Joey O’Riley Faced Off Against Erick Rowan On RAW

On last night’s edition of RAW, Erick Rowan once again faced off against a local competitor, as he has now for the past few weeks. It was revealed on the Twitter account of The Local Competitor, that Rowan’s victim last night was Joey O’Riley. As you can see in the video below, Erick’s storyline involving the creature kept in his cage, moved up a gear. Rowan was bitten by whatever is inside the cage –

For those eagle-eyed readers of ours, yes O’Riley has appeared in the WWE before. He was on 3/13/18 edition of 205 Live where he wrestled as Murphy Myers. He lost a bruising encounter against Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Joey, an 11-year veteran, has worked for companies such as IWA Unlimited, Cape Championship Wrestling and New Wave Pro on his time in the indies. He is also a two time Pro Wrestling Zero 1 USA Tag Team Champion with his partner Jordan Perry as The Lowlifes.

Blake’s Take – I’ll be brutally honest here folks. I care more about the local talents each and every week than I do about this damn storyline of Rowan and his rabid pet. It’s great seeing local talent get a chance (or in Joey’s case, a second chance) to shine. You can always see them working their ass off, even if it is in a squash match against Rowan. And his rabid cat/dog/rabbit/???. I mean, who really cares what’s in that cage. For all the good that’s happening with Seth Rollins’ new stable, booking takes a step back to the mid-’90s with this trash storyline. Oh well…let’s see what indy talent we get next week!