IMPACT Interrogation for 9/6/19 (LAX vs The North)

So much is on the line on tonight’s IMPACT. We’re just 44 days out from Bound For Glory in Las Vegas. The show tonight is jam-packed with excitement including a do or die Tag Team Championship between challengers LAX vs reigning champions The North. There’s an appearance by the longest reigning Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie and number one contender to the Impact World Championship, Sami Callihan.

IMPACT Interrogation for 9/6/19 (LAX vs The North)

Havok kicks off the night against Su Yung. Su goes after Havok immediately striking her with forearms shots. Havok shakes her off, driving Su into the corner. Havok mounts her opponent smashing her head into the canvass. Su rolls out away avoiding the leg drop. She hits the shining wizard but is caught attempting the mandible claw. Havok locks in the Crab before Su crawls to the rope breaking the hold.

Su hits the palm strike rattling Havok in the corner and follows up with the rope walk Rana. Su knocks Havok to the outside. Havok catches Su in the Electric Chair on the outside, rolling her back into the ring. Su Yung fights off the shoulders of Havok who is arguing with the referee. Su Yung catches Havok with the red mist blinding her as the ref calls for the DQ

The North vow to end the career of LAX in tonight’s main event.

O.V.E. are in a great mood tonight. Callihan will get what he wants or burn IMPACT to the ground. Tonight management is forcing World Champion Brian Cage to come to the ring to address the state of the title.

IMPACT Interrogation for 9/6/19 (LAX vs The North)

Next up, Moose…in his ridiculous robe to face Fallah Bah in a return match.

Fallah rushes in hitting Moose with quick rights. They fight in the corner, Fallah beats Moose to the mat. Moose fights back with a chop. Fallah hits the back body drop. Moose rakes the eyes, taking a breather. Fallah reverses the whip into the corner. Moose hits the moonsault. Bah runs through Moose with the crossbody for a two count. Bah drags Moose into the corner and hits the Bonsai Drop. Moose kicks out at two! Moose sidesteps a charging Fallah Bah. He hits the “No Jackhammer Needed” spear for the three count. After the match, he locks in the ankle lock on Fallah.

In the back, Tommy Dreamer is confronted by Tessa Blanchard about Sami Callihan and O.V.E. She is going to kill Sami…

Outside the arena, the Edwards are talking about their relationship when a woman thanks Eddie for showing her “Kenny” last night.


The next match is TJP v. Golden Magic. They tie up to start the match. TJP takes down Magic with a headscissor. They exchange holds each man gaining control. Magic walks the rope with an armbar. Magic is firmly in control hitting a series of moves in the ring knocking TJP to the outside where he hits the Asai Moonsault. Back in the ring, TJP takes control getting a series of Lucha Libre styles moves, to quick to call. Perkins keeps the wrists down for a series of two counts. Magic reverses into a roll-up for a two count. Perkins hits the dropkick. He hits a vertical suplex into a back suplex. Magic rolls away from the Swanton bomb sending TJP to the floor. Magic hits the corkscrew on the floor.

Back in the ring Magic rolls up Perkins for a two count. He hits the corkscrew from the corner. Golden Magic hits his finisher for a two count. Perkins ducks in the corner quickly hitting the brainbuster for a near fall. TJP climbs to the second rope. Magic cuts him off hitting the Rana for yet another two count. Perkins roll avoids the tope and goes to the top rope. Magic hits the fallaway moonsault from the corner for a two count. Magic goes back to the top but misses the 450. Perkins hits a version of the GTS and locks in the submission forcing Golden Magic to tap out.

Ace Austin is caught paying off the woman who confronted Eddie Edwards by Alisha. He shoos her away before making his way back to the arena with Mrs. Edwards…does Alisha not watch IMPACT?

In the back, Taya Valkyrie is stressed. She’s unhappy with the attention the new Knockout Tenille Dashwood has gotten since her debut.

Johnny Swinger is coming to IMPACT Wrestling to chew bubblegum and pop the territory! (and he’s outta bubblegum)

Jimmy Jacobs is seen talking to Tenille Dashwood…Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne interrupt her to “introduce” themselves. Tenille challenges either of them to a match. Madison Rayne volunteers Keira…next week.

Madman Fulton is lead to the ring by Dave Crist. He is taking on legendary RVD!


Fulton backs Van Dam into the corner. RVD ducks out of the corner. Fulton fights out of the corner. Fulton drives Van Dam into the corner from the headlock. RVD hits the low dropkick, goes to the top rope for the crescent kick. Fulton rolls to the outside. Van Dam hits the helo off the apron. Fulton catches Van Dam driving him into the apron, rolling him into the ring. He hits the chokeslam on Van Dam.

Rob reverses with a boot in the corner. Fulton swings Van Dam who reverses into for a two count. Van Dam hits the wheel kick. He hits the back kick out of the corner setting up Rolling Thunder. Dave Crist knocks RVD from the turnbuckle, attacking him as the bell rings. Van Dam ducks a kick from Fulton who hits Crist. Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Dave!

Jimmy Jacobs is stationed outside the dressing room of Brian Cage. Melissa Santos answers the door. She promises they will answer all questions later tonight.

The Rascalz are looking for “the stuff”. Trey does not have the stuff. Rich Swann and Willie Mack have the stuff (to get ya mind right). Both teams have their eye on tonight’s tag title main event
On the farm, the “Desi Farm Squad” are suffering from their workload. The Deaners are going fishing and now, their Indian servants are baiting their hooks. Rohit Raju falls in the drink…

Jordynne Grace is searching out Rosemary. She reminds them she kept out of her business. Rosemary doesn’t take orders from the mortal realm.

Konan pumps up LAX before their title match. These boys built IMPACT! They can’t leave!


It’s the main event. If LAX beat The North, they become 5-time champions. If they lose, they leave IMPACT Wrestling for good!

Santana starts against Alexander. LAX takes the early advantage with the quick tag. Ortiz gets a two count off the double team. Santana comes in for the double team. He gets hung up on the top rope allowing Alexander to go on the attack locking in the submission. In the corner Page makes the tag attacking the leg of Santana.

Page hits the overhead gut-wrench suplex. Alexander and Page exchange tags, staying fresh, staying on the attack. Alexander misses a German suplex. Santana rolls out tagging Ortiz who hits a flurry of offense on both opponents. He rolls up Alexander for the two count! Ortiz gets caught for the double team. Alexander mounts him hitting a series of elbows. The North hits the double team on Ortiz for the near fall.

Ethan Page calls for the Street Sweeper, LAX’s own move. Santana breaks it up whipping Ortiz into the cutter. LAX hit the double team in the corner gaining another near fall. Santana comes in off the tag but is caught in the corner by Page. Alexander powerbombs Ortiz setting up the double team finisher. Page makes the pin for the win. LAX are out of IMPACT Wrestling! Page and Alexander celebrate in the ring as LAX commiserate after their loss.

World Champion Brian Cage makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Melissa Santos. Cage addresses the crowd. He became champion after 14 long years, only to be injured the same night. No one is more disappointed than himself he hasn’t defended his title. The only way he plans to lose the title is in the ring. He’s cleared in about 6 weeks, right around Bound For Glory. Onto more important things, Cage proposes to Melissa(she said yes!)

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Originally written by Tavish York