MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #94 (Havoc vs. Warner)

Fusion features the No Ropes Barbed Wire Match between Jimmy Havoc against Mance Warner. The show begins with AJ Kirsch in the middle of the ring announcing what is slated to take place until the Contra Unit came out to the ring. We hear about an attack that Davey Boy Smith Jr. suffered at the hands of Simon Gotch. Samuel spoke of how here in Dallas, wrestling’s Camelot will fall. He was referring to the Hart family. This brought out Davey Boy Smith Jr. He goes into the ring where a ‘fan’ came in and helped him taking out Gotch, Fatu, and Samuel.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Injustice with Myron Reed vs. Taurus and Low Rider vs. Drago and Puma King

Before the match begins, they showed footage of Injustice interrupting a Konnan interview. Konnan spoke about how Drago would face Myron Reed for the MLW National Middleweight Champion. Back in the ring, Low Rider is shown climbing the tower near the barricade. Four of these men are all too familiar with the luchador style under the watch of Konnan. What is interesting to note is that despite the familiarity of the luchador stars, Brazil and Oliver have worked together longer.

Low Rider clears the ring but Taurus takes out each of the other men in the ring. He takes out Puma King and Drago. Oliver breaks up the pinfall attempt. A combination of moves including an assisted sitdown powerbomb by Koto Brazil almost finishes off Low Rider. Brazil and Oliver attempt to suplex Low Rider but Puma King is tagged into the match. Drago and Puma King work together to wipe out Jordan Oliver. Taurus is an absolute bulldozer. He hits with his head and hits hard. Drago takes out Myron Reed who attempts to interfere.

With Jordan Oliver isolated in the match, he manages to overcome the challenge.  Brazil hits a frog splash on Drago but Low Rider comes in and hits a facebuster. Taurus tags in Low Rider who hits a top rope-assisted backstabber.  Drago and Puma King work together to ultimately tie-up Low Rider for the pin.

Winners: Drago and Puma King

We get a recap of the Havoc and Warner feud taking place with the upcoming barbed wire rope match.

After a break, we see a recap of the finals of the Opera Cup with Davey Boy Smith Jr defeating Brian Pillman Jr. We are then shown an exclusive with Smith sharing what capturing the cup means to him. Josef Samuel then is shown and shares what he thought of Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s recent win. He comments on he is not unlike Simon Gotch.

Chandler Hopkins vs. Low-Ki

With some information about Hopkins, fans are made aware that he recently returned from AAA. Low Ki returns to the ring for the latest matchup. Ki and Hopkins lock up in the center of the ring. They then break up and then once again lockup. We see some impressive agility on the part of Hopkins. Hopkins certainly is confident after knocking Low-Ki down on his back. Ki tied up an armbar on Hopkins as he was tied up over the top rope. Low-Ki then gains the advantage of Hopkins. He systematically lays in chops and beats down the younger Hopkins. Once back in the corner, Low Ki stocks his opposition in the corner. Hopkins attempts to make a comeback except Low-Ki stops him dead in his tracks.

Low Ki once again tries to take down Hopkins but Chandler hits a hurricanrana driver. He then hits a front roll in the ring and hits a flatliner. Hopkins climbs the top rope and attempts a shooting star press but to no avail. Low Ki then locks in a submission and causes Hopkins to pass out.

Winner: Low-Ki

After the match, Low-Ki goes up toe Chandler Hopkins and shakes his hand as a sign of respect.

Davey Boy Smith Jr is then shown sharing his thoughts on Contra Unit and what they did to them. This includes his direct message being sent to Simon Gotch. Smith shows no fear as he prepares to square off eventually with Simon Gotch.

Alicia Atout is then shown interviewing ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor with Dominic Garrini who he says that he isn’t here to play as part of Team Filthy Tom.

A vignette is then shown of the upcoming Erick Stevens. The focus is then on the upcoming Fightland event taking place on February 1st. Matches include Kross vs Lawlor, Pillman Jr vs Havoc and King Mo vs Low Ki.

Highlights are shown of Saturday Night Superfight back to when The Von Erich’s captured the MLW World Tag Team Title win. We then hear MJF speaking about himself and what he’s achieved to this point. He then follows up by talking down Mance Warner and how he will give him a lesson on how to be a better professional wrestler.

A flashback to 2003 is shown to the last Barbed Wire Match between Terry Funk and Steve Corino. This is followed up by an interview with Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly. Havoc said he knows that the site of his blood is cathartic. He looks forward to ripping the flesh from Mance Warner. Havoc then said he is going to drink Warner’s blood.

Another quick is heard backstage with Alicia Atout and Marshall Von Erich. Von Erich faces MJF shortly.

An advisory warning is shown for viewers of MLW Fusion of the upcoming match.

No-Rope Barbed Wire Match

Jimmy Havoc with Priscilla Kelly vs. Mance Warner

Havoc makes his way to the ring first, followed by Warner. The Southern Psycho makes his way to the ring with his share of items to use. Even the commentary team are given gloves to protect themselves in case barbed wire comes their way. Warner and Havoc circle each other in preparation for this match. Havoc has a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat while Warner has a steel folding chair. From the opening bell, Warner charges Havoc with a steel chair. Warner and Havoc push each other into the barbed wire middle rope.

Warner presses Havoc against the ropes much to the shock of dismay of the commentating team and fans. Mance rips at the head and face of Jimmy Havoc. Havoc reverses it and suplexes Warner into the ropes. He then slams a chair across the leg of Warner who is caught up in the ropes.

Layers of skin are peeled from both men. Kelly passes a staple gun into the ring to Havoc who uses it against the head and back of Warner. He staples his shirt to his back and then rips the shirt off his back. Havoc then gets wire cutters and cuts a piece of the bottom rope. Jimmy Havoc then comes and wraps it around the mouth and face of Havoc in the process. Warner’s mouth and face are essentially ripped open.

Havoc Warner
Photo / MLW
To see the crimson mask on Warner is a little tough to watch.

Just when Havoc has the barbed wire bat used on him he staples Warner’s balls. We can’t believe we just typed that either.

With a door propped up in the corner, Havoc hits a death valley driver on Warner. He then covers him but only for a count of two. Havoc then sets up another door propped up between two chairs. Warner then drives him through the doorway and makes a pin but only for a count of two.

Kelly then gives Havoc salt to throw in the eyes of Warner. Warner prevents it and then piledrives him through a steel chair and broken wooden door. The southern psycho leaves this matchup on top.

Winner: Mance Warner