this match.

NWA-TNA PPV 2 (June 26, 2002) Online - FITE
Photo / FITE TV


Then, Jarrett locked in a sleeper hold – and all momentum died. After minutes of having this sleeper hold engaged, Hall begins to hulk up. (Sidenote: Jarrett had this sleeper hold locked in for so long that Ed Ferarra on commentary yelled that it was “time to get back to wrestling.”) Afterward, Hall works his way out of the sleeper hold. This crowd is electric until Hall… immediately locks in his own sleeper hold for minutes. I’ve never heard a crowd deflate so quickly.

At this point in the match, these guys look like they’re blown up. It’s time for the finish. Hall lifts Jarrett for the Razor’s Edge, but K-Krush hits the ring and saves Jarrett. Suddenly, we see Brian Christopher hit the ring to chase Krush backstage (those two will be in competition later tonight as well.) Jarrett takes control until Toby Keith slides into the ring and uppercuts Jeff in the testicles. Hall slams Jarrett’s head into the ground and covers him for the three-count in 7:01.

Match Result: Scott Hall defeated Jeff Jarrett via Pinfall in 7:01.
Walker’s Words: This was a decent match, and the finish fired the crowd up! It felt like they were trying to shove a twenty-minute bout into seven minutes, but otherwise, it was pretty good!

Cheex vs. Frank Parker

It’s here – the return of the provocative dancing cage women. For those who don’t know, this staple of TNA’s early years came in the form of transition shots of female performers dancing for the live crowd. They plagued last week’s edition of the show, and they’re back this week.

We move on to the next contest of the night, 568-pound pro wrestler Cheex vs. local talent Frank Parker. Cheex is an absolutely massive fellow, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. See for yourself!

Cheex get’s an actual entrance and is accompanied by “The Brown-Eyed Girl.” She seems pretty sweet on good ol’ Cheex. During his entrance, we get a standout line on commentary from Don West, who said, “We’re gonna need a dolly to get him up that ramp.” After Cheex’s entrance, the camera pans to Frank Parker already standing in the middle of the ring. I’m sure you could imagine how this one is about to go.

The bell sounds, and we’re off to the races. Starting off, Parker attempts some strikes on Cheex, but Cheex doesn’t budge. After five attempted clotheslines from the ropes, Parker can’t take down this behemoth of a man. However, Cheex easily takes Parker down with one clothesline. Cheex hits two running hip attacks in the corner that looked absolutely devastating. At this point, Cheex is gassed after a minute of competition. It is so noticeable, in fact, that it causes Ed Ferarra to state, “This guy is sucking up so much air that people in the first three rows are lacking oxygen.” Heck, I believe Ed here.

We’d soon find out that this match would not be about the two competitors in the ring at all. In the midst of the contest, the same blonde woman who harassed the referee last week is seen chatting with Jeremy Borash at ringside. Back in the ring, Cheex sits on Parker for a two-count. Cheex then hits the ropes and lands a big splash to score the three-count.

Match Result: Cheex defeated Frank Parker via Pinfall in 2:07.
Walker’s Words: For some reason, this was the match of the night to me. Cheex is super over on my personal scale. Somehow this match put me in a better mood. Weird!

This wouldn’t be it for this segment, though. Right after the bell sounds, the camera catches a glimpse of Jeremy Borash handing this blonde woman money, just like the referee did. We then cut back to the dancing cage women as commentary recaps last week’s K-Krush-Brian-Christopher debacle.

 Brian Christopher (w/ Hermie Sadler & Sterling Martin) vs. K-Krush

One week removed from Brian Christopher’s uncomfortable “Your People” promo on NWA-TNA’s lone African-American star, we are presented with a match between Christopher and Krush. The bell sounds, and we are off.

First, Christopher begins show-boating in the corner, which leads to Krush attacking him from behind. Krush unleashes a fury of strikes in the corner. Christopher retaliates by finding his footing and landing a big running bulldog out of the corner. However, Krush would find himself back on the offensive moments later as Christopher is knocked off of the top rope by his opponent.

Krush lands a nasty suplex on Christopher but would only score a two-count. Christopher would retaliate by reversing an Irish Whip into a Stunner. He would go on to pay homage to Steve Austin’s beer-drinking antics with a taunt in the corner. Christopher would go on to mount Krush and perform an all-on assault on him. After Krush would retaliate with an atomic drop, Sadler and Martin would hit the ring.

