NWA 70 Pay Per View Review

NWA 70 took place on October 21, 2018, from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. This historic event celebrates 70 years of the National Wrestling Alliance. This is also the first show put on entirely by the NWA under Billy Corgan’s management.

Before the main show went down there was a pre-show, which is available for free on Fite.TV. This was basically a compilation of all the videos and interviews surrounding both the event itself and the main event particularly.  The show is commentated by Joe Galli and Jim Cornette. They were joined during the main event by Tony Schiavone. Jenn Decker is the interviewer for the evening, with Cornette lending a hand as well.

NWA 70 Review

NWA National Championship Tournament Round One, Elimination Match A
Samuel Shaw vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Sammy Guevera vs. Colt Cabana

This opening match was a lot of fun. Colt Cabana made a good showing early on technically and incorporated some comedy as well. He bit the finger of Samuel Shaw (who wears red gloves) and removed said glove. Cabana then proceeded to slap every opponent AND the referee with the glove.

Referee Brian Hebner was none too pleased, who took the glove from Cabana and slapped Samuel Shaw with it! Cabana, however, was eliminated first by Shaw. Samuel took the low road and pulled the singlet of Colt while having him rolled up. More fast-paced action followed with Guevera, Sky, and Shaw. Sammy Guevera was eliminated next by Scorpio Sky following a Shining Wizard. Capitalizing on the quick nature,

Samuel Shaw hit a superkick on a still kneeling Sky to claim victory. Samuel Shaw advances to the tournament final.

Following some technical difficulties, we saw a ringside interview with former NWA Champion Blue Demon, Jr.

NWA 70 Review

Barrett Brown vs. Laredo Kid

The fast-paced action would continue with Barrett Brown and Laredo Kid. Much of this match was defined by many high-flying moves, with Jim Cornette providing quips to keep up. It was a series of one-ups-man-ship as each man struggled to see what would keep the other down. The end finally came when the Laredo Kid attempted a Corkscrew Splash from the top rope and the pool was empty. Barrett capitalized on this, hitting the Laredo Kid with a knee strike. He then hooked the leg and got the hard-fought win.

The technical issues again presented themselves again. A video package on Mike Parrow played on the stream, while the audio from the live arena could be heard. Next was an interview with Willie Mack. Following was an interview with Jay Bradley that was interrupted by James Ellsworth. During this interview is when the audio was restored. Ricky Starks showed up at the broadcast position to cut a promo and introduce himself. A video montage hyping the “Absolute” Ricky Stark was then played. A ringside interview with Magnum TA was then conducted by ring announcer Cyrus Fees.

NWA 70 Review

NWA National Championship Tournament Round One, Elimination Match B
Willie Mack vs. Ricky Starks vs. Jay Bradley vs. Mike Parrow

This match started off fast and hard as Bradley and Parrow teamed up for a moment. They sent both Mack and Starks to the outside before their ‘alliance’ imploded and attacked each other. Starks laid in wait as the two hosses, Bradley and Parrow pummeled each other. After Parrow attempted a pin on Bradley, Starks slid in to pick the bones. He caught Parrow off-guard from behind and rolled him up. This caused Parrow’s elimination, however, the replay confirmed that Starks had the tights. Parrow’s shoulder was also not down for the entire count, but the referee’s vantage point was obscured.

Willie Mack stole the show here, taking Starks down and kipping up. He then did his trademark standing moonsault for a near-fall. From here, Jay Bradley would take over. He would work on Willie Mack, then work on Starks. This formula worked for the former TNA Gut Check winner for several minutes. Until that is, he tried to go to the top rope, outside of his usual repertoire. With his back to the ring, Bradley was vulnerable, and Willie Mack took advantage.

Mack and Bradley continue to forge ahead

Mack knocked Bradley silly with a headbutt, allowing Starks to pull him down with a sit-out powerbomb. Willie then climbed to the top rope to hit a five-star frog splash. This allowed Willie Mack to pin Jay Bradley and eliminate him. Ricky Starks then tried to go toe-to-toe with The Mack and even landed a spear on the big man. Chocolate Thunder would not be denied though, hitting a Stunner on Ricky Starks for the win. Willie Mack advances to the tournament final.

During the post-match interview with Willie Mack, Samuel Shaw came out. During a face-off, Jay Bradley attacked Willie Mack from behind. James Ellsworth came down to make the save for Mack. This, however, would put Willie Mack at a disadvantage going into the finals match..

Tim Storm vs. “Professional” Peter Avalon (w/Niko Marquez)

Next is an absolute grudge match between former NWA Champion Tim Storm and the Professional Peter Avalon. A video package played, documenting the almost year-long feud between Avalon and Storm. On two occasions, due to dubious means, Avalon came out victorious over Storm. Avalon’s actions bring out Tim Storm’s dark side. During a pre-match promo, Avalon changes the terms. He demands that if Storm loses, he has to kiss Avalon’s foot; if Storm wins, then Avalon has to kiss Storm’s foot.

Avalon jumped Storm at the bell, however, it quickly became Storm who was in control. He dominated the smaller Avalon until Peter slid to the outside to take a powder. Using the distraction of Niko Marquez, Peter was able to send Storm into the ring post. A later interference attempt by Marquez would lead to a miscommunication between the two, and Avalon splashed Marquez who then fell from the ring apron. Following this, Avalon turned around and was thrown immediately into the Perfect Storm. Tim Storm then finally got his long-sought-after win over Avalon.

