Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 9/20/19

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha! The place to learn all about the different Promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! This is also the place to feel and know about Lucha Libre News and Culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. 

This weekend, we include news from; CMLL, AAA, The Crash, and PWM. We will also share some news about some events and luchadors within these promotions. We’ll talk about the main events of week and news about these promotions, so, let’s go to the Latino world wrestling.


Last week on, we announced the main event of CMLL for Aniversario 86 where seven luchadors will bet their hair in a Cage Match and the last to remain in the cage will lose their hair. CMLL has presented the last weeks at Arena Mexico, all the luchadors who will bet their hair at the next Aniversario’s event. The semi-final match of 6th, September was between Ultimo Guerrero, Negro Casas, Gran Guerrero against Ciber The Main Man, Big Daddy, and Gilbert El Boricua. The main event of 13th, September was Ciber The Main Man, Cavernario, and Diamante Azul against Ultimo Guerrero, Sanson, and Gilbert El Boricua. Tuesday Volador and Cavernario had a single match.

This a great opportunity for them because they have been able to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other. The great event of the CMLL is so close. CMLL programming is heating up with their rivalries. Luchadors have shown us that they want to get a victory in a great place like Arena Mexico. The last Viernes Espectacular before Aniversario. They will have in the semi-final match, the last chance, the match will be between Ciber The Main Man, Volador Jr, and Cavernario against Ultimo Guerrero, Big Daddy, and Gilbert El Boricua. 

This the last chance to know their weakness of each opponent and they have to make their strategy, as this type of match, you can’t trust someone. All are your enemies and everyone wants to escape the cage.


¡Esto es Lucha
Photo / Lucha Libre AAA

The last event in Puebla, AAA surprised us with three new luchadors on their roster. They are Bengala, Octagon Jr, and Abismo Negro Jr.

For Bengala, this is the third one to have this opportunity previously this character was using by Ricky Marvin who was the first one and the last one to have this character was Super Nova. Octagon Jr is the same case about Bengala, he is the third to have this character. The first one was Samuray del Sol or Kalisto and the second one was Flamita. And Abismo Negro Jr is the second to use it, the first one is in AAA Hall of Fame and was a great luchador and he represented that character and AAA with his great talent. So, we hope that they grew these great characters and about, the three have left greats moments in the company, now they have the chance to leave their history.

This Sunday, AAA, and IMPACT had their event in NY called Invading NY. Where the most important was Taya defeated Tessa Blanchard in a great match to get the victory and get the belt. Taya now is new Reina de Reinas.

Cain Velazquez returned to AAA. He is growing in this sport and he showed us in NY. The match was Trios match where he was supported by Psycho Clown, and Brian Cage against Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr, Taurus, and Rey Escorpion). Cain was in for few minutes but he showed great abilities and he had a great feud against Taurus. Probably, we’ll watch him in Invading LA.

Lucha Bros retained AAA Tag Team Championships against LAX. Another great match with another match in this war between Lucha Bros and LAX. LAX tried to get another Tag Team Championships in their history but Mexicans surprised them and with crowd supported Fenix and Penta. Lucha Bros got the victory.

Our final piece of news about AAA is regarding their upcoming card. They have shared the card for the next huge event that is Heroes Inmortales, 19th October in Veracruz. Where the main event will be Mixed Tags where will be face to face Psycho Crown and Rey Escorpio vs Dr. Wagner Jr and Averno vs Pentagon Jr and Texano Jr vs Pagano and Chessman. This match is between one tecnico and one rudo. We hope that they have a great combination but someone could betray his partner. Also, Veracruz will be a witness of AAA Championship defense of Fenix against one of The Elite who is Kenny Omega. Omega had his first presentation in Mexico in Triplemania and in that event, he asked Fenix the opportunity for the championship match and his wish was granted. Also, they had a match this year in NEW so that will be the first time to show them all their power.


The Crash has announced a great event between MLW, NOAH, and CMLL. Some weeks ago MLW announced a relationship partner with The Crash. On the October 5th at Auditorio Tijuana, we’ll be witness to see this fusion, but that was enough because CMLL will be in this event.

The main event will be for The Crash Championship between Rey Horus and Alex Hammerstone. 

Contra Unit (Fatu, Josef Samuel, and Simon Gotch against LA Park, Bestia 666, and Mecha Wolf

Spectacular match: Damian 666 and Jimmy Havoc against Savio Vega and Mance Warner

Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Dinasty vs The Von Erichs

Cavernario, Soberano Jr, and Dragon Lee vs The Hart Foundation

Fatal four-way: Xtreme Tiger vs Oraculo vs Minoru Tanaka vs Black Danger

One more time, The Crash will give to Tijuana’s crowd another great card. Here, we’ll have the preview of this event.


Our latest piece of ¡Esto es Lucha comes from Pro Wrestling Mexico, they’ll have another great event in Monterrey. This company that is lead by Konnan. They have announced, the next 22nd September their card. Where the main event will be between LWO (LA Park and Psychosis) against Killer Kroos and Daga. This will be exciting where the experience of LWO and their hardcore side could be showing to defeat two guys who have grown in this business. Killer Kross who had a victory in GCW Bloodsport and Daga who has signed with IMPACT recently. That’s not all, as in the semi-final will be LAX against Flamita and Jack Evans. We hope to watch the spectacularity of both teams. Also in this card will be Rey Triton, LA Park Jr, Tessa Blanchard, Scarlett Bordeaux, Chik Tormenta, and Ayako Hamada

¡Esto es Lucha

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!