#NEWS: Alexa Bliss Removed from Money In the Bank

As listed on WWE.com former WWE Raw and Smackdown Live women’s champion, Alexa Bliss has not been cleared to compete in this Sunday’s Money In the Bank Ladder match. Flags should have been raised when Bliss didn’t compete in this past Monday Night Raw match up but was instead asking Nikki Cross to replace her in her upcoming match. For storyline purposes, it was a fair enough action as Bliss is a heel and often ‘heel’s lie’. However, at the time of the match, it could have been that she and the writers were still awaiting clearance for this weekend’s matchup and with the event only a few days away it wasn’t going to happen.

At the moment of this posting little was given as to the reason why she was removed from the match. This past year has been a challenging one for Bliss physically as she has battled ailments over the past year including reported concussions.

What should be of note is that a couple of months ago, Bliss opened up that she wasn’t in fact injured but actually cleared to compete during an interview.

“It’s about adding dimensions to the character, it’s not that I’m injured, it’s not that I’m not cleared. I’m not injured, I’m completely clear. I’ve been cleared for a long time now and it’s just the cards that I’ve been dealt with.”
Nikki Cross has been put in Bliss’ place in the matchup this Sunday.
Madison’s Mindset: It is unfortunate that Bliss won’t be cleared to compete. She has been an integral part of either the Raw or Smackdown Live women’s division’s since arriving from NXT in 2016. While little at the moment has been made as to how long Alexa Bliss will be out of action it should be noted that in removing her as a precautionary action suggests the company is concerned about any longterm effects that could arise from this injury.