Erick Rowan’s opponent this past week on Raw identified

During this past week’s edition of Raw, Erick Rowan faced a competitor by the name KJ Orso. For fans of the program, may have witnessed that Erick Rowan’s opponent Orso attempted to look into the infamous cage that Rowan carries to the ring with him. This week took a new twist as Orso was taken by Rowan and forced to look into the cage. The result was a red-faced Orso that left the ringside area screaming as he was heading back up the rampway. While the sight of what was in the cage certainly frightened Orso (and Mojo Rawley before him) it was how he helped further the angle that stood out.

In a tweet sent out by the Local Competitor earlier today, KJ Orso is independent wrestling talent Fuego Del Sol. In 2019, Del Sol competed for promotions such as Metroplex Wrestling, World Class Revolution, Wrestling for a Cause and Pro Wrestling Dallas.

It was also shared that Del Sol also operated a YouTube Channel once known as KAGE or KBW (Kids Backyard Wrestling) before that. As of now, the channel has over 150,000 subscribers. Once word gets out of Del Sol’s channel it is likely to increase in subscribers. While it has been about 4 years since the last video, that isn’t to say the increased exposure doesn’t change that.

Madison’s Mindset:

This match helped further along the angle of the item in the cage. The item that Rowan is coming to the ring with is certainly something. Will it have an ultimate pay off or will he simply leave fans wondering what it is? The reaction that both Mojo Rawley and Erick Rowan’s opponent, KJ Orso certainly demonstrated a reaction of fear or terror. Whatever it is in the cage, appears to likely give off a mist or spray of some kind. This is the case if were looking at the face of Orso.