Report: John Morrison to return to the WWE

According to a report by and Wrestling Observer, former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion John Morrison has signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. Since Morrison’s departure from the WWE, he has competed for Lucha Underground, and IMPACT Wrestling in particular often known for his various name incarnations (Johnny Mundo and Johnny IMPACT) has signed a deal however no contract details are available at the moment of this news release.

At 39 years of age, Morrison’s achievements in the industry read like a list of some of the most notable in wrestling today. During his time with WWE as noted above Morrison was a champion on several occasions. However, he first achieved notoriety when he won the 2002 Tough Enough Season 3 competition. In 2011 when Morrison’s contract expired he decided not to return. During an interview back in 2015, he spoke highly about his working relationship with The Miz and what that gave him as an individual.

With Miz, I feel like the chemistry we had was awesome because we were two different people with different personalities working together. We were a cohesive unit but our chemistry was instead of MNM we were kind of all the same type of person. Miz and I were distinctly different but with similarities he had and still does have the loud, abrasive type of energy which I can get at times but usually especially with Miz and Morrison I can get more of a laid back sardonic, sarcastic voice and when you put those two energies together I felt like was fun in the ring. It was fun on The Dirtsheet and it was a fun challenge constantly to be thinking in character constantly.

Madison’s Mindset: Morrison’s return home only adds to the already strong lineup of talent the promotion boasts to have. Would the chances of a rivalry between John Morrison and Seth Rollins be something the promotion looks to utilize moving forward? Only time will tell for sure.