Kaito To Face Mutoh and Marufuji’s Next Challenger

.Earlier today in a tag team match took place in Pro-Wrestling NOAH’s show. During the contest between Go Shiozaki and Kaito Kiyomiya, they faced Naomichi Marufuji and Keiji Mutoh. The result was a win for Marufuji and Mutoh. Marufuji pinned Go and then proceeded to claim to be Go’s next challenger for his GHC Heavyweight Championship. At the same time, Kaito called out Mutoh to face each other. This contest is monumental as it is the first time they have ever faced each other in one on one competition. Kaito has been calling out Mutoh for months with no response by the veteran.

Kaito To Face Mutoh and Marufuji’s Next Challenger

With the recent events of COVID-19 and Mutoh declining to face Kaito in the past, this is welcomed change to have taken place. Mutoh had his sights set on becoming GHC Champion for some time now. In the event that he does defeat Kaito, Mutoh will then receive his future shot at the championship. Kaito has challenged Mutoh previously to no avail. One challenge took place this past May when he said that both former Mutoh and Okada amongst his future aspired matches. At 57 years old, age is clearly just a number as the timeless former Champion could be on a path to win another championship. If he is able to defeat Kaito and earn a title shot he could be facing history. A championship win for Mutoh would be his first in Pro-Wrestling NOAH.


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