As Krush attempts to move outward on the apron, he would be stopped by the middle rope being pushed into his nether regions. After multiple testicular shots from Sadler and Martin, Christopher hits a leg drop from the top rope and pins Krush for the victory.

Match Result: Brian Christopher defeated K-Krush via Pinfall in 4:38.
Walker’s Words: This match was strange. It was very middle of the road for me, and it feels like the wrong guy won.

 Ms. TNA Lingerie Battle Royal Match:
Alexis Laree vs. Elektra vs. Erin vs. Francine vs. Joanie vs. Miss Sasha vs. Shannon vs. Tyler

First off, commentary does a horrendous job throughout this match of knowing who is who (which means I now suffer the same issue.) However, everyone comes out in white to start off the match. The winner of this contest is the individual who keeps their clothes on for the duration of the match.

Starting off the match, you get your typical “catfight” competition that was common in American women’s wrestling during this time. Multiple women are eliminated in this contest early on. Eventually, a group of four begins to strip Francine down to her lingerie, and she is eliminated. This would lead to an odd spot where Ed Ferrara would leave the commentary table to go “assist” Francine to the back. In response to Ferrara’s “kindness,” Francine would hint at offering Ed a “reward” (I’m going to leave that one up to your imagination.) Instead of doing Ferrara a favor, she would unbuckle his belt and utilize it as a weapon.

After chasing Ferrara back to the commentary booth, Francine turns her eyes on Taylor Vaughn (who has won the match while all of that was happening.) Instead of giving her the opportunity to celebrate, Francine would strip Vaughn to her bra and panties, proceeding to whip her with the belt numerous times.

Match Results: Taylor Vaughn is crowned Ms. TNA, winning the match via elimination in 4:46.
Walker’s Words: I have no words for this. It was an absolute cluster. Let’s just move on.

Goldy Locks Interviews Apolo

After another appearance from the dancing cage women, we move on to TNA’s resident interviewer, Goldy Locks. Ms. Locks is interviewing the Puerto Rican Sensation, Apolo, about his hopes here in TNA. Before Apolo could provide an answer, he is interrupted by Bobcat. Bobcat is the vivacious vixen attached to none other than Apolo’s opponent for tonight, David Young. Bobcat would tell Goldy Locks that she should be interviewing a “real man” like David Young. Goldy Locks is upset with her interview being interrupted, and we cut down to ringside for the match.

David Young (w/ Bobcat) vs. Apolo

This match is short and simple. Both men make their entrance, and the referee rings the bell. Apolo immediately locks in a headlock on Young and pushes him off the ropes. However, Young can’t knock Apolo off of his feet. Apolo bodyslams Young to take control.

On the outside of the ring, the camera keeps cutting to Bobcat, attempting to seduce announcer Jeremy Borash. David keeps getting distracted by Bobcat’s mischievous escapades. This would inevitably cost him the match. Young would have control, but the betting odds would change every so often due to Bobcat captivating the attention of Young at ringside. Capitalizing off of this distraction, Apolo lands a massive springboard tornado DDT on David Young. That looked phenomenal!

Later in the match, Young would retake control. Young would climb to the top rope to attempt a moonsault on Apolo but would see Bobcat sitting on Borash’s lap. This would lead to a momentary hesitation, allowing Apolo to avoid the maneuver and land a superkick on his opponent. After a devastating TKO from Apolo, he would pin Young and win this match.

Match Result: Apolo defeated David Young via Pinfall in 5:28.
Walker’s Words: I don’t understand TNA’s obsession with introducing women to the product via having them interact with Jeremy Borash at ringside. Either way, just happy Apolo got the win.

 The Dupps (Bo Dupp and Stan Dupp) vs. Rainbow Express (Lenny and Bruce) (w/ Joel Gertner)

First, we come back from commercial to a skinny Joel Gertner in the ring. Gertner does his usual shtick discussing the things he would do to every mother in the world before he announces the team of Rainbow Express – Bruce and Lenny. Bruce and Lenny make their way out to ringside and get prepared for this match. We then hear the entrance music for The Dupps, but Bo and Stan are nowhere to be seen. The camera cuts backstage to Bo and Stan, who claim they “don’t want to wrestle people of ‘different lifestyles.'” Instead, a TNA official approaches James Storm and Chris Harris backstage, asking them to participate in this match-up. The official doesn’t even give Harris and Storm the opportunity to put their gear on. The pair take off their shirts and make their way down to ringside.

