#NEWS: Adam Cole discusses origins of BAY BAY, and Britt Baker in AEW

In a recent interview with talkSPORT NXT champion, Adam Cole discussed an array of topics including the Undisputed Era, Britt Baker involvement with All Elite Wrestling and NXT TakeOvers. Cole was part of the Download festival a couple of week’s back and was able to shed some light on a few rather interesting tidbits.

When asked about how the BAY BAY catchphrase came about Cole was inspired by a former WWE champion and how it morphed into a life all of its own.

So, truth be told, I saw Joey Matthews – or Joey Mercury in WWE – he was wrestling an independent show in Maryland for MCW. He was beating a guy up and he just kept turning to the camera and going ‘Joey Matthews!’ and then he’d go back to him and then he’d go ‘Joey Matthews!’ over and over again and I was like oh that’s brilliant. For people that don’t know his name, everyone is going to remember it by the end. So I decided to add ‘baby’ to it and I used to say it like baby, and then it got more and more obnoxious and turned into B-A-Y, B-A-Y. The first six or seven years I did it, no one would do it, they would boo me, they hated it. Then, for some reason, somewhere along the line, they decided they wanted to do it with me.

Adam Cole also shed some light on how proud he is of his girlfriend Britt Baker and her performance at AEW’s recent Double or Nothing Pay Per View.

So proud of her. Britt, and she’s going to kill me, but I think she’s been wrestling close to four years now, and she works so incredibly hard. At anything she does – I mean she’s a doctor! So she’s a dentist, then she wrestles on the weekends, so for her to get this cool opportunity and wrestle on a cool stage like that was really a lot of fun for me – I’m so proud of her.

Madison’s Mindset: Cole’s openness and willingness to share about an array of topics has long made him a wonderful interview and this one here conducted by talkSPORT is no different. It’s great how he would stick to his guns and believe in the BAY BAY catchphrase. It is at a point now where with each time he prepares to say fans gladly are there to say it along with him. Also, Adam Cole’s freedom to share his admiration for Britt Baker’s hard work and effort was also evident.