Orange Cassidy Signs with All Elite Wrestling | #NEWS

It was recently announced that Orange Cassidy, who made his All Elite Wrestling debut at Double or Nothing, signs a deal with the promotion. The announcement was made by AEW, who posted the news on Twitter. In the video posted, Cassidy squeezed oranges into a blender before placing a contract in said blender, mixing them together. He then poured the contents into a glass before setting his signature shades on it. From there, it was declared that Cassidy was #AllElite.

Cassidy made his AEW debut at Double or Nothing, competing as one of the “Spades” in the Casino Battle Royale. He stood up to Tommy Dreamer, executing his well-known lax offense on the former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion. It wasn’t long until Dreamer eliminated Cassidy, but the impression that the “freshly-squeezed” current AEW signee made couldn’t have been denied.

Other promotions Cassidy competed in include ICW New York, Bar Wrestling, and Game Changer Wrestling.

Orange Cassidy Signs with All Elite Wrestling

Sutter’s Synopsis: Recently, Cody tweeted that AEW has only revealed a fraction of its roster; roughly 40 percent, to be exact. It stands to reason, then, that we will hear more about AEW signees as the weeks roll on.

The signing of Orange Cassidy should make a sizable percentage of the professional wrestling audience pleased. While unconventional in his offense, to say the least, Cassidy remains one of the most intriguing wrestlers on the independent scene today. With his relaxed in-ring style, one can argue that Cassidy plays mind games with his opponents without even realizing. He’s also proven to be surprisingly athletic, able to pull off quick-paced wrestling moves without ever taking his hands out of his pockets.

Cassidy’s in-ring style may border on comedic. But as fans have seen over the past several months, he’s immensely capable between the ropes. While we may continue to see the same unique style of Cassidy’s on display in AEW, this shouldn’t be taken as a sign of weakness. He may end up shocking opponents before long.