Navigate For Evolution Night 9 | Pro Wrestling NOAH Saturday Night RetroView

On March 1st, 2003 Pro Wrestling Noah aired Navigate For Evolution Night 9 of their Night of the Navigate For Evolution Tour. The card featured eight matches. Among the scheduled matches on tap for the card included one title match for the GHC Heavyweight championship.

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
Tag Team Match

Haruka Eigen & Kishin Kawabata vs. Rusher Kimura & Mitsuo Momota

Haruka Eigen & Mitsuo Momota start things off with a lock-up then a waist lock by Eigen reversed into an armbar by Momota, but Eigen gets to the ropes they run off the ropes but have another stalemate.

Eigen gets Momota into the corner after another struggle and Kishin Kawabata is tag in & chopped by Kawabata follow, and he elbows Momota repeatedly in the back of the head.

Hammerlock by Kawabata into an armbar, and he takes Momota down to the mat before Kawabata kicks Momota in the leg and then applies a simple leg lock before Eigen is tagged back in and he gives Momota the Big Swing of pain then goes for the cover but it only gets a one count. Eigen gives Momota a headbutt, sending Momota from the ring.

Eigen pretends like he is going to follow out with a tope but instead crawls out of the ring instead before an Irish whip by Eigen outside the ring follows, sending Momota into the guardrail. However, Momota fires back with a chop,, and Eigen spits into the crowd when he is hit.

Back in the ring, Kimura is tagged in, and he gives Eigen a clubbing blow as he spits into the crowd again then Momota is tagged in again, but Eigen regains the advantage and tags in Kawabata. Kawabata & Momota exchange chops which Momota gets the better of as he kicks Kawabata to the mat. Kawabata tags in Kimura, who slaps Kawabata in the stomach.

Another slap by Kimura follows, but Kawabata chops him back and gives him a headbutt, then another headbutt by Kawabata but Kimura headbutts him back, leading Kawabata to tag in Eigen. Eigen & Kawabata take turns chopping Eigen, and finally, Eigen manages to kick Kimura down. More chops by Eigen, but Kimura sneaks in a chop of his own, leading Eigen to spit into the crowd once again.

Eigen tags in Kawabata after the spitting and he kicks Kimura in the gut. Kimura & Kawabata exchange blows, and Kimura tags Momota back in. Momota & Kawabata trade chops and Kawabata gets the first real move of the match with a sidewalk slam then a cover by Kawabata but it only gets two.

Irish whip by Kawabata into the corner but Momota gets a foot up when he charges and plants him with a DDT then a cover but it gets two then back up, Irish whip by Momota then he goes for a back suplex but Eigen runs into break it up.

Momota tosses Eigen from the ring, an Irish whip by Momota on Kawabata, but it’s reversed, and Kawabata nails a Samoan Drop then hooks the legs, but Momota kicks out.

Kawabata ascends to the top turnbuckle, but Momota avoids the missile dropkick then an Irish whip by Momota gets reversed before Momota manages to apply the backslide to get the win.

Winners: Rusher Kimura & Mitsuo Momota (8:47)

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
6 Man Tag Team Match

Akira Taue, Modest & Donovan Morgan vs. Sano, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Kotaro Suzuki

Beginning of the end of this match happens when Modest drops Sano with a scoop slam while Morgan goes to the top turnbuckle but Modest runs over and headscissors Donovan Morgan off the top with the intention of making him land on Sano but Sano moves out of the way.

Sano kicks Modest in the corner, Irish whip, and Sano hits a release German suplex then Kotaro Suzuki is tagged in & he goes up top and hits a flying crossbody followed by mounted punches, then an Irish whip by Suzuki but it gets reversed and Modest clotheslines him in the corner.

Modest goes up top but Suzuki headscissors him off. Irish whip by Suzuki and he nails the handstand springboard elbow attack on Modest then goes for the cover but it only gets a two count.

Back up, an Irish whip by Suzuki and he hits a running forearm smash followed by a leapfrog face crusher then he goes for the cover again but again Modest kicks out then another Irish whip by Suzuki, this time it is reversed but Suzuki still manages to apply a Christo hold.

