Mr Big discusses career, lost ‘brothers and sisters’, and more

Mr Big is that tough guy smooth-talking heel manager that we miss so much these days. He’s just that at a burly 6’2- with a gravelly voice to match- resplendent in a fittingly devilish all-red outfit. At 66 years old, he reminds you of those ex-wrestling stars who aged out of the ring and into a managerial role but could still kick your ass if need be. The man can talk AND mix it up. And even more importantly, he promotes each one of his proteges and matches like his life depended on it- which in today’s indie world is old school in and of itself. But since heel managers are the best talkers, I’ll let Mr Big himself sing his own well-deserved praises in this piece— Evan Ginzburg.



Mr Big discusses career, lost brothers and sisters, and more

I thought I would share this with you all again. I’ve been in and around the pro wrestling business for 20 years, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the right way AND the wrong ways to work. I hope some of you young aspiring pro wrestlers take the time to read this, and I (Mr. Big) hope it helps you.

Do it the RIGHT WAY, and you will have at least a modicum of success. Do it the WRONG WAYS, and you’ll struggle unnecessarily. Get trained by QUALIFIED professionals, make friends with and learn from the successful veteran pros you meet, get the proper gear, and develop your gimmick. Then, and only then, will you have a decent chance to achieve your dreams of success in pro wrestling.

“I was trained to be a pro wrestler by Chris Candido, HOMICIDE, Bam Bam Bigelow, Quiet Storm, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Billy Caputo, and Pete Sanchez. I’ve been blessed with valuable advice and support from Al Snow, Rhino, Matt Striker, Mike Tobin, Steve Corino, Rob Van Dam, Simon Diamond, Sandman, Raven, Brian AXL ROTTEN Knighton, Road Dogg, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Andrew Anderson, The Metal Maniac, Gino Caruso, Johnny Rodz, Kevin Sullivan, Terry Funk, Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, Rick Steiner, Manny Fernandez, Norman Smiley, and Mick Foley.


Wisdom Within

Most recently, I’ve been absorbing the wisdom of Cueball Carmichael, Bob Evans, Big Vito LoGrasso, and Superstar Billy Graham, as well as a few of the other veterans that post their advice and feedback. I gained some good friends and many brothers and sisters over the years.

I ran the ropes for hours every day, did squats ’til my legs BURNED, took hundreds, no, let me correct that…..thousands of bumps, lifted weights, ate right. Even though my intention was to be Mr.Big™, The Manager of Champions/The Champion of Managers, I learned how to take bumps, and what kind of bumps to take, various holds, locks, escapes, reversals, and chain wrestling (somewhat). I learned the psychology, pathos, and timing of professional wrestling, then created, developed, and polished my gimmick.

I worked for a lot of years for Frank Goodman, and say what you will about Frank, I learned much of what I know about the business of PROFESSIONAL wrestling from him (THANK YOU FRANK!), plus I worked for plenty of other promotions in the northeast and Florida, further honing and polishing my craft and my gimmick. Training is a never-ending process for an intelligent professional. I trained as a wrestler because that’s what you do when you aspire to be a professional in this tough and crazy, very physical business. 


Give The People Their Money’s Worth

It is what you do to protect yourself AND the people with whom you are working from injury OR WORSE. It’s what you do, so people that are paying their hard-earned $ to see your work get their money’s worth. It’s what you do so you can be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. It is what you do to earn the $ the promoters pay you. It’s what you do when you intend on having longevity in the wrestling business. I may not be a great or even good (by professional standards) wrestler, but I learned my craft, took my beatings, and earned my way into the ring and into the business. I CAN wrestle some, but I know where my real strengths lie.


Mr Big
Photo / Mr Big

I’m not The Mouth of the South, I’m The Big Mouth from Brooklyn South & The Manager of Champions/Champion of Managers. I am the VERY BEST professional Indy manager because I gave proper respect to my trainers. To every one of them considerably younger than me except for 30+yr WWWF/WWF veteran Pete Sanchez) and every other veteran I was fortunate enough to work with and learn from. I’ve got my proper education FIRST, gained the respect of my fellow wrestlers, then was CAPABLE of working with professionals AND getting paid to do so. Then I worked as many shows as I could get myself-booked and furthered my education/training by learning from the veterans I worked with along the way, and I still do. And anyone who does not do that is an accident waiting to happen.


Managing Talent Across The United States

The funny thing is I somehow managed to work a lot of shows over the years in NY, NJ, PA, MA, FL (not nearly as many as I wanted to work, and should’ve worked but for lack of promoters’ belief in a “manager” being an integral part of, and excellent draw for, their shows-Frank Goodman (USAPRO) and Gino Caruso (ECPW) are two of the few notable exceptions, along with Mike Jording (Predator Pro) and most recently Robert Saint (New Evolution Wrestling)- and I STILL feel the wide-eyed enthusiasm and anticipation of a kid first breaking in. And I (Mr Big) ALWAYS extend the proper respect to ALL the brothers (and sisters) in the locker-room and absorb as much knowledge as they dish out… EVERY TIME MR. BIG step’s into a locker room!

I have worked with some very big wrestling stars and superstars, and still do, and picked the brains of everyone. I have formed lasting friendships with quite a few of the fellas. It’s a great pleasure for me when we get the opportunity to commiserate.

And… I DEEPLY MISS MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO HAVE DEPARTED. Among them are Chris NO GIMMICKS NEEDED Candido, Scott BAM BAM Bigelow, Brian AXL ROTTEN Knighton, Mike TRENT ACID Verdi, James JIMMY HUSTLER Alicea, Mike THUNDERBOLT Norton, Timothy TIM ARSON Roberts, Luna Vachon, Jimmy SUPERFLY Snuka, and most recently Jonathan BALLS MAHONEY Rechner. Each of them gone much too soon, but never forgotten, and still a vital part of me.


Mr Big
After 30 Years of The Business Still In Demand

I’ve worked square weekday 9-5 jobs in the square life, while also working nighttime as a bouncer and/or doorman in nightclubs, discos, & bars for 30+ years, taking off only when booked and managed a successful moneymaking strip club for a year or so. I even did two of my own wrestling shows a few years back, drew pretty decent crowds for both, and I plan to keep getting booked and working shows, working with Robert Saint & New Evolution Wrestling, and maybe even book my own shows again. 

  I f***in’ LOVE ProWrestling!!!”  

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