Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 10/28/19


Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha!The place to learn all about the different promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! And this is the place to understand and know more about Lucha Libre News and Culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. 

In this post, you’ll hear about CMLL, RIOT, and IWRG. Also in Esto es Lucha, we will talk about the events from the promotions and the all-important luchadors. We’ll talk about the main events of the week and the news, so, let’s go to the Latino world wrestling.


This last Friday at Arena Mexico in Viernes Espectacular, CMLL had a great semi-final match. This match was the opportunity to Star Jr who a couple of weeks ago gained the tournament of Gran Alternativa with El Valiente and his opportunity comes this night. Star Jr was supporting Soberano Jr, and El Valiente against Ultimo Guerrero, Gilbert El Boricua, and Barbaro Cavernario.

The first fall was dominated by the rudos side and with this control, they had the victory but of the first moments, we could see that Gilbert and Guerrero every time that they could opportunity argued between them. But the second fall was gained by the tecnico side with Star Jr who made Ultimo Guerrero submit. The match was defined by Gilbert and Cavernario. Gilbert defeated El Valiente with a plancha and Cavernario defeated Soberano with La Cavernaria.

CMLL had a great main event where Caristico, Mistico, and Diamante Azul faced off against Negro Casas, Euforia and Gran Guerrero. The match was great when Euforia and Gran Guerrero tear the masks of Mistico and Caristico, but the first fall was to the tecnicos side. Diamante Azul defeated  Negro Casas with a tremendous German Suplex. The second fall was one more time to the tecnicos side, but this time was decided by Caristico, as he defeated Euforia and Mistico with La Mistica beat to Gran Guerrero. At the end of the match, Mistico and Caristico asked an opportunity to Los Guerreros for CMLL Tag Team Championships. And this match will be next Friday at the Dia de Muertos event.

Also at the Dia de Muertos event, Rey del Inframundo Championship will be on the line, and next Tuesday will know the ten participants searching for this opportunity.

NJPW has announced that the next year, they will celebrate Fantasticamania 2020 where CMLL stars tour in Japan. Every year NJPW and CMLL bring a piece of the Mexican Culture of Lucha Libre to the Japanese crowd. They also announced the participants for the tour. Caristico, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero, NGD, and more. And for the first time Luciferno, Tiger and Dulce Gardenia will step NJPW’s ring. We hope that this great event has some incredible matches.



RIOT Lucha Libre has announced another great event on the 2nd of November. This is an indy promotion from Monterrey, Mexico. They’ll give us a great card where the champ will defend his title for the first time.

One of the matches is a Trios match where Cima, the legend of Dragon Gate, OWE and AEW will be supported by Latigo and the master Skayde. They will square off against Kratoz, Erik and Prometeo. Latigo is a great luchador who was participated in AAA and OWE. On other the side, Skayde is a master of Lucha Libre and he was part of Chikara in the early days of the company.


And the great main event will be Arez RIOT Champs against Aramis. These men are incredible luchadors. Arez this year has grown more and more in this business. He was part of Wrestlecon, AAA, IMPACT, OWE, and just this last week he had an incredible match in GCW. Aramis is the same as Arez, a great luchador who has had the opportunity to feature in IMPACT, AAA and PWG on BOLA. Two great presents and future of Lucha Libre and a great promotion who give this opportunity, all are in to be incredible.



Weeks ago, it was announced that NOAH and IWRG will have an agreement to interchange rosters. With that in mind, NOAH has announced that this December, Dragon Bane and Hijo de Canis Lupus will be in Japan. They are stars at Arena Naucalpan with IWRG and will be showing their incredible skills in NOAH. In Mexico, they have worked and sweat hard on the indys to finally bare their fruits of they’re labor with this opportunity. I can’t deny that they will be successful and I’m sure this won’t the last of many trips to Japan.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!