#NEWS: More AEW All Out Fallout

I reported yesterday (see yesterday’s Week In Review to find out more) that All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan held a press conference after their All Out PPV. Below are some more highlights of the press conference:

Pyro scaring Pharoah, Cody’s Dog – “Pharaoh’s fine, but I would not do that again. Brandi was not thrilled with Cody. With pyro, I would not put Pharaoh in that situation again. I was not happy about it. By the way, we made sure the horse was well corralled and out of the building before the pyro went off”.

Would LAX carry on using that name? – “Santana and Ortiz debuted. Santana and Ortiz are the guys who came out”.

Is there any interest in signing the unsigned women from the Casino Battle Royale? – “We have a lot of people on the roster and one of the challenges we’re gonna face is on a two hour TV show, you’re not gonna see everyone every week necessarily. I want to make sure everyone’s getting time right now. I really like every single woman you named and all of them could potentially be in line to come back here”.

Kylie Rae’s Release – “She’s no longer with us. She asked for her release and we granted it. She called me and asked if she could be released from her contract and it was pretty simple. I said yeah and asked her if everything was OK and she said yeah. She didn’t want to be with the company anymore. We talked about it and it was very simple. So yeah, she’s not on our roster. Amicable. She’s a very nice person”.

Will All Out Be An Annual Chicago Event? – “I grew up in Illinois. I want to keep the tradition of All Out here in the Chicago area and also the tradition of coming back to the Sears Centre”.

Possible AEW TNT Name? – “There is gonna be a name. It’s not gonna be “All Elite Wrestling” because I think that would be confusing between the company and the name of the show”.

Will Tony Schiavone Join The AEW Announce Team? – “It’s not exactly clear. Tony has just joined us and Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez is new to us too. Alex is definitely gonna be doing Full Gear PPV, Tony will be at the Georgia football game that day. But Tony’s gonna be a big part of Wednesdays. On TV, I think there’s been a huge demand from fans who want to hear Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross call wrestling together again. And Excalibur also brings a lot of knowledge and really intelligent insight into what’s going on in the matches and I think he’ll be a really good addition to those guys as well. Also Tony can keep contributing in the studio and as a producer in the control centers”.

Blake’s Take: It’s great and different to see a promotion’s owner speak very publicly and candidly to the world’s media. I mean could you see Uncle Vince doing this after Clash Of Champions? Lots of topics covered but the one that piqued my interest was the Pharoah question. I was sat at home shaking my head in disbelief as I watched Pharoah freak out at the pyro that was happening literally 30ft away from him. I’m glad that Tony Khan addressed it and has ruled out anything of the like in the future.