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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022

On Friday, November 18th, 2022, IMPACT presented Overdrive as it aired its most recently special Overdrive on IMPACT Plus and on FITE TV. We had 9 matches with 2 Pre Show matches.

IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Fatal 6-Way Match

Kenny King vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Jason Hotch vs. Mike Bailey vs. Rich Swann (Pre-Show)

Everyone dumps Kenny King to the floor as soon as the bell rang. King didn’t stay on the floor for long and found himself a target of Mike Bailey’s rapid-fire kicks. Jason Hotch dropkicks Bailey and then mocked the kicks before being taken out by Yuya Uemura, who started suplexing everyone.

Bhupinder Gujjar hit a tope on everyone. Bodies started flying around the ring to the floor with Bailey hitting a moonsault and Rich Swann hitting a Phoenix Splash onto everyone on the floor. Bailey and Swann entered the ring and exchanged fast paced offense.

Bailey kicks Swann as he came in with a corner charge, but was shoved off the ropes by King who then slammed Swann. Hotch kicked King and a charging Uemura before rolling through the ropes into the ring and hitting a neckbreaker on Swann & Uemura and double stomp on Swann.

Gujjar lifted Hotch in a fireman’s carry, and Bailey flew in and hit an Ultima Weapon on Hotch while he was on the shoulders of Gujjar, driving both to the mat. King threw Bailey from the ring and then handed the match to Swann who hit a handspring cutter on Hotch for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann (8:06)

A recap video aired of the story around Bully Ray.

IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
IMPACT World Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Bullet Club (Pre-Show)

Bullet Club tried to isolate Chris Sabin in the early part of the match, but he outworked them and was able to hit some good double-team moves on Austin with Alex Shelley. Shelley managed to work over the arms of Bullet Club at the same time but as he clotheslined Chris Bey to the floor, Ace Austin was able to hit him with a pump kick.

Austin baited Sabin into the ring, which distracted the referee, and they were able to use some cheap shots on the floor to get the advantage over Shelley. Bullet Club used some offense on Shelley, ending with a double stomp to the back from Austin for a 2 count. Shelley was able to hit a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle on Austin then makes the tag to Sabin.

Sabin hit a rolling fisherman’s suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Bullet Club tried to isolate Sabin again but failed again, with Sabin dodging them and hitting a flying crossbody on Bullet Club. Bullet Club ate a clothesline from Shelley, but they pull Motor City Machine Guns from the apron. Motor City Machine Guns slide into the ring and hit stereo German suplexes before hitting a Magic Killer on Chris Bey for a 2 count.

Bey slipped out of an attack and sent Shelley crashing face first into his own partner. Bey and Austin then double teamed Sabin, finally succeeding in some attacks on him. Bey hit a tope con giro while too sweeting Austin. Bey tried to hit the Art of Finesse on Sabin, but Sabin caught him and hit a German suplex. Shelley did a crucifix pin on Bey before Sabin rolled over into a jackknife pin for the victory.

Winners & #1 Contenders To The IMPACT World Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (13:25)

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Tables Match

Bully Ray vs. Moose

The match starts off with Moose hitting a low blow on Bully Ray and a spear to leave him on the mat. Moose setup a table in the corner of the ring, but turned around into a spear from Bully Ray. Both men ended up on the floor, and Moose tried to put Ray through the timekeeper’s table, which would count, but Ray suplex him on the floor.

As Ray setup another table in the ring, Moose nailed Ray with a chair to drop him. Moose tried to use a uranage to put Moose through the table, but Ray fought him off and hit him with a chair. Moose fought out of a uranage attempt from Ray and hit a pump kick. Moose tried to hit a frankensteiner off the top rope, but Ray caught him and hit a sit out powerbomb off the top rope.

Moose broke out of a Bully Bomb, ran up the ropes, and tried to hit a crossbody, but Ray caught him with a cutter on the way down, effectively hitting a 3D on Moose. That spot was awesome. Ray tried to spear Moose through a table, but Moose moved, and Ray crashed headfirst through a table in the corner.

Ray managed to avoid being put through the next one, and Ray speared Moose through the table.

Winner:  Bully Ray (10:00)

A promo aired of Tracy Brooks and her son predicting that Frankie Kazarian was going to win the IMPACT World Title tonight.

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Death Dollz (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Taya Valkyrie & Tasha Steelz starts the match then Valkyrie resumed where she left off, beating up Steelz. Jessicka threw Steelz to the opposite corner and told wanted to face Savannah Evans. Evans & Jessicka hit each other with forearms in the middle of the ring.