Akira Taue & Morgan quickly break it up however Morgan & Modest try to double-team Suzuki, but Suzuki dropkicks Modest into Morgan. Suzuki goes for a hurricanrana but Modest catches him and reverses it into the Reality Check for the win.

Winners: Akira Taue, Modest & Donovan Morgan (15:46)

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
Tag Team Match
Junior Heavyweight Champion Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Makoto Hashi vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Kenta

Kenta hits a quick hurricanrana and reverts it into a jujigatame then Naomichi Marufuji flies across the ring to knock Makoto Hashi off the apron with an elbow, but in the ring, Yoshinobu Kanemaru has managed to reach the ropes.

Marufuji comes in the ring to help Kenta but Kanemaru fights them off for a moment but he is put away by a thrust kick from Marufuji followed by a fisherman’s buster by Kenta then a cover by Kenta but Hashi breaks it up. Marufuji comes in to toss Hashi from the ring while Kenta goes to the top turnbuckle.

Kenta goes for a diving hurricanrana but Kanemaru catches him and powerbombs him to the mat then a scoop slam by Kanemaru then he goes up top and nails the moonsault then goes for the cover, but it gets two. Kanemaru goes up top again, waits for Kenta to get up & hits a diving DDT then a cover but Kenta barely kicks out.

Kanemaru picks Kenta up & goes for a brainbuster but Kenta wiggles out of it and hits a knee smash then Kenta makes the hot tag while Kanemaru also tags in Hashi. Hashi quickly knocks Marufuji down but Marufuji gets back up and hits an overhead kick to Hashi’s head then a cover but it only gets two.

Marufuji goes up top and hits a dropkick to Hashi while he is still getting up then a another cover but it only gets a two count. Kenta comes in to toss Kanemaru from the ring Marufuji hits a thrust kick on Hashi but Hashi fires back with a clothesline.

Cover by Hashi but Marufuji barely kicks out then back up Hashi delivers his version of a fisherman’s brainbuster then a cover but again it gets two. Hashi goes up top and hits a diving headbutt then goes for the pin but again Marufuji can not be pinned.

Hashi places Marufuji up on the top turnbuckle and goes for a back suplex but Marufuji flips out of it and goes for the Shiranui but Hashi tosses him off. Hashi goes for a reverse DDT but Marufuji reverses it into a modified cradle to score the win.

Winners: Naomichi Marufuji & Kenta (16:35)

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
6 Man Tag Team Match
Wild II (Takeshi Morishima & Takeshi Rikio) & Daisuke Ikeda vs. Bison Smith, Superstar Steve & IZU

Takeshi Morishima & Bison Smith go at it outside the ring while in the ring Daisuke Ikeda bites IZU only to fall to the chokeslam then Superstar Steve comes in to help and he hits the catapulted leg kick in the corner with the help of IZU.  Snapmare by Steve then a cover but Ikeda kicks out.

Steve quickly goes off the ropes but Ikeda connects with a kick to his head and both men are down. Ikeda recovers first but Smith grabs him form the apron leading Takeshi Rikio to come over to try to help meanwhile in the ring Steve hits a swinging neckbreaker then hooks the leg but it only gets two. Scoop slam by Steve then he goes up top and hits the frog splash.

He goes for a cover but Ikeda kicks out & while carnage continues outside the ring, inside of it Steve goes up top again, but Ikeda catches him up there before Ikeda can perform his muscle buster, however, Bison runs in and assists Steve this brings in Morishima & Rikio, but Bison gets the double claw on both of them with Ikeda’s help they get him off however then a double Irish whip, and they shoulderblock him down.

During all of this Steve has managed to regain control on Ikeda as he gets a Irish whip and he hits an elbow smash in the corner then arm drag takedown by Steve connects then he goes up top, but misses the diving headbutt.

Ikeda goes off the ropes and hits a diving front kick then goes up top and hits a diving Dai Chan Bomber then goes for the cover but IZU breaks it up. Rikio comes in to take care of IZU, Ikeda hits another Dai Chan Bomber then hooks the leg but Smith breaks up the pin attempt.

