MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #91 (Contra Unit vs Stronghearts)

Welcome back to The Recall after a week’s absence. Last week’s episode was a ‘best of’ episode and not necessarily one we would As we trek forward we’re approaching episode #100 so we are swinging for the fences with the main event of CONTRA Unit against the Stronghearts. The show kicks off with Mance Warner addressing his ongoing rivalry with Jimmy Havoc. He spoke about how the last time they faced each other Priscilla Kelly has now come in the corner of Havoc. Warner also spoke about their next match will be a barbwire rope match at the upcoming MLW event Zero Hour. Semi-finals matchups are set up with Davey Boy Smith Jr facing Hammerstone but the main event will be Contra Unit against the Stronghearts. ‘Filthy Tom Lawlor will face the last great ‘Von Erich’.

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor vs. ‘Rip Von Erich’

Lawlor has the mic in hand and addresses what everyone wants to talk to him about and its the Von Erichs. At the same time, he cuts into those in attendance. He questions Marshall and Ross Von Erich’s legitimacy saying that he will face the greatest Von Erich to be right now. The son of Lance Von Erich (who wasn’t a Von Erich) is facing Lawlor. Commentators of AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini cut into Lawlor’s competition as it isn’t even a sanctioned match by MLW.

The ironic nature of who Lawlor is facing is someone who’s ‘father’ exploited the Von Erich name for his own good. Lawlor is putting this guy through the ringer physically. Rip gets up and Filthy Tom puts him in the airplane spin and then a sleeper hold that they are calling a rear-naked iron claw. Filthy Tom goes over by submission.

Winner: ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor

After the match, Lawlor gets back on the microphone saying he’s undefeated against the Von Erichs. He then says that he will remain undefeated against the Von Erichs. Lawlor then tells the fans that they will be cheering Filthy Tom and not Von Erichs. This brings out Marshall and Ross but is jumped from behind by The Spirit Squad Kenny Doane and Mike Mono. In a four on one attack, Lawlor, the Spirit Squad and Lawlor’s cornerman beat down Ross and Marshall.

In a flashback from two weeks ago, we see the Stronghearts were shown interviewed and attacked by Contra Unit unsuspectingly.

Earlier in the day, Holliday was speaking with Hammerstone of how they need to get (Gino) Medina into the fold to help capitalize on the Latin market. It was at this point when Salina De La Renta interrupted them. She says that there is nothing they can offer Gino that she can’t. Hammerstone says to her to stop..ahem..cock blocking them. To which she looks at Hammerstone’s package and laughs and says what exactly? They tell her to get lost to which she leaves laughing along the way.

Alicia Atout is shown interviewing Davey Boy Smith Jr who addresses his opponent Hammerstone. He says that he will be taping out like the ‘b**ch’ that he is.

Semi-final Match of the Opera Cup
Alex Hammerstone with Richard Holliday vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr

MJF is on commentary while Holliday accompanies Hammerstone to the ring. Smith Jr makes his way to the ring. The two lock up with Hammerstone forcing Smith Jr into the corner. Once again the two lock up in the middle of the ring with Smith Jr working on the arm. He then follows up with driving his knee into the upper back of Hammerstone. Hammerstone makes his way to the ring forcing Smith Jr to break the hold. Smith Jr maintains control whipping Hammerstone into the corner. Hammerstone then attempts to throw Smith Jr over the top rope but Richard Holliday got involved. Alex Hammerstone then hits a bicycle kick next. Hammerstone maintains control of the match. MJF refers to Hammerstone as the ‘Meat Castle’ which is awkward.

Hammerstone continues to work on Smith Jr. With MJF on commentary, the jabs at Canada are hilarious and I can say that as a Canadian! Smith Jr eventually makes a comeback forcing Hammerstone into the corner and hits a back body drop on him. A big boot later is followed with a leg drop on Hammerstone with shades of Hulk Hogan. Smith Jr then hits a pair of German suplexes. Hammerstone then attempts to suplex Smith Jr but Davey Boy locks in a crossface on him. Davey Smith Jr climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a diving headbutt for a three count and a pinfall win.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr

After the match, Hammerstone is up, Holliday is in the ring and Davey Boy Smith Jr extends his hand to his opponent. Hammerstone was about to shake his hand when Holliday pulls Alex’s hand away. Smith Jr will face the winner of Brian Pillman Jr and Timothy Thatcher.

Alicia Atout interviews Brian Pillman Jr who is then interrupted by Koko Brazil of Injustice.

Samuel of Contra Unit speaks of how things changed a year ago when Jacob Fatu and he came to the company. The violence continues.

We hear about Erick Stevens coming soon to MLW. This is followed up with the career of Low Ki in MLW. Never send an amateur to the professional.

Stronghearts (El Lindeman, Shigehiro Irie, and CIMA) vs Contra Unit (Josef Samuel, Simon Gotch, and Jacob Fatu)

This trio of the Stronghearts comes from OWE (Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) with CIMA being the most notable of the three to face the notorious Contra Unit. CIMA and Gotch start the match with one another. The Japanese star reverses it and whips Gotch into the Stronghearts corner. El Lindeman is tagged into the match and maintains control for his team. This was until Samuel is tagged into the match. Both men exchange strikes between them. Samuel then tags in the MLW Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu. Fatu has a definite size difference between himself and El Lindeman.

Gotch is then tagged into the match. He uses an over the head suplex and cuts the ring off from the rest of Stronghearts. El Lindeman attempts to then slam Fatu once he’s tagged into the match but doesn’t work. Contra Unit have this match in complete control. Gotch is then tagged back in and El Linderman squeezes away as Shigehiro Irie is in the match. Simon Gotch attempts a piledriver but Irie fights it off. He even piledrives Samuel onto Gotch!

Stronghearts Contra Unit
Photo / MLW

Irie and Fatu exchange blows with neither man going down. Fatu eventually catches  Irie and hits a moonsault and tries to make the pin. CIMA breaks up the pin and all six men are fighting on the outside. The referee appears to have lost control but no bell has rung at this point. Irie and Fatu exchange suicide dives between them. CIMA, El Linderman and Irie all work together to beat down Fatu. It is a clear three on one attack and he won’t go down. El Lindeman then hits a gutwrench German suplex on Fatu!

As the order is restored, CIMA is tagged in but is squashed by Fatu.

After being taken out, Fatu hits a moonsault on the Japanese star and covers him for the three count and the win.

Winners: Contra Unit

The win was meant to send a message especially to CIMA who will challenge Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight championship. Next week, Brian Pillman faces Timothy Thatcher in the next semi-final matchup for the Opera Cup.

The show ends with ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor asks the Von Erichs to put the MLW Tag Team Championships on the line against his ‘prize pupils’ (we’re assuming The Spirit Squat). Will they find out next week?