Johnny Wisdom Wins SCWPro Championship | #AndNEW

With his back against the wall and career on the line, Johnny Wisdom delivered the goods last night. The 17-year veteran, by hook or by crook, defeated the One Called Manders to become the new SCWPro Heavyweight Champion. Their monumental showdown capped off an exciting night of SCWPro action. This was SCWPro’s first show with fans since September 2020, and there was a certain buzz in the air. As Johnny Wisdom wins SCWPro Championship.

From the opening match to this enthralling main event, you could tell the wrestlers had an extra skip in their step. What a main event this was. Leading up to this hoss fight, Johnny Wisdom pleaded with One Called Manders for a title shot. 

It was a truly genuine moment where he bared his soul in hopes of getting a shot at Manders “Lady in Red.” It turns out this was all a ruse, once Manders agreed to the match, Wisdom removed his arm sling and attacked the champion during his workout. 

Of course, this didn’t sit well with the champ, and Manders made sure an extra stipulation was added to this match.If he was going to put his championship on the line, Wisdom was going to have to put his career on the line. 

Wisdom Dethrones Manders | SCWPro

Wisdom entered first to a chorus of boos from the SCWPro faithful. The champion entered to a hero’s welcome. You don’t reign over a promotion for 15 months without gaining some fans. 

After an intense stare down the fight was on. Manders controlled the action out of the gate, and it didn’t take long for the fight to spill to the outside. He beat up his challenger from post to post much to the delight of the crowd. With Wisdom reeling up against the ring post, Manders sprinted around the ring in an effort to gain full momentum. 

However, this proved costly when Wisdom dodged his splash attempt. Back in the ring, the two traded strikes, but the champ got the edge with a beautiful side suplex. Manders first attempt as his patented power slam was avoided by Wisdom, who answered with a vicious lariat. The challenger received a close two count for his efforts.

Johnny Wisdom Wins SCWPro Championship

Johnny Wisdom wins SCWPro
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As the match went on the intensity continued to rise. Manders, despite his best efforts, just couldn’t keep Wisdom down. When a man’s career and livelihood are on the line, it makes him a man willing to do anything to survive. Manders hit Wisdom with an arsenal of high powered moves. Included in this was his devastating power slam, not only in the ring but from the middle turnbuckle. 

Wisdom would not stay down. 

Manders spectacular moonsault elicited one of the night’s closest near falls. With Wisdom seemingly at the end of his rope, Manders lined up in a three-point stance, ready to close the chapter on Wisdom’s career. 

But, in one last ditch effort to save his career, Wisdom dodged the charging champion. Manders inadvertently collided with the referee. With no referee, Wisdom proved just how far he would go to not only save his career but win the SCWPro Championship. 

Exiting the ring, Wisdom first grabbed the championship with malicious intent. However, Wisdom opted to bring a beer bottle into the ring with him.

After smashing the bottle across Manders head, Wisdom hit his aptly named “Title Shot” finisher.  And just like that a new SCWPro Champion was crowned. After 17 years, the Johnny Wisdom era had officially begun in SWCPro.