NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22 (Champion vs. Champion)

As we review NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22, on Tuesday, December 27th, 2022, NWA aired another episode of Powerrr on YouTube & Fite TV. We have every champion in NWA in action. The main event is a 6 Man Tag Team Match. We also got a Champion vs. Champion match, a Television Title Match & a Triple Threat Match.

NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
Television Title Match

Jordan Clearwater (c) vs. Mercurio

Jordan Clearwater talks trash to get in Mercurio’s head and wastes time off the clock; then he pops Mercurio in the mouth, but then he fires back at Clearwater for hitting his moneymaker. Mercurio goes for a crossbody but gets caught. He tries to get Clearwater on his shoulder but Mercurio wriggles out and nails a clothesline to the back of Clearwater’s head then he hits a knee shot and covers for a two count.

Mercurio keeps on offense and pummels away, landing another high knee and swivels his hips at Clearwater to show him how it’s done. Clearwater fires back with a clothesline and back body drop suplex and covers for two.

Mercurio lands with a superkick and a twisting backbreaker at 2:10 and then goes for Lost Love but Clearwater gets out of the hold. Mercurio goes back, and Austin Idol distracts him enough for Clearwater to deliver Midas Touch to score the win.

Winner: AND STILL Television Champion: Jordan Clearwater 

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Non-Title Match
United States Tag Team Champions The Fixers vs. The Mortons

Ricky Morton & Jay Bradley started this match, and Ricky was able to get an arm wringer and tag out to Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton quickly. Bradley fought out of it and slammed Kerry but missed a knee drop and got hit with a headscissors but Bradley stood right up, hits a knee, and tags out to Wrecking Ball Legursky.

Legursky caught Kerry on a crossbody, and The Fixers sandwiched him. Bradley beat up on Kerry in front of Colby Corino as Rush Freeman cheered their tactics.

Bradley went for a back-body drop, but Kerry tried a cradle. Bradley blocked it and hit a suplex, and The Fixers continued to get the heat on Kerry Morton. Legursky missed sitting down on the sunset flip, and Kerry was able to tag out to his dad. The Fixers hit a double shoulder tackle on Ricky though, but they missed a corner charge, and Morton rolled up Legursky for the win.

Winners: The Mortons

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
Triple Threat Match

Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Traxx vs. Garrison Creed

Jeremiah Plunkett & Garrison Creed worked together for parts of this, trying to keep Traxx at bay. Plunkett & Creed punch each other until they started fighting, leaving Traxx in position to clothesline both men and hit a runaway train. Creed took out Traxx with a knee but ate a piledriver from Plunkett after a Saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Jeremiah Plunkett

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
Damage vs. Question Mark II

Stevens distracted Question Mark II leading to Damage attacking and getting the heat on Question Mark II. Damage used a nerve hold on Question Mark II about 30 seconds into the match and then returned to it again after about a minute.

Question Mark II hit a throat thrust and a forearm before hitting a kick to the head after powering up his chi. Aron Stevens threw his roll of paper in the ring and hit a loaded glove shot to the back of Mark’s head leading to the win.

Winner: Damage

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
Champion vs. Champion Match

Women’s Champion Kamille vs. Women’s Tag Team Champion Kenzie Page

Kenzie Page ducks under a lockup and posed & Kamille was not impressed. Kamille threw Page around the ring in the early going including sending Paige flying into the turnbuckle.

Paige was able to snap Kamille’s arm over the ropes after rolling to the apron to escape, and Paige did not waste time attacking the arm and shoulder. Trevor Murdoch, a member of Team Pretty in the Champions Series, was seen encouraging Paige.

Paige yells I’m the champ! as Kamille kept fighting out of her arm attacks. Paige missed a corner charge, and Kamille hit an Oklahoma Stampede for a two-count. Paige went right back to the arm, but Kamille fought out of a fireman’s carry and got her in a torture rack before hitting a torture rack bomb for another two count.

Paige blocked a spear by hitting a knee and locked in a crossface. Kamille got the ropes and pushed off them with her feet to roll into a Samoan Drop on Paige for another two count. Kamille missed a pump kick, but Kamille countered a wheelbarrow with a rear naked choke.

Kamille was putting Paige to sleep Ella Envy jumped into the ring and the referee immediately calls for the DQ.

Winner By DQ: Women’s Champion Kamille

After the match, Kamille lays out Pretty Empowered with a Spear.

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 12/27/22
6 Man Tag Team Match

NWA World Tag Team Champions La Rebelion & Joe Alonzo vs. Idolmania Sports Management

Idolmania Sports Management got the heat on Joe Alonzo for several minutes with slams with World Heavyweight Champion Tyrus hitting moves before tagging out.

Idolmania Sports Management is still in control of Alonzo before he finally makes the tag to Mecha Wolf after a superkick to Jordan Clearwater. Mecha Wolf took Tyrus off the apron, who stepped down to the floor slowly before throwing himself into the lap of Aron Stevens who fell out of his chair.

Alonzo quickly tagged himself back in, and somehow, Tyrus got back in the ring and hit the Tongan Death Grip for the win.

Winners: Idolmania Sports Management 

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