KUSHIDA wins NXT Cruiserweight Championship | #AndNEW

On the heels of NXT Stand & Deliver, Santos Escobar posed an open challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. KUSHIDA answered the challenge and wins the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Escobar initially came to the ring and shared how he is a dominant champion. He also shared that his win over Devlin only further proved how dominant a champion he is. Escobar continued on by stating that he is a champion, much like his father was and how his son will be.


It was at this point when he posed an open challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship right then and there. Before the words could come out of  Santos Escobar’s mouth, it was quickly answered. Surprisingly, KUSHIDA answered Escobar’s challenge prompted a title match immediately. What should be noted is that Legado del Fantasma’s Raoul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde would not be at ringside during this matchup.

KUSHIDA wins NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Their matchup was a back and forth affair throughout. Whether it involved a strike by Escobar or a submission attempt by KUSHIDA, both men would come at each other throughout. At one point in the match, KUSHIDA appeared down and out on the outside of the ring. However, he would be able to persevere and make his way back into the contest. Escobar would continue on with several near falls throughout.

As the match was approaching its closing moments, both men would continue on with several pin attempts. During this time, we would see both men rotate attempts until the final three count was made. As KUSHIDA held Escobar’s shoulders down for the three count even, he was surprised by the result. The commentary team was quick to point out that it only takes three seconds for a decision to be made.

Upon winning the title, KUSHIDA was almost immediately challenged by the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and a man that has defeated him in the past. Jordan Devlin’s congratulations to KUSHIDA was quickly met with a reminder that he is coming for him.


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