#NEWS: Danika Della Rouge Makes her Ring Of Honor Debut!

If this is a name you haven’t heard before, take the time to learn it. She is a spectacular talent. Her name will linger on the lips of every household in America in the next couple of years. If you have any doubt about my bold statement, go, spy, some of her matches online, or even better make it to one of the DEFY show’s where she is emerging as one of their regularly featured talents. Danika Della Rouge made her debut in Ring of Honor.

Photo / Maritza

This last weekend on Sunday, June 2, 2019, Danika made a particularly important debut. She stepped into the ring at Ring of Honor at their show in Portland Oregon! In her pink and white gear and luminescent cape spread like angel wings, she emerged onto the stage to face Shayna Lazarus!

It isn’t every day that someone gets an opportunity to step out onto a world stage. When they do it is one of those moments that stands out in a person’s lifetime. A moment they can look back and say “this is where it all started.” This was one of those moments for Danika Della Rouge.

Photo / Skyler King Photography

Only having spent 3 days with ROH, I have learned things that have just blown my mind… This is the type of wrestling that I enjoy and the type of environment I’d like to surround myself in. Looking forward to hopefully being back!”Danika Della Rouge

Achieving milestones in professional wrestling is not easy. Getting noticed in a veritable sea of talent is a real challenge. So, when you get that chance to shine in the spotlight, it can be both incredibly stressful and rewarding at the same time. Years of hard work, pain, injuries, as well as many failures and successes, lead up to and take place before these chances come along.

We here at the ProWrestling Post are proud to support Danika Della Rouge in her continued journey up the ladder to heights that exceed our wildest imagination and continued growth in Ring of Honor!