Steelz was able to turn it around for their team hitting Valkyrie with a dropkick and yanking on the hair to keep the advantage. Valkyrie was eventually able to fire up on Evans, hitting a pump kick and a clothesline on Evans, but Steelz attacks Jessicka on the apron, drawing the attention of the referee, allowing them to drag Valkyrie back to their corner.

Valkyrie managed to shove Evans away with her foot and tag out to Jessicka, who drops both Evans & Steelz before hitting a low crossbody on both for a 2 count. Jessicka managed to pick up Steelz and hit a Sick Driver for the 3 count.

Winners & Still Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Death Dollz (8:34) (AND STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)

Bullet Club were backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns, and they told Motor City Machine Guns that they were going off to New Japan to get more experience (they are competing in the 2022 Super Juniors Tag League) & that they would come back better than ever, and that they were gunning for the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles.

Motor City Machine Guns said that they have been to Japan hundreds of times and that NJPW makes people better when they get back; they could have a shot at the Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles and possibly the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles too.

At this comment, the Major Players showed up and laughed at the Motor Machine Guns, saying that they would be IMPACT World Tag Team Champions and that there is no way that Motor City Machine Guns would be IMPACT World Tag Team Champions again.

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde

Mickie James & Taylor Wilde starts the match off with a lock up and exchanged throws while maintaining the lockup. The basics continued for a bit with James & Wilde maintaining wrist control as they exchanged moves. Wilde had James in a headscissors on the mat and James did a headstand and flipped over onto her feet, which was extremely impressive.

Wilde cartwheeled over James as she did a drop down, and James got up and hit a monkey flip before both women hit dropkicks at the same time and reached a stalemate. Wilde hit a headscissors takedown and James got up and hit some forearms. Wilde grabbed a waist lock but James rolled forward sending Wilde crashing to the floor.

Wilde pulled James from the ring and drove her into the apron. Wilde hit a suplex for a 2 count on James then she locks in a surfboard stretch but her shoulders were down, so the referee started counting, leading to Wilde breaking the hold.

Wilde hit a an elbow drop to the back of James before locking in a chinlock, as Mickie continued to sell her back from the apron attack on the outside earlier. Wilde & James exchanged some hard forearms ending with Wilde hit a forearm to the back of James.

James managed to hit a neckbreaker, but Wilde blocked a MickDT and hit the ropes, but James hit a flapjack. James tossed Wilde off the ropes, but missed the Thesz press from the top rope.

Wilde hit a German suplex for a 2 count and immediately went into a camel clutch. Wilde turned it into a Gedo clutch, which the announcers and referee missed, so James just kicked out and after a few waist lock exchanges James hits the MickDT for the victory.

Winner: Mickie James (12:28)

After the match Deonna Purrazzo walked down to the ring and said that James wasn’t in Impact to better the Knockouts division, and that she was selfish and she wanted to make it all about her. She blamed James for Chelsea Green leaving, and that James was the one person that she has never beaten, so she is looking to end James’ career in their next match.

IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
IMPACT World Tag Team Title Match

Heath & Rhino (c) vs. Major Players

Rhino & Brian Myers starts the match with Rhino & Heath making the Major Players look like comedy geeks. Heath put Myers in the tree of woe and they pulled Matt Cardona’s legs, driving him into Myers’ head.

Major Players were able to use some nefarious tactics on the floor to get the heat on Heath & Major Players takes control of Heath. Heath sent Cardona flying into the foot of Myers in the corner, which led to him slowly crawling towards Rhino, but Myers came in and cut him off. As Myers was showing off, Heath rolled him up, but Myers kicked out and attacked again.

Heath hit a flapjack on Myers and almost made it to Rhino to tag but Cardona pulled Rhino off the apron at the last moment. Motor City Machine Guns made their way down to ringside to watch the match.

Cardona went for the reboot on Heath, but Heath back dropped him over the top rope and tagged out to Rhino, who started suplexing Myers all over the ring. Rhino fought off Cardona but ate a flat liner for a 2 count from Myers.

Major Players then hit a double DDT on Rhino, but Heath made the save. Heath dumped Cardona to the floor and Cardona tried to get a chair from the Motor City Machine Guns who took it away leading to Myers turning around into a gore from Rhino to get the victory.

Winners & Still IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Heath & Rhino (11:27) (AND STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Finals Of The X Division Title Tournament

Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel tried to do a headlock takeover on Black Taurus, but that did not go well for him then Taurus flips out of a wristlock. Miguel tried for a lucha arm drag but Taurus just stood there and lifted Miguel up. Miguel responded with a hurricanrana, and then Taurus hit one of his own. After several arm drags and a double dropkick, they had a standoff.

