Audio Edition with Jake Atlas

As a resident of Los Angles, California, the 23-year-old Atlast stated that he was gay. One that was met with criticism but rather embraced with support. His high-flying and aerial assault have shown his continued work ethic in and out of the ring. As a member of the LGBT community, Jake Atlas opens to bring change and positivity and be seen as more than a lifestyle. His passion was first evident through his family’s love of Lucha Libre. We present an audio interview edition with Jake Atlas.

Atlas’ skill set is a hybrid of the Lucha Libre style.  His moveset reflects several spots that it is impossible to turn away. Regardless of who Atlas is in the ring, he brings a whole new intensity to each match. He owes many thanks to the likes of Brody King as he does the support of his mother and father. His growth and commitment in the industry continue to show. In a year when everyone looks to have Jake Atlas on their show.

Audio Edition with Jake Atlas

At a time when being part of a particular ethnic culture could have been a challenge to have support. Jake Atlas’ family has shown that their love for him is more significant than his sexual orientation. Atlas’ message of positivity will follow in the footsteps of the likes of former WWE superstar Darren Young. Despite suffering an injury early on in his career, Atlas has persevered and achieved great heights. The future is bright for this young star Jake Atlas. To listen to episode 4 with Jake Atlas, click on the link below.

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