Audio Edition with King Khash

Iranian born King Khash is a modern-day throwback to a time when the mindset and approach to wrestling was unlike what we see today. In audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with King Khash. The young upstart pulls no punches and expresses his early training, development and how anyone in his path best is sure to tread lightly against him. This candid interview will turn heads and leave some fans shocked in the comments shared by Khash. His perspective on today’s wrestling suggest his mindset and ideals reflect a period of time unlike that of today.

Often not one to pull any punches, Khash has a skillset that is as much entrenched in the history of the sport as he is the present. He is outspoken but allows his talent speak volumes for him in the ring. Who is likely to step up to Khash? With dreams of competing in the WWE and abroad in Japan, Khash hopes to develop a skillset that many of his contemporaries may not possess. In an industry based on personal and professional growth, Khash’s learning curve may very well be now. He intends on being a name fans all over the world will soon remember.

Audio Edition with King Khash

Khash remains as relaxed in this conversation as he is in the ring. What does Khash say that may shock the wrestling community? Will his honesty be seen as a breath of fresh air or will it result in flack against those he stood in the ring with today? King Khash is a premier talent for Defy Wrestling. Check out our podcast below accessible on your podcast listening platforms.

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King Khash Audio Edition with
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