IPW Presents A New Era | Preview

IPW Presents A New Era. Back in January, Impact Pro Wrestling said farewell to the Forte Center in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. After seven years of running shows at what they call the “Forte Dome,” it was time for the promotion to move on to a new home.

This Saturday, March 5, Impact Pro Wrestling begins “A New Era” when they hold their first show at the Franklin Junior High Event Center in Des Moines. The stars of IPW are ready to start the new era off with a bang during what will be an action-packed night of pro wrestling. But, first, let’s take a look at the card.

IPW Presents A New Era
IPW Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
James Jeffries © vs. AJ Smooth vs. Ricky Bronson

Photo @ImpactProWrestling

During the “Farewell Forte” show in January, James Jeffries defeated “Golden God” Bryce Jordyn to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion. Fans cheered as Jeffries peers joined him in the ring for a grand celebration.

It was a storybook ending to wrap up IPW’s time at the Forte Center. Jeffries, a former IPW Champion, will quickly realize once again that as the man on top, there is always a target on your back. This first defense of the IPW Championship is a doozy that emphasizes that fact.

He has to defend his championship against two high-caliber opponents in AJ Smooth and Ricky Bronson in a ladder match, no less. Smooth, also a former IPW Champion, is one of the most cerebral and cunning wrestlers in the IPW locker room.

After a few years working in the tag team division, Smooth has refocused his attention to the IPW Title. Ricky Bronson, a recent graduate of the IPW Vault training academy, has been on a roll ever since turning his back on Jeffries during IPW’s final show of 2021.

He picked up a huge victory in a fatal four-way at the “Farewell Forte” show and could use his recent momentum to climb his way to glory this Saturday. This has IPW “Match of the Year” potential.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents A New Era
IPW Extreme Championship “Des Moines Street Fight”
Malice © vs. Gable Galileo

Originally scheduled for the “Farewell Forte” show, this match was postponed, but now these two old rivals get to rekindle their feud. The last time these two fought one on one for the IPW Extreme Championship, it was a “fans bring the weapons” match that featured a telescope wrapped in barb wire, a computer keyboard, and even had a lightsaber battle.

Galileo, who, through most of his career, has had some championship gold around his waist, is chomping at the bit to be Extreme Champion once again, and that makes him a very dangerous man. Fans can expect this one to get a little wild as they fight all-around a new venue.

IPW Presents A New Era
IPW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match
The Legend Killers (Sparrow & Matty Star) vs. Jimmy Wylde & Zeke Dynamics
(Winners immediately receive Tag Team Championship Match against the Max Chill Mafia)

This match features the Legend Killers, one of IPW’s longest-standing teams looking to return to the top of the mountain. They’ll be facing a brand-new team in Jimmy Wylde and Zeke Dynamic.

The high-flying duo recently had a singles match against each other, and from that, a level of respect developed. Now they try their hand in the tag team division, and there is no better place to start than a long-time IPW tag division standard-bearer in the Legend Killers.

Awaiting the winners are the current champs, the Max Chill Mafia. Max Chill, Adam Love, and The Shank have been on a roll since winning the straps near the end of 2021.

Their chemistry has risen to another level, and they are hell-bent on carving a dominant legacy in IPW, and Saturday is another chance to build on that legacy.

IPW Presents A New Era
The Big Picture vs. Jaxon King

Another match that was originally scheduled for the “Farewell Forte” show pits these two foes against each other once again. During The Big Picture’s historic 853-day reign as IPW Champion, a constant thorn in his side was the ever-popular Jaxon King.

The young upstart, despite not being able to take the title off the Big Picture, gave him some of his most competitive matches. King has proclaimed a new era brings a new Jaxon King and Saturday is his first opportunity to show this new side.

These are two men looking to assert themselves back into the Heavyweight Championship hunt, and a win here could be the launching pad for that quest.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents A New Era
“Golden God” Bryce Jordyn vs. Justin Decent

Last month Bryce Jordyn lost the IPW Heavyweight Championship, so fans can expect him to be in a foul mood come Saturday night. The fans will relish in the fact that he is no longer champion, and he will use that as motivation in his journey back to his prized possession.

A journey that won’t have an easy beginning when he takes on one of IPW’s most celebrated veterans, Justin Decent. A former IPW Heavyweight Champion, Decent has most recently parlayed his time in the tag division as part of a championship team with Ethan Everheart.

But, as with any former champion, the thought of being “THE MAN” is always there, and a win over Jordyn could catapult him back into the title picture. It will be interesting to see which former champion emerges from this one.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents A New Era
The Shank vs. Ugly

If you want hard-hitting, take no prisoner’s action, then look no further than this match. Originally slated as The Shank versus Cole Cannon, an injury to Cannon has forced him out of the contest.

Always ready for a fight, Ugly was more than ready to step in and face one-third of the IPW Tag Team Champions. There is some history between these two as Ugly recently tagged with Justin Decent in a failed effort to dethrone the Max Chill Mafia.

Neither man will budge when it comes to this one, but only one can prove to be the alpha in what could be the stiffest match of the night.

Impact Pro Wrestling Presents A New Era
The Death Dealer vs. Daddy Cecil

The Death Dealer is one of IPW’s most popular wrestlers. He garners massive cheers no matter the venue, and this could be the start to the biggest year of his career. Championship gold could easily find its way around his waist in 2022, and a win over Daddy Cecil gets him off on the right foot.

For Daddy Cecil, a man the fans love to hate, this is the opportunity to get the biggest win of his IPW career. A win over such an established veteran in the IPW locker would be a major ego boost and could lead to even more success down the road.

But as always, when it comes to the Death Dealer, defeating him is easier said than done.

It will be a new era in a new home for Impact Pro Wrestling Saturday, but one thing that won’t change is that they will deliver a memorable show for their fans.

Bell time is 7 p.m.