MLW Fusion Episode 44 | Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of the MLW Fusion review for episode 44. As we open the show the iconic MLW opening has been updated to feature more recent moments. They added the Doomsday Destroyer on Fenix by Davey Boy Smith, Jr. and Teddy Hart, and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor as MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Next, we have a video recap from Superfight last week where two championships changed hands. First was the MLW World Tag Team Championship win by the Hart Foundation and second was the World Heavyweight Championship win by Tom Lawlor. Rich Bocchini hypes the main event, Tommy Dreamer and a mystery partner versus Brian Pillman, Jr. with a mystery partner. Matt Striker chimes in hyping up Gringo Loco versus Puma King. Opening the show will be some exciting MLW Middleweight division action.

Our opening contest for MLW Fusion is Myron Reed taking on DJZ. DJ Z starts the match with some chain wrestling, but the pace quickly accelerates to the one he favors. Myron Reed doesn’t mind the pace but prefers to look for the perfect moments to take advantage of his opponent. Reed is able to get the advantage on Z, hitting a flip on the outside. Moving things back into the ring, Reed locks in a tried and true rear-naked choke. As Matt Striker points out, it is designed to work on the neck of DJZ which has been injured in the past. Z battles back with help from the energy of the crowd.

His reliance on the energy and approval of the crowd could be his downfall, as it opens spots for Reed to get the advantage. As evidence of this, Reed uses this to gain control and hit a pair of cutters for a near fall. Reed was able to roll through DJZ’s O’Conner roll attempt with the assistance of the tights. The referee did not catch this, and Myron Reed is your winner.

MLW Fusion Episode 44

Will this be the end of the Lucha Bros in MLW? Court Bauer’s tweet thanking Rey Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. is shown on the screen. Their decision will be made live tonight on MLW Fusion. We see the first video package for MLW Intimidation Games which will take place on March 2nd. There will also be a live special aired on beINSports as part of Intimidation Games. Intimidation Games will be brought to you by We then get an excerpt of a special Valentine’s Day edition of H2 TV. They answer questions from female fans, however, the cutest part is where Teddy talks about his cat rescue. There are currently 35 cats in his cat rescue, in addition to his two personal cats Caspian and Mr. Velvet.

Our next match on MLW Fusion is Puma King returning to take on the Base God, Gringo Loco. Striker points out that we are going to get an education in lucha libre in this match. He and Rich start that off by explaining the concepts of rudo and technico. In this match, Gringo Loco is the rudo and Puma King is the technico. The pace flows easily between these two very experienced competitors. The crowd also seems to be equally behind them both. Puma King and Gringo Loco stun and mystify us with their high-flying maneuvers and large personalities. It is Gringo Loco who comes away with the win though after a standing Spanish Fly from the top rope.

MLW Fusion Episode 44

The confrontation between MJF and Teddy Hart at Superfight is then shown. We then are treated to a promo from MJF. He says that he doesn’t understand why everyone fawns over Teddy Hart and his redemption story. And that’s because they put themselves in that situation by their own bad decision making. MJF has never done that, and next week on MLW Fusion, he will challenge Teddy Hart for the MLW World Middleweight Championship that he never lost.

After the video package hyping Jimmy Havoc’s return, it’s time for our MLW Fusion main event. Brian Pillman Jr. is out first and announces his mystery partner as Davey Boy Smith, Jr. Tommy Dreamer is out next, and his mystery partner is none other than The Sandman. Sandman, of course, comes to the ring with a few cans of Budweiser and a Singapore Cane. This one was full of feel-good, nostalgia moments, including the FULL Sandman entrance. The music may not have been Enter Sandman by Metallica, but the fans sure did belt it out. He shared a beer with (and on) the fans and even a hug with Teddy Hart. After the bell rang it was a straight-up fight.

They even found the Blue Meanie under the ring!

All the ECW memories though couldn’t help Tommy Dreamer win this contest. After a brutal assisted powerbomb through a pair of chairs, Davey Boy Smith pinned Dreamer for the win. After the match, there was a much-deserved standing ovation started by Matt Striker for Tommy Dreamer.

We then go to the news everyone has been waiting for, Konnan is standing by with Rey Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. He asks them upfront where they plan on going. Fenix says it’s simple, they are the best tag team in the world, on the entire planet. Pentagon chimes in saying that they will be in Chicago for any team to challenge them. Matt Striker triumphantly confirms THE LUCHA BROTHERS ARE STAYING IN MLW! All in all, this was another solid and fun episode from MLW. I’ll see you next week right here for more MLW Fusion.

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