#News: John Morrison Returns To WWE; CM Punk Responds

On last night’s WWE Backstage on FOX, it was confirmed that former multi-time Intercontinental champion, John Morrison has signed with the company.

We reported here at Pro Wrestling Post in late September that Morrison had indeed penned a deal with the WWE. An absence of over eight years, Morrison had been incredibly busy. Working for, and winning titles in Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground to name but two companies.

Not long after the announcement on WWE Backstage, Morrison confirmed the news via his Twitter account. And that’s when the fun began 🙂

Not one for keeping his thoughts to himself, CM Punk responded to Morrison’s tweet with this zinger of his own –

John Morrison saw the funny side of things and simply replied with a few laughing emojis of his own –


While the man in the middle, Will Ospreay, simply tweeted this –

Blake’s Take – I’m not sure what the wait was for in regards to Morrison’s re-signing. It was common knowledge six-plus weeks ago but only announce it now? It’s pretty damn difficult to keep anything a secret in this day and age. Personally, WWE should have owned this from the moment it leaked and made a big deal out of this. As right now, it’s all a bit “meh” really.

Punk’s tweet (and Morrison’s light-hearted reply) is simply Punk being Punk. Slightly stirring the pot and causing just a teeny bit of controversy. Not content with stoking the fire with Seth Rollins, he’s poked the embers here. And added Will Ospreay. Although I have seen folk online saying that Will is now WWE bound. And to them I say….never say never, but never! 😉