Taurus chopped Miguel in the corner before running up the ropes and hitting a corkscrew headbutt which was incredible. Taurus got a 2 count. Taurus tied Miguel up with an inverted cloverleaf, spinning Miguel through the air and forcing him to reach the ropes to break it.

Taurus hit a huge pop up Samoan drop for a 2 count. Miguel hit a series of hard kicks after a forward handspring that finally got Taurus reeling. Miguel hit a running Meteora on Taurus for a 2 count.

Miguel & Taurus exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring, with both stepping the strikes up and running the ropes as they hit them, ending with Miguel hitting a hard kick and Taurus hitting a headbutt before a double down.

Miguel hit a handspring enziguri for a 2 count. Taurus hit an enziguri while Taurus was on the top rope, before heading to the top. Taurus did a gorilla press slam off the top rope into the ring that only gets a 2 count.

Taurus missed a corner charge, flying over the top rope to the floor. Miguel hit a top con giro over the ropes into a hurricanrana on the floor. Incredible. Miguel then hit a Meteora off the top rope then goes for a cover but only gets a 2.

Miguel tried another hurricanrana on the floor, but Taurus countered with a powerbomb into the ring post. Miguel sprayed some green spray pain into the eyes of Taurus as the referee looked away and hit the Lightning Spiral to score the victory.

Winner & New X Division Champion: Trey Miguel (15:50) (AND NEW CHAMPION!!!)

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
Knockouts Title Last Knockout Standing Match

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

Match begins with Jordynne Grace immediately started with forearms and Masha Slamovich responded with a big boot before going to the floor to look for weapons. Grace ducked a chair shot and attacked the knee of Slamovich before hitting a stalling brainbuster on the floor.

Grace tried to powerbomb Slamovich but Slamovich did a back body drop on the ramp. Slamovich then locked on a Stretch Muffler.

Grace & Slamovich had knees worked over now, and Slamovich drove Grace into the apron, going after the back of Grace. Slamovich hit a few kicks on Grace, but Grace dodged a knee strike and hit the ring post instead. Slamovich managed to hit a fisherman’s neckbreaker on Grace despite the knee injury, and attacking with her other leg for stomps. Slamovich hit a senton and got a 6 count out of it.

Slamovich couldn’t lift Grace due to the knee injury, so Grace suplexed Slamovich into the bottom rope, attacking the knee. Grace hit a knee breaker and then threw some chairs into the ring as Slamovich tried to stand. Grace did a dragon screw leg whip on Slamovich. Slamovich managed to hit a kick to the face of Grace, but Grace went over with a sunset flip and then rolled into a kick on the knee of Slamovich.

Grace powered Slamovich up and powerbomb her onto the setup chairs in the middle of the ring, bending and breaking them. Slamovich barely made it back up at the 9 count before falling back down. Grace set up another chair, but Slamovich hit an air raid crash through the chair. Grace barely got up at 8.

Grace kept going back to the knee and no selling the strikes from Slamovich before hauling off with punches and forearms and a spinning backfist. Grace then picked Slamovich up and hit a Vertebreaker on a garbage can. Slamovich barely managed to get to her feet leading to Grace setting up for a muscle buster but Slamovich blocked it.

Grace slapped Slamovich instead, but Slamovich with a series of hard headbutts and hitting a Panama Sunrise on Grace. Grace blocked a kick after standing up and hit a DDT on the leg of Slamovich before locking on a figure four leglock. Slamovich managed to turn it around, but Grace soon turned it back and they rolled onto the apron. Both women sat up and struck each other. Grace shoved Slamovich off the apron, hanging her by her legs from the apron.

Slamovich stood up at 6, and then hit Grace with a Strong Zero on the ramp. Slamovich was up first, and it gave Slamovich the time to pull a door out from under the ring and bridged it on the apron with a garbage can. Slamovich hit Grace with a toilet seat and dragged Grace by the throat and neck with it to the door.

Slamovich tried to hit a Grace Driver through the door, but Grace fought out. Both wrestlers ended up on the apron and Slamovich tried to hit a piledriver through the door, but Grace fought it off and attacked the knee before grabbing Slamovich for a muscle buster and climbing up onto the apron and hitting it of the apron and threw the door Grace made it up at 9, and Slamovich’s knee gave out & she doesn’t get back up.

Winner & Still Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace (21:23) (AND STILL CHAMPION!!!)

