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On February 18th, 1996, the WWE presented In Your House – Rage in the Cage. This was the sixth edition in the In Your House series of pay-per-view events in the early to mid-1990s. It begins with Sunny wearing a bathing suit providing an ‘advisory warning’ to anyone watching as waves crash against her.

This is followed by a promotional video involving the likes of Bret Hart, Diesel, and The Undertaker, as all three men covet the WWF Championship. It takes place from the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are on commentary. Razor Ramon was in the first match with a rather unique stipulation.

In Your House – Rage In The Cage
Crybaby Match

(loser will be given a bottle and wear a set of diapers)
Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid with Ted DiBiase

Before the match begins, Razor heads to the ring, but we see how this match came about. At the 1996 Royal Rumble, Ramon would lose the Intercontinental Championship because of the 1-2-3 Kid. We then see the Kid coming down to ringside with a toy baby stroller and a giant baby bottle. Next up, the Millon Dollar Man leads the 1-2-3 Kid to the ring, who comes to the ring with a teddy bear dressed like Razor Ramon.

Before the match begins, the 1-2-3 brings the teddy bear in the ring and shoves it into the face of Ramon. Ramon throws his toothpick in the Kid’s face and wipes him out of the ring. The 1-2-3 Kid hit a slingshot clothesline in the ring. He then uses an array of kicks on Razor Ramon then a few different chops to take down the bad guy. The Kid then places Ramon in the corner, but Ramon recovers, and he hits a hip toss on the Kid.

Ramon then appears to have the match in control as he hits a fall-away slam on The Kid. The Millon Dollar Man then puts baby powder in the eyes of Ramon, followed by The 1-2-3 Kid hitting a dropkick from the top rope. He tries for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Then the 1-2-3 Kid hits back to back running leg drops on Ramon. He then hits a standing dropkick on Ramon. The Kid climbs the top rope and hits a frog splash, and makes a pinning attempt. But again, only for a count of two.

Both men are on their feet, but the 1-2-3 Kid continues to lay in the assault on Ramon. They both try to apply a sleeper, but the 1-2-3 Kid appears to have it synched on the bad guy. Eventually, Ramon clutches the Kid and drives him back first into the turnbuckle. However, that wasn’t enough as the Kid maintains the hold. It appears as though Razor is out as the referee is checking in to see if Ramon is out. But fans begin to chant Razor, seemingly helping to get him back to his feet. This leads to Ramon picking up the Kid and dropping him across the top rope leading to a break.

The Kid then crawls over to Ramon, attempting to make the pin but only for a count of two. Ramon hits a left hand on the Kid after missing the right. But the Kid hits a back elbow. He then attempts a cross body, but Ramon reverses it. The 1-2-3 Kid then hits a jumping backspin kick and attempts a pinfall attempt. Ramon then hits a fall away from the second rope! Ramon slowly gets up and signals that it’s over. He signals for the Razor’s Edge. The Kid then gets baby powder but gets kicked and ended up in his face. Ramon then hits the Kid with the Razor’s Edge and picks him up after the cost of two.

Razor then picks him up again and hits a second Razor’s Edge on the 1-2-3 Kid. This time he gets the three count and the win.

Winner: Razor Ramon

After the match, Razor sticks a baby bottle in the mouth of the Kid. He then gets baby powder put on him and a giant diaper on the 1-2-3 Kid. Ramon then doses the Kid with baby powder as he lays motionless in the ring. The Kid then comes around and doesn’t realize what’s happened to him. DiBiase then tells the 1-2-3 Kid that he’s wearing a diaper and looked as though he was going to cry. The Kid is slamming the baby stroller on the floor.

Ray Rougeau and Sunny are in the backstage area, prepared to interview Razor Ramon backstage. We then see Jake Roberts there earlier as Sunny was startled by his appearance with his snake.

In Your House – Rage In The Cage
Hunter Hurst Helmsley with Elizabeth Hilton vs. Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Drose

Hilton only appears once by his side as there several different women that have accompanied Helmsley to the ring. Drose shows his nearly shaved head after being attacked by Hunter Hearst Helmsley earlier. Duke charges the ring and immediately goes right after Hunter. He throws fist after fist at Hunter. With Helmsley back in the corner, Drose whips him across the ring.