Morishima hits a backdrop suplex on Bison while Ikeda hits Steve with a backdrop suplex as well then a cover but Steve kicks out with his partners keeping an eye on their opponents. Ikeda gives Steve a Dai Chan bomber one last time, and this one gets the victory

Winners: Wild II & Daisuke Ikeda (12:39)

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
Scorpio vs. Yoshinari Ogawa

Scorpio meets Yoshinari Ogawa on the rampway as he makes his entrance and tosses him into the ring then, some punches by Scorpio and he clotheslines Ogawa down then a dropkick by Scorpio sends Ogawa out of the ring then Scorpio dropkicks Ogawa through the 2nd rope while Ogawa is standing on the outside, but skins the cat and brings himself back in the ring.

Scorpio then sails over the top with a pescado but Ogawa sidesteps it then Ogawa tries to Irish whip Scorpio into the guardrail but Scorpio blocks it and goes for a thrust kick but Ogawa ducks that and plants Scorpio with a DDT. Ogawa slams Scorpio into the ring post before tossing him back in the ring. Mounted punches by Ogawa and he chokes Scorpio when Modest gets on the apron to argue with the referee.

More mounted punches by Ogawa and he applies a wristlock. Ogawa releases the hold and tries to throw Scorpio onto the ramp but Scorpio reverses it and it is Ogawa who comes flying out. Scorpio follows Ogawa with a slingshot kick to the head. Scorpio then goes for a double-legged moonsault by Ogawa mostly rolling out of the way of it.

Both men slowly get to their feet, Scorpio goes to hit Ogawa but Ogawa grabs his crotch and Scorpio flinches back. Releasing his death grip on Scorpio Ogawa nails him in the head with an enziguiri. Ogawa follows up with a backdrop suplex on the ramp and re-enters the ring.

Modest & Morgan go over to revive Scorpio but fail to do so they just slowly roll him back towards the ring before tossing him back in then another backdrop suplex by Ogawa follows and a 3rd one after that. Ogawa hits a 4th backdrop suplex and then goes for the cover but Scorpio barely kicks out.

Scorpio slowly struggles to his feet Ogawa pounds on him but Scorpio absorbs the blows and nails a cross-armed powerbomb. Scorpio then goes up to the top rope and hits a high leg drop.

Scorpio pops up quickly as he goes back to the top turnbuckle and this time hits the Drop the Bomb then the cover by Scorpio but Ogawa kicks out at two.

Scorpio calls for the 450 splash goes up top once again & nails it then goes for the cover but somehow Ogawa kicks out of it so Scorpio calls for the 450 again & hits it again to put away Ogawa.

Winner: Scoripo (6:20)

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Navigate For Evolution Night 9
Masao Inoue vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Masao Inoue picks Yoshihiro Takayama up, and Irish whips him into the corner, but when he charges all he gets is a boot in his face then Takayama then charges Inoue but Inoue catches him and hits a fallaway slam, then a cover by Inoue but it only gets two.

Inoue goes for the Argentine Backbreaker again and this time manages to get Takayama up, but Takayama locks his head in a headlock, and Inoue lets Takayama back down. Inoue elbows out of the hold & bounces off the ropes, avoids the kick, and gets a roll-up attempt for a one count.

Big boot by Takayama, he goes for his Everest German Suplex, but Inoue ducks out of it and gets another roll up for a two count. Then back up Takayama hits Inoue with a quick knee to the gut then a cover, but it only gets a two count.

Takayama slowly picks Inoue up & hits Everest German Suplex to put away Inoue.

Winner: Yoshihiro Takayama (7:02)

Non Title Match
GHC Tag Team Champions Jun Akiyama & Akitoshi Saito vs. Tamon Honda & Takashi Sugiura

Akitoshi Saito lays out Tamon Honda before the match can even start as he is rolled into the ring by Saito & Jun Akiyama & Akiyama attacks him with kicks in the corner with Honda slumped in the corner, Saito hits a running knee smash, then a cover but it only gets two.

Saito picks Honda up but Honda fights back with a series of forearm shots and calls for Akiyama to get in the ring and try to take him down. Akiyama obliges Akiyama & Saito give Honda a double Irish whip, but Honda clotheslines them both down. Honda hits Akiyama with Dead End then he goes for it on Saito as well but Saito elbows out of it so Honda hits a backdrop suplex instead.

