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When debating with myself about what I should write my article this week, I turned to my best friend and asked for ideas. With the anniversary of my first wrestling match once again looming on the horizon, my best friend suggested I discuss how my perception of wrestling has changed over the last few years. This is my love to hate.

No one hates wrestling, more than wrestlers.

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On my first day of training, I remember one of the boys saying to me, “You’re either going to love it, or hate it once you learn”.

I had no idea what he meant, until one day I “got it”.

There is no in between with wrestling and I. I either love it or hate it, depending on the day.

There are days I refuse to even look at social media because it means there will be something about wrestling on there. I don’t like watching mainstream wrestling as much anymore, because it annoys me more than I enjoy it.

That last statement is hilarious, considering that is all I watched before starting to train. In turn, I knew nothing about independent wrestling. Independent wrestling is now what is keeping my love of wrestling alive.

Love to Hate

Case in point, last weekend in Red Deer, I watched two of my friends put on the best match I have seen in person. They had me completely invested for almost forty minutes. I quickly realized that I needed to watch this by myself, and moved to the corner of the venue.

I could count on two hands the number of times wrestling has brought tears to my eyes, and it includes this day. Watching Pride’s (Jack Pride) hometown crowd, and peers watch him prove he can not only hang with the best but IS one of the best in Canada.

Wrestling brings me most happiness watching my former “business associate”, and close friend tear the house down in a match I know he has been craving to have for years. You could say I had a lot of Pride at the end of that match (pun intended).

My feelings towards wrestling have changed since the beginning, because now, I would rather watch an independent wrestling show ten times over, than a major mainstream show. Maybe it is because I share the same “starving artist” struggle they do, or I recognize what these people sacrifice.

This past weekend, I once again had that sense of pride, when another friend became champion for the first time in her career. Unfortunately, I was not able to see this in person. However, I had to tease her afterwards, messaging her “did you cry?”
KJ Love to Hate
Photo / Smiling Moose Media

Before I started wrestling, I had no idea what independent wrestling was. But now, it’s one of the things I love most, because of the relationships I have created.

Now, it means having an overwhelming sense of pride watching someone accomplish something I know they have been working incredibly hard for.

I hate it on the days that my back or neck is so sore that I can’t play with my dog and I hate it on the days that I have bruises everywhere.

I hate it on the days I miss events because I am out of town and I hate it on the days that there is an unnecessary drama…

But I love it on the days that kids smile at me.

I love it on the days that people enjoyed my matches.

I love it when my friends accomplish something they work so hard for.

So yes my feelings have changed. I believe the intensity I feel for wrestling has changed and I believe the way I view who “the best” is, has changed.

I could go on, and on, and on. But I think I made my point.

I love to hate wrestling, but I hate to love it too.