America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) vs. Rainbow Express (Lenny and Bruce) (w/ Joel Gertner)

There isn’t much to this match. Rainbow Express attacked America’s Most Wanted before the match, and the referee rang the bell when AMW were on the ground. Commentary is continuously hammering on about Rainbow Express’s “alternative lifestyles.” They won’t outright admit that Bruce and Lenny are gay, but they sure do like to hint at it.

In the first tag of the match, Bruce would tag Lenny into the match via a kiss on the hand. Commentary would claim “they don’t get special rules because they’re special people.” James Storm would roll up Lenny for the pinfall and the three-count.

Match Result: James Storm and Chris Harris would defeat Lenny and Bruce via Pinfall in 4:48.
Walker’s Words: There wasn’t much here. Rainbow Express showcased the best character work on the entire show.

Ken Shamrock Interview

After shots of the dancing cage women, we see referee Ricky Steamboat in the ring. Steamboat would introduce our new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock. After putting Shamrock over with the crowd, Shamrock takes the microphone and says he will defend the belt with honor. However, he is interrupted by music the NWA-TNA faithful aren’t familiar with – and out walks Father James Mitchell. Mitchell interrupts this promo and immediately refers to the Alabama crowd as “crackers.” He claims he is on a mission from God, but “not your God.” Mitchell introduces his new stable – the Disciples of the New Church.

Father James would introduce his newest member of his stable, and out comes Slash. Slash would stare down with Ken Shamrock; however, Shamrock would have other things to worry about. From behind, Shamrock would be attacked by Malice (the man he defeated to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.) Malice choked out Shamrock for minutes with Steamboat and fellow referees attempting to pull the two men apart. What a wild segment!

NWA-TNA X Championship Double Elimination Match:
AJ Styles vs. Psicosis vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn

Instead of transitioning to the dancing cage women, we transition to a recap of our opening contest from last week’s PPV for NWA-TNA – The Flying Elvises (Jimmy Wang Yang, Jorge Estrada, and Sonny Siaki) vs. AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Low Ki. It was very interesting to see them recap this match! This match was double elimination. In this match, you must be pinned or submitted twice to be eliminated. Instead of being a four-way dance, it was a one-on-one match where different wrestlers would switch in and out after eliminations.

This is not a match that I can break down maneuver by maneuver because it is so fast-paced and intense. This match starts off between AJ Styles and Psicosis, where AJ would pin Psicosis two minutes into the match after a Styles Clash. Two minutes afterward, AJ would also pin Low Ki with another Styles Clash. Jerry Lynn would then enter the match and go on an absolute rampage. Lynn would pin Styles after a Cradle Piledriver, and Psicosis would enter the match. There was a nasty botch where Psicosis would fall on his neck, and Lynn would pin him a couple of minutes afterward. That was scary. Psicosis is officially taken out of this match.

Lynn would go on to pin Low Ki, also eliminating him from the match. It would come down to Styles and Lynn. Styles would have to gain two pinfalls to Lynn’s one pinfall, so the odds were not exactly in his favor. The action began to pick up here. Styles would hit multiple Styles Clash’s but would not be able to put Lynn away. Lynn would attempt multiple piledrivers, but Styles would avoid the situations. Styles would get his first pinfall after a successful discus lariat into a Styles Clash. After a hectic final few minutes with multiple near falls on both ends, Styles would pick up a final pinfall following a SPIRAL TAP for the victory.

Match Result: AJ Styles defeated Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, and Psicosis via Elimination, becoming the first NWA-TNA X Champion in 25:56.
Walker’s Words: This match was, by all means, was the best match of the entire show.

Post-Show Thoughts

Overall, this show was pretty middle-of-the-road. Highlights of the match include the main event… and that’s about it. Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett was suitable and was probably the second-best moment of the show. Everything else on this show was incredibly forgettable. Many would’ve rather witnessed the Apolo vs. Young or Cheex vs. Frank Parker matches go longer than witness the Miss TNA Lingerie, Battle Royal.

How did this show stack up to the previous event? This show is considered a better card compared to the first event; however, the first event had more memorable moments. Most people aren’t going to remember the Rainbow Express wrestling against Chris Harris and James Storm; most people will remember Jeff Jarrett choking out Jackie Fargo backstage, though. This show is building in a great direction.