Honda goes back after Akiyama but Saito comes up from behind and kicks him out of the ring while Saito holds Honda’s leg Akiyama comes off the apron with a knee attack. Saito kicks on Honda some more and casually tosses him back into the ring.

After re entering the ring Saito continues working on Honda’s left leg with a variety of leg attacks after he was done, Saito pulls Honda back to the middle of the ring and applies a single leg Boston Crab & this brings in Takashi Sugiura as he breaks the hold with a spear.

Akiyama comes running in so Sugiura spears him as well Sugiura then picks up Akiyama and tosses him onto Saito and after that drags Honda back to his own corner so that he can be tagged in. Sugiura immediately hits Saito in the corner with another spear and follows it up with an overhead suplex.

As Saito lays on the mat Sugiura goes out to the apron and hits a springboard forearm smash then a cover but Saito kicks out at two then back up Saito fights back with kicks but Sugiura gets him down with a release German suplex then a cover but it gets two.

Saito recovers quickly however as he hits a Irish whip then he nails a modified uranage on Sugiura.

Saito tags in Akiyama, Saito Irish whips Sugiura into the corner and hits a jumping knee attack, Saito adds in a big boot, and finally Akiyama tosses Sugiura to Saito so he can powerbomb him then a cover by Akiyama but Sugiura manages to kick out.

Akiyama lifts Sugiura up, bounces off the ropes, and delivers a clothesline then a cover but again it gets two then an exploder by Akiyama then he goes for the cover but it gets a two count once again. Akiyama goes for another exploder, but Sugiura reverses it into the Olympic Slam.

This gives Sugiura plenty of time to tag in Honda & immediately applies the Rolling Olympic Hell 0 as Sugiura tries to hold back Saito but Saito eventually gets through and breaks up the hold.

Saito then dropkicks Honda in the knee, he holds Honda’s leg up and Akiyama hits a jumping knee attack of the top turnbuckle down onto it then Akiyama applies a single leg Boston Crab & the ref calls for the bell.

Winners By Referee Stoppage: GHC Tag Team Champions Jun Akiyama & Akitoshi Saito (7:31)

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
GHC Heavyweight Title Match

Mitsuharu Misawa (c) vs. Kenta Kobashi

Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi exchange chops/forearm shots then an Irish whip by Misawa, Kobashi goes for a backdrop suplex but Misawa reverses it and lands on him before a quick takedown by Kobashi but Misawa is up quickly and both men face each other once again.

They lock up then Misawa applies an armbar to Kobashi, but Kobashi slowly makes his way back to his feet. Misawa reverts it into a hammerlock, but its reversed by Kobashi but that gets reversed again by Misawa before Kobashi regains position. Misawa slides out and tries to bring Kobashi down and finally does and applies an armbar.

Kobashi struggles to his feet again, arm wrenched by Misawa as Kobashi tries to reverse it but Misawa flips through then Kobashi goes for a half nelson suplex but Misawa arm drags Kobashi to get out of it and promptly drops Kobashi right on his head with a backdrop Driver.

Kobashi rolls outside the ring as Misawa gets on the top rope and hits a diving forearm down on Kobashi. Misawa then gets up on the apron and hits a cannonball on Kobashi as he is just starting to get up.

Kobashi is tossed back into the ring and Misawa hits a missile dropkick from the top then Misawa goes up top once again and hits a Tiger Body Press then goes for the cover but it only gets a two count.

Misawa quickly applies a reverse cross-arm breaker, but Kobashi makes it to the bottom rope and Misawa releases the hold. Misawa picks Kobashi up and continues wrenching on the arm. Kobashi pushes Misawa into the corner and gives Misawa a quick chop.  Misawa fires back with a forearm re applies the arm submission, Kobashi hits a series of chops and bounces off the ropes, but Misawa catches him with an elbow to the face.

Misawa goes back to the arm submission, but Kobashi gets back to his feet then forearms by Misawa in the corner, Irish whip, reversed Kobashi catches Misawa in a sleeper hold but Misawa wiggles out of it and dropkicks Kobashi out of the ring.

Misawa hits a baseball slide and dives from the apron, but Kobashi dodges him and Misawa goes face first into the guardrail.  As Misawa bleeds from a cut under his mouth Kobashi picks him up and guillotines him over the guardrail twice.

