Lycan vs White: Secret Location Match Review

Imanii Labels is known for his cutting-edge mix of film, fashion, video and even live hip hop during wrestling cards. His network just dropped a brand new video that is currently drawing attention on YouTube and throughout social media. Billed as “No rules for the One Division Pro Championship” it is labeled as a “cinematic thriller between two former friends to take place at a secret location.” Only one emerges as champion and it matches up and coming stars, KC Lycan vs. Nicholi White. Featuring the tune My Way by Limp Bizkit, the creative short film/grudge match parking lot brawl is in the spirit of the recent Undertaker-AJ Styles WrestleMania 36 Boneyard match. This is the Lycan vs White: Secret Location Match Review.

The proceedings open up effectively, establishing the various characters in One Division Pro and setting up the feud between the two arch-rivals. Manager Vinny The Guido is a great heel “talker” and both Lycan and White have raw charisma although neither will make you forget Flair/Dusty/Piper/Superstar Graham/The Rock etc. as far as their promo skills. The use of music to build suspense throughout is tremendously effective, though. It truly adds to the build-up, brawl itself, and the aftermath. Ironically, some musicians were uncredited as was most everyone else involved in the shoot. If we’re going to a wrestling/film hybrid ala the Hardys, why not go the extra nine yards with actual credits?

Lycan vs White: Secret Location Match Review

When the referee came to what looks like a parking lot area to “start the match,” I had no idea what his role in the storyline was or even the name of his character. All I could gather was that Vinny The Guido couldn’t make it. Therefore, I assumed he was his last-minute replacement. Although quite effective in his role, said Ref had a few inaudible lines (as did the lead characters) which could have been caught in post-production. If these type movie/wrestling matches continue, don’t assume viewers will know every character or the various ongoing angles; it’s up to the filmmakers to tell their tales and have It all make sense.

The brawl itself was entertaining and unlike many indie wrestlers, they sold for each other. The bumps were dramatic, and it all had a gritty feel to it, unlike the cartoonish WWE Raw & Smackdown backstage battles where “the camera just happened to be there.” Many times, while watching WWE TV I just flip the channel mid-stream out of sheer boredom and leave never to return.

This held my attention and I was curious to see how it would end.

The R rating that’s plastered across the video ads is for the strong language which doesn’t bother me in the least. However, some old school fans will, in fact, regard cursing as “cheap heat.” Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair I Quit didn’t have any F-bombs and folk still rave about the match to this day. Honestly, I don’t see it adding to the festivities whatsoever, but if it works for some, enjoy.

A car angle towards the end was reminiscent of Eddie Gilbert running over Jerry Lawler which was shocking in its day. The film is in serial form. They very well could have plastered a bright red, “To Be Continued” at the end but gratefully didn’t.

Eddie Gilbert Vs. Jerry Lawler Car Angle

All in all, the film kept my attention which is more than I can say for most TV wrestling fare. For a no-budget quickie it was done well. Interestingly enough, there are over 1,000 YouTube views a mere two nights later. This says something about the appeal of such film/wrestling hybrids in this day and age. When wrestling tragically is on hold along with the rest of the world. Regardless, I doubt this wrestling match would have drawn the same numbers to a live card so the promotion is bringing attention to their stars and product which can only be a good thing. Kudos to the Imanii Labels Network and all involved and I’m looking forward to Episode 2.

 Lycan vs White – Secret Location Match



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