Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! 7/15/19 (Liger)

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha!The place to learn all about the different promociones (promotions) of lucha libre! And this is the place to feel and know about lucha libre News and culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This week, you’ll read in this post about CMLL’s week, who will be the manager in CMLL? What happened in the first event of NLL? You’ll also read about CNL in Chile, and the last events in Mexico of Jushin Thunder Liger. 

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Photo / CMLL

We have the most important event of the week, Viernes Espectacular or Spectacular Friday for CMLL. In the semifinal, they showed a match of bests, in the first corner. They were Munoz Family with Rush, Mistico, and Dragon Lee and against them, we had The Chrizh, Gilbert el Boricua, and Mr. Niebla. When the bell rang, the Munoz Family was hitting in ringside and by the floor, with this lack of control was how there lost the first fall. In the next fall, things changed and with Mistico and Lee, the Munoz’s had the victory and with that, the fight once again went to ringside and by the floor. At the beginning of the third fall, Mistico applied a plancha from the highest point of the entrance area to the Chrizh. Both teams traded blows, Mistico and Dragon Lee shone with dives to the Chris and Mr. Niebla. In the middle of the ring was Rush and Gilbert, face to face, hit to hit, and with a kick in the corner that was Rush’s seal of victory. The Munoz Family had the win and with that, they are prepared for the next week when confronting the Park Family. That will be tremendous.

Photo/ @cmll_oficial

The main event was between the two leaders of El Clan and Guerreros Laguneros. This rivalry has grown in the last year, Ciber and Ultimo Guerrero had the opportunity to be face to face on Arena Mexico. For weeks these men have delivered their passion, worth, and pride in each match when these stables have faced. Now, they have got to show to the crowd who is better.

At the beginning of the match when Ciber was down the stairs, Guerrero couldn’t wait and went to him and the match started on the ramp. They shared hits and Ciber with a spear  was enough win the first fall. The second fall between these rudos had Guerrero’s reaction when he threw Ciber to the crowd. Guerrero won the second fall, he applied an octopus hold to tie the match. The match had been a little slow, but the courage was hot. The third fall was slow, and the end came when Ciber make a mistake and hit the referee. Ciber took advantage with that and he gave a low blow to Guerrero again, just like he did weeks ago. The referee made the decision to disqualify to Ciber. We hope for more from this rivalry but this time, they didn’t show all their arsenal and fury. Hopefully their feud continues so we can see more.

Photo/ @cmll_oficial

Next week on Viernes Espectacular, we’ll have Jushin Liger last match in Mexico and The Muñoz Family against The Parks. Don’t miss all about this event in ¡Esto es Lucha!


Image/ @NacionLucha

On July 11th, Nacion Lucha Libre or NLL had their first event at Sala de Armas in Mexico City, this event was recorded by Imagen TV. 

The match of the night was between two great luchadors who have had an international rise, Bandido and Rey Horus. We know these guys, and we know that all their matches are full of speed, dives, sweat, and the pride to carry lucha libre style in every space on the planet. At Sala de Armas wasn’t the exception, this was an intensive match, Horus applied a DDT to Bandido and that was it, he got the victory. NLL’s crowd also threw money to these great luchadors, a sign of great respect.

The main event was the first step of the war between Mexico and Puerto Rico. Team Mexico had Alberto El Patron, LA Park, and Hijo del Fantasma. Team Puerto Rico was represented by MVP, Apolo, and Ricky Banderas. The first minutes of the match were marred by electric light problems and during the match was an accident between fans. However, that didn’t affect the crowd leaving happy with the event. Team Mexico scored the victory when Ricardo Rodriguez distracted MVP and Apolo, El Patron and LA Park took advantage and they gave them a low blow.

We hope that this project rise and they have announced another event in Zacatecas, Mexico. So, The war could follow.


Photo/ @CNLChile

Episode 8 of CNL or Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre. This event is on Youtube, they showed us four great singles matches. The first match was between Francis against Shocko, and they had a great match. S2S, Herco Whisky, and Drako interfered in the match and attacked both. These three guys cleaned the ring and S2S said: “this is causing an impact”.

The next match was between a Venezuelan wrestler, Axel Ochoa, and Alessandro. During the match, the crowd was supportive to Axel, he is a good babyface. The match was full of hits and strong style. But the in the end, Alessandro missed a plancha and Axel hit him with DDT. The crowd was celebrating with Axel until Pedro Pablo attacked Axel from behind and finished him with Michinoku Driver. Axel must now search for vengeance.

It’s time for Engel who has Championship Femenil of CNL and her opponent is Nikki, this match started with good rhythm and some mistakes. Engel showed her rudo abilities and she controlled the match. But Nikki had a reaction and with her heart and her desire to show that she can be a champ…but it’s not enough. Engel hit a swanton bomb for the three count. Engel was showing her belt to the crowd and Alexandra attacked her from behind. These ladies had a great fight, and security had to separate them. This was intense, they can’t be in the ring at the same time. We hope to see this match at another time.

The main event is Engranaje Jack the Champion of CNL, his match is an open challenge and the challenger is Rocket. This is the best match the event, with greats moves, and strong style. It was amazing, and the crowd was supporting both guys. In some parts of the match, you could think the belt could change hands. However, Engranaje showed us why he is the champ and why he holds the belt with pride. Engranaje finished the match with his move, Rompe Ilusiones, from the middle rope to defeated Rocket. They were showing respect and then the lights go out, revealing another Red Rocket? No, it’s Ariel Levy! He is back and he wants the champ. This was a great episode and we can’t wait to see more.

Photo/ @CNLChile



The upcoming retirement of Jushin Liger has impacted all the over world and especially Mexico. In this post, we shared his last match in CMLL, but some indie promotions don’t want to be left out. This is the case of Lucha Libre Real, UWE and Legend, those have also made great cards to thank this great master.


Lucha Libre Real will prepare a classic Japanese retirement match for Jushin Liger, the next day at Arena Mexico on July 20th. Liger will fight against ten luchadors, with a minute for each one and then he will have a match. These luchadors are from CMLL except two from indies, who are Mr. Agula or Essa Rios in WWE and Aeroboy.


Another day for celebration will be July 21th in the epic Arena Lopez Mateo. This time Liger will team with Mistico, and they will face Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero. This tag team will be amazing. Two great highflyers and two great strong styles. Three great Mexican luchadors come together to thank a legend.

Those events of this weekend will be an opportunity to watch for last time a great Japanese luchador and thank all that he gave us in all his career.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned to the Pro Wrestling Post for more ¡Esto es Lucha!