#NEWS: Angle calls Corbin the ‘best heel in the business right now’

In a recent interview with former WWE superstar Bully Ray on his Busted Open Radio program, Kurt Angle spoke about one of the most noted heels in the WWE today, Baron Corbin. He addressed Corbin’s heat, their recent match at WrestleMania with one another and how the former interim-Raw General Manager. While there had been much discussion as to whether or not Angle actually selected Corbin to be his final opponent he puts it to rest as it was more about looking at the bigger picture and that Baron deserved the opportunity.

“So, if I wanted to retire this year, it had to be Baron, I was fine with that and I respected the decision. Was Baron the right person? Probably not. But I think Baron Corbin right now is the best heel in the business right now. People genuinely hate him and that is real heat.”

Much had been made what the initial plans for this match could have been and how it ultimately came to be Corbin that was chosen as his final opponent.

“I think Vince felt if Jason (Jordan) is not going to be around, we are going to use Baron. I think Baron ends up getting Jason’s spot and rightfully so, I loved Baron’s progress, loved his look, he is really good, takes care of you in the ring and he is a great worker. It occurred at WrestleMania 35 because that is where we were going in the first place.”

Angle continues on suggesting that heat that Corbin has generated isn’t go-away heat but legitimate dislike from the fans rather than considering him less than entertaining.

“No, I don’t, I think he is rather entertaining. We taught him a lot about showing more emotion, doing a lot more on his promos and he has caught on. I don’t see anything else he can do that is going to make him a better heel. He really likes it. Somewhere down the line, he will be a babyface, but not anytime soon. He will have a heel title run at some point.”

Madison’s Mindset: Angle’s comments certainly act as a vote of confidence regardless of what fans may ultimately feel about Corbin. Whether it is because the administration feels he has shown a great deal of progression or that there are fewer talent opportunities, Corbin is clearly a perennial contender for the WWE Univeral Championship moving forward.