Drose hits a Gorilla Press slam on Helmsley. We then see Drose take off his weight lifting belt and whipped Helmsley once with it. Droese stalks Helmsley back in the corner. He slaps him while positioned in the corner. Helmsley, however, then drops Droese face first across the top turnbuckle. Helmsley then locks in both of Droese’s arms, but the Dumpster recover and maintains the attack on Helmsley. Hunter hits a back body drop on Droese, causing him to land outside the ring. Helmsley then whips Droese back first into a set of steel steps at ringside.

Hunter brings Droese back into the ring and makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Helmsley maintains the attack on Droese, beating him down in the process. Hunter follows up with a knee drop across the forehead of Droese. Both men then begin to exchange fists, but Hunter maintains control with a high knee. He follows up with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

Helmsley hits a vertical suplex. This is followed by a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. With Droese backed into the corner, Hunter attempts to follow up but is hit with a big boot by Droese. This is followed by both men knocking each other down with a clothesline. Helmsley then is caught with a spin buster by Droese. Hunter attempts to throw fist, but Droese recovers. He throws fist after fist, knocking Helmsley to the mat. Droese then hits a powerslam. Droese calls to throw out the trash with his trash compactor finish.

Duke then brings the trashcan into the ring. It leads to Helmsley cracking him across the head with the trashcan lid. Helmsley makes the pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winner: Hunter Hurst Helmsley

After the match, Helmsley and Hilton make their way back to the backstage area. We then see advertisement for the WWE’s physical shop zone area.

This was followed up with what took place a couple of weeks ago; we see The Bulldog and Owen Hart attempted to bring Yozozuna back into the ring after being knocked out of it. After the match, James E Cornette berates Yokozuna leading to him snapping and scares off The British Bulldog and Owen Hart.

We then see Dok Hendrix interviewing Yokozuna, who is speaking for the first time. He is sure to share that he has bad intentions for Camp Cornette by burning it to the ground.

In Your House – Rage In The Cage
The British Bulldog with James E. Cornette vs. Yokozuna

With the Bulldog in the ring, Yokozuna makes his way to the ring next. Yoko is ready for a fight immediately. He first hits a back body drop on The Bulldog and then lays in a couple of kicks. Next, Yokozuna hits a scoop slam and attempts an elbow drop but misses. However, The Bulldog was able to recover, and after a few clothesline attempts, he finally knocks him down.

Cornette attacks Yokozuna while the British Bulldog distracts the referee. Yokozuna is all rea ready to hit his Bonzai drop on the British Bulldog, but James Cornette stops it from happening. Both men then up on the floor. After throwing the Bulldog to the ring, post Yokozuna attempts a splash but misses. Once both men end up in the ring, The Bulldog attempts to maintain control, but Yokozuna is quick to stop it. Yokozuna takes clothesline after clothesline from the Bulldog and eventually hits him with a Samoan Drop.

As the British Bulldog cowers away, Yokozuna picks him up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Cornette attempts to knock out Yokozuna with his tennis racket, but that leads to a disqualification.

Winner by disqualification: Yokozuna

Then Vader comes to the ring and attacks Yokozuna after the match. The two men battle followed by the British Bulldog also comes in to help him as well. Vader pulls out a pair of handcuffs, cuffing Yokozuna to the corner. Cornette directs traffic as both Vader, and the Bulldog continues to attack the former WWF Champion. Yokozuna attempts to fight back but to no avail. Vader continues to attack Yokozuna, who is handcuffed to the corner turnbuckle.

Cornette and company continue to attack Yokozuna with his tennis racket. Vader, the Bulldog, and James E Cornette all leave the ring. But Vader is pondering with what he should be doing next. This eventually leads to all members of Camp Cornette returning to the backstage area.

After the match, we see Goldust and Marlena in the backstage area as the bizarre one shares of his fascination with Razor Ramon. Razor and Goldust were set to compete for the Intercontinental Championship the following night. We then see a promo building upon the upcoming match between Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart for a WWF Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XII. They reflected upon what had happened to Michaels between he and Owen. Michaels won the Royal Rumble that year, and he was putting his title opportunity on the line in this match.

