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On May 8, 2021, at the most recent Texoma Pro Wrestling event, All-Star Pro Champion Tino Valentino issued a championship open challenge. With this being Valentino’s first appearance at TPW, he was looking to make an impact by challenging the TPW Red River Champion Jerome Daniel Griffey. This open challenge would form into a monumental match in TPW history – a title vs. title winner-take-all match. Unbeknownst to Valentino, though, this open challenge wouldn’t exactly pan out in his favor. As Jerome Daniel Griffey wins the ASP Championship.

In Griffey’s vocal retort to the open challenge, he told Valentino “I promise you, if you survive this match, you will have [these fans] respect.” The Texoma Pro Wrestling fans were very excited for this match-up. Let’s break down some of the highlights of this athletic contest.

The Match

This match starts off with a showcase of respect as these two professionals begin to feel each other out. Early on in the match, Valentino attempted a La Magistral pinfall only to roll through, showboat, and hit an impressive moonsault. Griffey and Valentino brawl in an action-packed back-and-forth contest. Valentino lands an impressive suicide dive on Griffey to the outside; leading to the two brawling all around ringside.

As the match progresses, we see more impressive maneuvers such as Valentino’s variation of a Shawn Michaels flip-bump over the turnbuckle. That was a fun spot! Griffey landed a nasty fisherman’s buster on the knee that looked like it could have killed Valentino. Absolutely brutal! Griffey attempted a pinfall, but only managed to produce a two-count.

Near the end of the match, Nigel Rabid and Edge Stone make their way out to ringside. Stone isn’t here to take a seat and eat some popcorn – he is here to pile bodies. Valentino valiantly attempts a diving crossbody off the apron but is caught. Stone tosses Valentino around ringside and lays him out with a massive clothesline in the middle of the ring. This leads to Griffey’s slow crawl into a passed-out pinfall cover. The referee makes the count, and despite the interference, Jerome Daniel Griffey is your new All-Star Pro Champion!

Griffey Is Your New ASP Champion

After Griffey’s hand is raised in victory, reality begins to set in. As Griffey holds both championship belts in his hand, commentary conveys that he feels “guilty.” Just as it feels as though Griffey is about to hand the championship back to Valentino, he dashes into the backstage area leaving a frustrated Valentino in the middle of the ring.

Pro Wrestling Post reached out to the former ASP Champion Tino Valentino for a comment on his title loss. Valentino responded stating:

“It isn’t right (how I lost out) and the proof is there. I respect JD Griffey as a competitor and want to believe he had nothing to do with Stone and Rabid being out there to aid him. I will do anything in my power to get the All-Star Pro Championship back around my waist.”

We also reached out to JD Griffey about his newly-found status as a double champion (and particularly, the controversial way in which he won his newest prize.) In regard to Tino Valentino’s bravado of issuing the open challenge, Griffey had this to say:

“I thought it was crazy that he put the All-Star Pro Championship on the line in his debut at Texoma Pro Wrestling. But you have to admire the confidence of a guy who puts his title on the line in an “away game,” so to speak.”

When asked about the potential of a rematch between Valentino and Griffey, Griffey stated:

“[Valentino] is a fighter and worked hard to achieve an accolade such as the ASP Championship. I will discuss terms for a rematch and contract preferences so we can give All-Star Pro the match that they deserve.”

He claims that he had no idea that Stone or Rabid would get involved with his match against Valentino, but the facts are the facts. Griffey’s hand was raised at the end of the night. Nothing can change the fact that Jerome Daniel Griffey’s name will be etched into the All-Star Pro history books forever.

Jerome Daniel Griffey wins ASP Championship
The Future of the ASP Championship Scene

It seems as though Valentino’s interest in the ASP Championship did not die with the end of his reign. If anything, Valentino seems more motivated, fired-up, and ready to reclaim the championship he never deserved to lose. As for Griffey, it seems as though he is just getting started with his title reign. While both men have expressed interest in a potential rematch, confirmation from All-Star Pro officials remains to be seen.

With countless hungry contenders on the All-Star Pro roster such as Thorne The Hunter, Drake Gallows, and Double D – no one truly knows who will be the first to step up to our new ASP Champion. One thing is for sure, though – Jerome Daniel Griffey is your All-Star Prp Champion, whether you like it or not as he wins!


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