Kobashi goes for a half nelson suplex outside the ring but Misawa fights it off for a moment but Kobashi nails him with it anyway then Kobashi rolls back into the ring as he tests his injured arm before going back out to get Misawa.

Kobashi elbows Misawa a number of times as his head lays on the top turnbuckle and finally brings him back in the ring a delayed inverted suplex by Kobashi connects then he goes for the cover, but it only gets a two count.

Kobashi cranks on Misawa’s neck but Misawa makes it to the ropes then a chop by Kobashi to Misawa’s neck before he chops him more, but Misawa returns the blows before a Savate kick by Kobashi connects followed by a Scissors Kick then a cover but it only gets a two count. Kobashi applies a side headlock on Misawa then a pin but Misawa kicks out.

Kobashi picks Misawa up and tosses him out onto the ramp. Kobashi follows him out and hits a DDT, then back in the ring a cover by Kobashi, but it only gets two, then some chops by Kobashi in the corner; Irish whip but reversed, but Kobashi drops Misawa head first into the top turnbuckle.

Kobashi quickly hits a half nelson suplex then another one and finally applies a full Nelson submission hold on Misawa but Misawa rolls close enough to the ropes to get his bottom foot on it however and Kobashi breaks the hold.

More chops by Kobashi knocking Misawa to his knees and he hammers on him some more.  Misawa starts absorbing the blows however and exchanges shots with Kobashi but Kobashi gets him back down with a backdrop suplex then he goes for the cover but it only gets two. Misawa fights off Kobashi again as he hits a release German suplex but Kobashi bounces right back up.

Tiger suplex by Misawa but again Kobashi is back on his feet even before Misawa is.  Misawa gives Kobashi a forearm shot, Kobashi replies with a rolling back chop, but Misawa knocks Kobashi down with another elbow strike. Misawa goes for the Tiger Suplex 85 but Kobashi fights him off. Misawa then goes for the Tiger Driver ’91 but again Kobashi will have none of it. After pounding on his back Misawa hits a rolling kick to knock Kobashi back down.

Tiger Driver by Misawa, cover, but it only gets a two count now Misawa nails Tiger Suplex ’85 but Kobashi kicks out of it at two. Misawa is naturally up first and he applies a quick side headlock on Kobashi. Misawa hits another Tiger Driver, cover, but again Kobashi will not stay down. Misawa goes for the Emerald Frosion but Kobashi slides off his back and hits a half nelson suplex.

The move has no effect on Misawa however, so Kobashi nails a sleeper suplex as Misawa feels that one then both men slowly get back up, Misawa tries a springboard attack from the corner but Kobashi clotheslines him in the back of the head when he jumps off then a cover but it only gets a two count.

After a forearm from Misawa Kobashi hits the Burning Lariat but Misawa kicks out of the pin attempt. Kobashi picks up Misawa but Misawa blocks the brainbuster attempt and flips over Kobashi by landing on the ramp on the other side of the ropes then Misawa brings Kobashi over the top with a vertical suplex, and both men are on the ramp.

After getting back up Misawa goes back into the ring and comes sailing out onto Kobashi with a tope between the 2nd and top rope. Misawa then goes for a Tiger Driver ’91 on the ramp, but Kobashi fights it off after a few clubs to the back, Misawa sets Kobashi up and delivers a Tiger Suplex from the rampway down onto the floor below.

Both men are slow to recover, but both men roll back in the ring on their own strength.  Cover by Misawa, but Kobashi kicks out at two. Misawa hits Kobashi with a knee attack to the head then a cover, but it only gets another two.

Navigate For Evolution Night 9
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Misawa fights off Kobashi’s chops and hits an elbow smash, then an Emerald Frosion by Misawa, then a cover, but somehow Kobashi kicks out right before the 3 count. Misawa goes for the Tiger Driver ’91 once again, but Kobashi reverses it with a backbody drop.

Both men hit each other with clotheslines, but Kobashi knocks Misawa down with the Burning Lariat and gets a two count then Kobashi slowly gets to his feet then nails a brainbuster, but Misawa kicks out once again, so Kobashi drills Misawa to the mat with Burning Hammer for the win.

Winner: AND NEW GHC Heavyweight Champion: Kenta Kobashi (33:28)