The Pre-Match Bet

As for the pre-match bet, it was announced that if Avalon did not pay up, he would be fined $10,000. Avalon attempted to get Marquez to do his dirty work form and kiss Storm’s foot. Niko did kiss Storm’s foot, but that wasn’t good enough for the schoolteacher. He caught Avalon by force and rubbed the face into his boot-less, sweaty foot. The victory was indeed sweet for Tim Storm.

NWA 70 Review

NWA World Women’s Championship Match
Jazz (c) vs. Penelope Ford

Next, we have the NWA World Women’s Championship Match. Jazz, the champion, made the unorthodox call to come out first. Traditionally, the champion comes out last, but general practice is to let the champion decide. This gives the champion a slight mind games advantage by already being out in the ring to confront their opponent as soon as they come out. Penelope Ford did not appear to be outwardly affected by this move at all. Jazz had a size and strength advantage of Penelope, which she used. This match was almost all Jazz offensively and ended somewhat abruptly after an STF. Penelope had no choice but to tap out. This continues Jazz’s over two-year reign with the NWA World Women’s Championship.

In a post-match interview, Jazz stated that she was tired of seeing the parade of men challenging for the infamous ten pounds of gold. She stated her intention to have a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

NWA 70 Review

NWA National Championship Tournament Final
Willie Mack vs. Samuel Shaw

This next match would be the finals in the NWA National Championship Tournament. We have Willie Mack taking on Samuel Shaw to crown a new champion. Prior to the match getting underway, a recap was shown from earlier in the night. This was of the attack on Willie Mack by Jay Bradley. Jim Cornette would be in the ring and introduced former NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett. He showed off the brand-new NWA National Championship belt. After his promo, Jarrett would give the title to Magnum TA at ringside to present to the winner.

Willie Mack would attack Samuel Shaw on the ramp before the bell sounded. Mack started things off quickly and had the advantage. After several minutes, Shaw was able to get a step ahead of Mack, sidestepping Mack and sending him careening into the post. This allowed Shaw to slow the match down and work a nerve hold, which almost won the match on two occasions. Using the crowd support behind him, Mack was able to rally back. It eventually took a Stunner, a standing moonsault attempt and one more Stunner to put Shaw away. This allowed Mack to get the win and become the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion!

NWA 70 Review

The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane, w/Road Warrior Animal) vs. The Kingdom of Jocephus (Shannon Moore & Crazzy Steve w/Jocephus, Hollywood & The Spiritual Advisor)

Now this one was a little strange. The War Kings were out first, accompanied by Road Warrior Animal. Next out was the Kingdom of Jocephus, which consisted of Jocephus, Hollywood (of GLOW) and his spiritual advisor. Everyone was confused because both Hollywood and the spiritual advisor are women; the War Kings had previously stated that they did not want to face these women. From behind, the War Kings were attacked by Shannon Moore and Crazzy Steve. It appears that these two have joined the Kingdom of Jocephus. Despite the advantage of surprise, the smaller Moore and Crazzy Steve were no match for Jax Dane and Crimson. It’ll remain to be seen what the Kingdom of Jocephus has in store for the NWA faithful.

After the match, Cornette again got into the ring and talked with his old friend, Road Warrior Animal. It was then announced that the NWA would be partnering with the Crockett Foundation to resurrect the Crockett Cup in 2019.  This historic tag team tournament had previously helped further the careers of teams like The Road Warriors and the Midnight Express. It is an exciting prospect to have this tournament return to help bring attention to the best tag teams of today.

NWA 70 Review

NWA World Heavyweight Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Cody (c) w/Brandi vs. Nick Aldis w/Kamille

Finally, the match we’ve all been waiting for. The main event. Cody will be defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship with Brandi at his side. Nick Aldis is the challenger, with his insurance policy, Kamille or Kamilla Kaine in tow. While their first match was good, this one would prove to be even better. There was wrestling, brawling and submission grappling. They even went into the stands, dredging up memories of the old concession stand brawls. Nick Aldis scored the first fall, making Cody tap out to the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. The second fall was won by Cody, who pinned Aldis after hitting the Cross Rhodes.

To keep Brandi from intervening in the match, Kamille asserted her dominance. Brandi, however, did not take kindly to this and despite her size difference, attacked. The hall of former NWA Champions who were at ringside, along with event security struggled to keep the two women apart. Referee Brian Hebner was tired of all of the distractions, so everyone was ejected from the ringside area. When it came down to the wire, it wasn’t a decisive third fall. It was literal luck. For some reason, Cody loosened his boot. When Aldis came in to tie up the legs for his Cloverleaf, the boot came off. Aldis turned around and charged back in, for Cody to catch him in a small package though. Cody got a two-count near fall before Aldis managed to switch the momentum. This put his weight squarely over Cody’s shoulders for the three count.

A hush falling over the crowd

The crowd was stunned into silence, as was the commentary team and Cody himself. The reality is though, Nick got the better of Cody in 2 out of 3 falls and is now your new NWA Heavyweight Champion. At the post-show press conference, Aldis laid down his first challenge. To “The Villain” Marty Scurll. We’ll have to wait and see what the NWA has in store moving forward.

This show was pretty good for match quality, however, the show itself was marred by technical problems. Hopefully, these can be corrected in future broadcasts. The show itself is available on-demand from Fite.TV.

Originally written by Brandi Wagner

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