In Your House – Rage In The Cage
WrestleMania XII Championship Opportunity

Owen Hart with James E. Cornette vs. Shawn Michaels

Before the match, Todd Pettingill spoke with Michaels about his chances here on this night and how crucial the match is. At that point, Michaels music kicked in, and he was standing on the top of the In Your House set. Michaels came down from the roof with the help of a rope suspended above. At this point, Michaels then charges to the ring, where he and Owen immediately exchange fists. Michaels then throws Owen over the top rope to the floor while Shawn’s music plays in the background.

At this point, the bell rang, and Owen, from a distance, was reminding Michaels of what he was going to do to him in the match. The two men shove one another. This leads to a standing side headlock which leads to Michaels sliding under the bottom rope to the floor. Michaels then parades around the ring frustrating Hart in the process. Owen does the same thing Michaels does, but he gets caught with a crossbody off the top rope to the floor. Michaels then hits a springboard elbow across the top of the head of Owen.

Once again, another standing side headlock between the two leads to Shawn once again locks in Hart. Hart attempted to throw him off of him, but Michaels holds onto the hair. Then Owen hits a hip toss, but it leads to a dual set of nip-ups from both men. Owen then hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Shawn. Hart then has the advantage here on Michaels. He follows up with a side backbreaker. Owen then throws a couple of kicks to the head of Michaels. Hart follows up with a neckbreaker and a pinning attempt but only for a count of two.

Owen attempts a sharpshooter, but Michaels breaks it. Hart then has a camel clutch on the on Shawn Michaels. Owen’s base is low, really applying pressure to the base of the spine of Michaels. Michaels recovers and gets back to his feet. As soon as he attempts to make a comeback, Hart catches to a knee in the midsection of Shawn Michaels. Michaels once again tries to break from of a rear chinlock, but Owen hits him with a spinning heel kick taking Shawn out of the ring to the floor.

Owen then attempts to suplex Michaels inside the ring but Michaels suplex over the top rope. But Hart landed on his feet. He then catches Michaels off the ring apron into a power slam. Owen then climbs the top rope and hits Michaels with a dropkick. He makes a pinning attempt but only gets a count of two. A few uppercuts on Micheals leads to Shawn recovers and reverses a suplex with a pinning attempt by Shawn. Owen recovers and then locks in the sharpshooter on Shawn Michaels.

Hart drags Shawn to the middle of the ring, but Micheals makes it to the ropes to make a rope break. Owen then hits an enziguri to the head of Michaels, knocking Shawn to the floor. Michaels is on the floor, and the referee counts, but Owen breaks the count by going to the floor as well. He then rolls Micheals back in and tries to pin him but only gets a count of two. Owen backs Michaels to the corner but misses an attack on HBK. Michaels gets his second wind.

He manages to recover and takes Hart off the match. Michaels hits Owen with a series of fists and a running forearm on Hart. He then slams Owen and climbs to the top rope. Michaels hits a top rope elbow drop. Michaels then sets up for sweet chin music, and after missing the first time, he hits him the second time. Micheals makes the pinfall for the three count and the win.

In Your House - Rage In The Cage
[Photo: Ring The Damn Bell]

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, Michaels celebrates in the ring with a young fan in the audience. We then see a recount of the final moments before the match drew to a close. There is then a promo of what WrestleMania XI was and what to expect as WrestleMania XII is set to take place in the upcoming months of the show.

Todd Pettingill then introduces the then-acting President of the WWF, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper comes to the stage area and makes an announcement. He said that he can’t be bought and is essentially coming to say that Shawn Michaels is officially the number one contender for the WWF Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XII. He said that he won’t end the match until there is a winner.

Piper said that he doesn’t feel bad for Yokozuna being attacked earlier and that in the case of Vader, he won’t suspend him either. Piper’s plan was to keep him around and will have them will face one another at WrestleMania XII. Let them go; let the blood flow! James Cornette and Clarence Mason makes their way to the same stage area. Piper said to him that Cornette has to respect him. Cornette then spoke about Vader and that he thinks what happens to Yokozuna is on Piper’s head. Piper said that if Vader loses that Cornette could be cheek to cheek with Yokozuna after the match.

