#NEWS: Sin Cara Changes Name

Last week, Sin Cara among others was released from his WWE contract. He quickly arrived at AAA, showing up at their Guerra de Titanes show event. He was shown on screen as “Sin Cara”, which I’m sure ruffled some feathers back in Stamford, CT. WWE has the trademark rights to the Sin Cara name in Mexico as well as the United States.

With that in mind, he has changed his name on social media late on Monday night. Going forward he will be now known as Cinta de Oro.

That name was the name of a wrestler that “Sin Cara” idolized as he was growing up. The same idol that trained “Sin Cara” to become a wrestler. Sergio Aguirre Martinez aka de Oro, unfortunately, passed away in 2016.

The original Cinta de Oro mainly competed in Mexico’s World Wrestling Association during the ’80s. He was a one-time WWA World Middleweight champion.

As you can see in the tweet at the bottom of this post, the new Cinta de Oro posted a picture of himself and the original de Oro’s sons. Here he asked for permission to use his idol’s name to carry on his legacy. The sons granted that request and gave him their father’s original lucha mask to use too.

Blake’s Take – It was just a matter of time before “Sin Cara” had to change his wrestling name. The last thing he wants is to be slapped with a writ from Uncle Vince. And in my eyes, he couldn’t have chosen a better name. Admittedly I know very little of the original Cinta de Oro, but from what I have gleaned, it’s a perfect tribute. He was a standout lucha 30+ years ago, and he trained him too? What better way to add to the de Oro name and legacy.