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IMPACT presented Overdrive 2022
IMPACT World Title Match

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Match gets started with Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian tried a lot of mat wrestling then Alexander managing to stay just one step ahead of Kazarian. Kazarian flipped out of a wrist lock and countered into a fireman’s carry into a pinfall attempt before locking on a keylock on the mat. Alexander was relentless in trying to break out and transitioned into an ankle lock.

Alexander eventually managed to hit a series of German suplexes, but Kazarian rolled through the 3rd waist lock and sent Alexander to the floor before hitting a hurricanrana over the ropes onto Alexander on the floor then he hit some forearms out of the corner. Kazarian cut it off immediately with a neckbreaker.

Kazarian hit a springboard leg drop for a 2 count. Kazarian hit a knee that rocked Alexander but Alexander hit the ropes and came back with an attempt at a C4 Spike. Kazarian tried to fight out, driving Alexander back to the corner, but Alexander spun out and hit a double arm suplex. Alexander hit a series of forearms.

Alexander blocked an O’Connor roll and hit a German suplex after Kazarian ran at him. Alexander held on and continued to hit the suplexes several times. Alexander struggled, but managed to hit 10 German suplexes on Kazarian before letting go. Kazarian bounced off the ropes and went for a forearm but Alexander ducked and Kazarian took out the referee by accident.

Kazarian hit a DDT on the apron on Alexander and both spilled to the floor. Kazarian grabbed the IMPACT World Title while Alexander’s son Jett reached out to his dad beyond the guardrail to try and help his dad up. Jade Chung pleaded with Kazarian to not use, and he eventually put the IMPACT World Title back on the table.

Both men got in the ring, and Kazarian hit a forearm that knocked the mouth guard out of Alexander’s mouth. Kazarian hit the Killswitch on Alexander and then goes for the cover, but somehow, Alexander kicks out.

Kazarian tried to hit the C4 Spike on the apron, but Alexander fought out of it. Kazarian hit a knee and then went for a brain buster on the apron, but Alexander floated into the ring and hit a crossbody through the ropes to the floor on Kazarian. Alexander hit a torture rack bomb in the ring for a 2 count.

Alexander did an O’Connor roll on Kazarian, but he countered at the pinfall attempt and turned it into a chicken wing. Alexander quickly countered into an ankle lock and Kazarian made the ropes. Alexander suplexed Kazarian in frustration to break the hold.

Alexander & Kazarian slipped up on a superplex, but Kazarian immediately got up and hit an Ocean Cyclone suplex for a 2 count. Alexander went for a Styles Clash, but Kazarian rolled through for another two count. Alexander responded with a tombstone goes the hook of the leg but Kazarian kicks out.

Kazarian managed to bring Alexander into the ring with a slingshot cutter goes for the cover but Alexander kicks out. Kazarian punched Alexander so hard in the corner that it knocked the headgear off Alexander’s head.

Kazarian locked on an ankle lock of his own, but that was not a good choice, as Alexander countered into his own. Kazarian made the ropes again, and Alexander was growing increasingly frustrated. Kazarian hit a clothesline and a Styles Clash that only gets a 2 count.

Kazarian wanted to hit the Flux Capacitor, but Alexander fought out and tried for a C4 Spike off the top rope, but Kazarian back dropped him out. Kazarian then hit a guillotine leg drop before transitioning into a chicken wing. Alexander managed to roll out of it, but Kazarian hit a shotgun leg drop and went for a tornado DDT but countered into a C4 Spike for the win.

Winner & Still IMPACT World Champion: Josh Alexander (32:51) (AND STILL CHAMPION!!!)

After the match, Kazarian & Alexander shook hands.

Bully Ray’s music hit and he walked down to the ring. Ray said that Kazarian & Alexander had an incredible wrestling match. He put over how tough Alexander was, and got the fans to continue their standing ovation for the match.

Ray then said it was time to get down to business, and that he would challenge Alexander at Hard To Kill in January for the IMPACT World Title. Alexander accepted the match by shaking Bully Ray’s hand. Ray appeared to live up to his word but as Alexander went to celebrate with his family, he attacked Alexander and laid him out with a chair.

Ray repeatedly smashed Alexander with a chair and then zip-tied Alexander’s hands to the bottom rope. Ray said I kept my word, didn’t I? Ray then asked why Alexander would ever trust him before pulling Jade over the guardrail.

Alexander broke free as Ray threatened to piledrive her on the floor. Alexander handed the IMPACT World Title to Ray as he asked, and then Ray let Jade go before posing with the IMPACT World Title. Ray threatened to hit them both with a chair and told them not to move.

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