In Your House – Rage In The Cage
Steel Cage Match
WWF Heavyweight Championship 

Diesel vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (c)

Big Daddy Cool makes his way to the ring first, followed by the WWF Champion, Bret Hart. Both men circle each other, and then Diesel immediately throws in a knee in the midsection of Bret, who counters with an attack at the knees with Big Daddy Cool. But Diesel backs Bret back in the corner and beats on the Hitman there. He then begins to berate him, saying it’s going to be a long night for the Hitman. Diesel then presses his foot across the throat of Bret while holding the top of the cage.

Big Daddy Cool celebrates his efforts, but the fan’s response is mixed. Diesel then attempts to drive Bret’s head into the cage only to have him counter and drive Big Daddy Cool’s head into the blue cage. Bret then begins to drive a series of elbows to the back of Diesel’s head. However, as Bret attempts to climb the cage and escape, Diesel stops him. He then picks up Bret and drives him back first into the steel cage. Vince McMahon suggests that it is a prelude to him using the Jackknife powerbomb. As Diesel attempts to go out the door, he climbs over the top rope only to have Bret stop it.

Bret then begins to work on the midsection of Diesel and then tries to go through the door himself. However, Bret pulls Diesel back. The Hitman then begins to work on the leg and knee of Diesel. Bret focuses his attack on the left leg and knee of him Diesel. Diesel makes it to his feet and comes after Bret. He hits sidewalk slam. Diesel then attempts an elbow drop, but Bret moved. However, Bret and Diesel attempt to escape the cage on opposite sides. But Bret came back and stopped Diesel in the process of leaving through the door.

Bret then climbs the cage once again, but Diesel once again stops him and pulls him back into the ring, and tosses him across the ring from the top rope. Diesel picks Bret hart and whips him into the turnbuckle, but Bret stops his attack with a boot and a bulldog from the middle rope. Once again, Bret climbs the cage, but Diesel stops him once again. Diesel hits a belly-to-back side suplex on the Hitman. Both men are exhausted, it appears. However, Bret tries to make it to the cage, but Diesel stops his attack.

TJR Retro: WWF In Your House 6 – Rage In The Cage (February 1996) Review – TJR Wrestling
[Photo: TJR]
Diesel once again attempts an elbow drop only to have it land this time. Big Daddy Cool attempts to hit Bret with a knee and misses him charging into the corner. This was exactly what Bret needed. Bret begins to beat down on the knee of Diesel, who recovers and whips the Hitman chest first into the turnbuckle. Diesel then gets to his feet and drives a forearm to the back of Bret repeatedly. Big Daddy Cool picks up Bret and places him in the corner, and drives knees to the chest and a back elbow on the Hitman.

However, Bret recovers and beats on Diesel. As it appears Bret is in the clear over-the-top-rope, Diesel stops him and brings him back in the cage. Diesel then drives Bret face-first into the cage. Big Daddy Cool would then proceed to pose in the center of the ring. He then says he’s the man but continues to stalk Bret rather than leave the cage. Once again, he’s whipped chest first into the corner turnbuckle. Diesel looks at the door but then proceeds to go after Bret instead. He then drops down on Bret, who is placed across the bottom rope throat first.

Bret then reverses a snake eyes driving Diesel’s head into the steel cage. He then proceeds to try and put a sharpshooter on Diesel, who stops it with a thumb to the eyes. Bret gets back to his feet and attacks the lower back and kidneys of Diesel. He follows that up with a Russian leg sweep on Diesel. Then Bret climbs the cage once again and drives an elbow from the top rope onto the fallen Big Daddy Cool.

Bret then climbs on the opposite corner, but Diesel then hits Hart low, leading to him dropping down across the top rope. Diesel then drops a leg across the throat of Bret. Diesel appears to be making his way out the door, but Bret just as it appears he is free. He is begin grabbed from a hand reaching under the ring. It’s The Undertaker now stopping Diesel from escaping the cage. This leads to Bret climbing the cage and then escaping the cage.

Winner: AND STILL WWF Heavyweight Champion, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

A puff of smoke fills the ring as both Diesel and The Undertaker battle beneath the ring. Diesel then climbs the cage and then leaves from the opposite side of the cage as The Undertaker proceeds to follow him. Diesel and The Undertaker continue to look at one another as Diesel leaves the ringside area and heads back up the aisleway. The Undertaker stands atop of the cage and points right down at Diesel. A purple light would then illuminate the arena as shadows also fill the area as well.