IMPACT Interrogation for 8/23/19 (Dreamer vs Callihan)

Tonight’s show starts IMPACT’s Cali Compact tour of California and the West Coast with the main event of Tommy Dreamer and Sami Callihan. Tonight features three title match including X-Division Champion Jake Crist defending against formers Champion Rich Swann, the State of Knockouts Address from champion Taya Valkyrie, the Desi Farm Squad and the main event.

Dreamer Callihan
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The night starts off with a battle of monsters as Michael Elgin takes on Rhino. Elgin rolls to the outside after being dropped by a clothesline. Elgin avoids the Gore in the corner rolling to the floor. Elgin drops Rhyno with an enziguri. He beils Rhino into the corner for a quick kick out. Elgin hits the power slam for a series of elbow drops for a two count. They collide in the ring, both men going down. Elgin catches Rhyno driving him to the mat. Rhyno avoids the moonsault from the top leveling Elgin with several clotheslines. Rhyno gets the near fall from a spinebuster.

Elgin smashes Rhyno in the corner. Each man reverses the clothesline attempt. Rhyno kicks out of the bridging German suplex. Rhyno rolls into another near fall of the piledriver. Rhino superplexes Elgin for yet another near fall. Elgin gets the knee up stopping the Gore getting the knee up. Rhino drags Elgin ringside driving him into the guardrail. Both men are counted out but continue fighting on the outside. Elgin throws Rhyno back into the ring, each man heaving blows. The two are separated by security!

In the back Elgin rants about Rhino using the rules to his advantage before Rhyno bursts through the door forcing them to be separated yet again!

Dreamer Callihan
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

In the first championship match of the night, Reno Scum takes on The North for their World Tag Team Titles. Ethan Page starts against Luster the Legend in the tie-up. Luster knocks him down with a shoulder. Luster drops a headbutt to the groin taking control. Thornstow comes in with a dropkick to Page. Alexander tags himself in and quickly grounds Thornstow. The North hits the double team from the corner for the two count. Page and Alexander stay in control making quick tags keeping Thornstow in their corner. Thornstow fights back spiking Page before the tag. Lester gets the upper hand with a flurry of offense on The North. Lester hits spinebuster on Alexander for a near fall. Page breaks up the pin putting Alexander’s foot on the rope. Page catches Thornstow in the corner allowing the double team to retain the titles.

In the back Ace Austin, on crutches, gets Alisha Edwards’ help to get his shirt on. He says he couldn’t miss her big match before dropping his crutches as she walks away revealing the facade

Madison Rayne talks to Jordynne Grace in the locker room. Madison has a warning for Jordynne about Rosemary. Grace says she doesn’t need anyone’s help…including Rosemary

Back in the arena, Havok makes her way to the ring for her match against Alisha Edwards. Alisha ducks Havok’s grasp. Havok’s catches Lish slamming her to the mat. She tosses her smaller opponent from corner to corner dominating the match. Havok continues with a backbreaker. Havok stalks Alisha around the ring using her power. Alisha ducks the legdrop rebounding with a senton. She climbs to the top rope. Havok catches her midair for the Tombstone Piledriver for the win!

Ace Austin makes his way to ringside checking on Alisha Edwards. Her husband makes his way to the ring giving chase to Austin. In the ring, Havok takes out Edwards as Austin helps Alisha from the ring

Su Yung sends another cryptic message, hijacking the broadcast

Dave Crist is hurt from taking 1400 shots from a kendo stick-wielding Tessa Blanchard. Sami reminds the brothers he is the no. 1 contender to Brian Cage and his World Championship

Moose takes time from his days off to address Ken Shamrock, inviting him to Vegas for Bound For Glory.

Dreamer Callihan
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Next up Jake Crist defends his X-Division Championship against Rich Swann. Crist kicks his challenger in the face. Swann takes Crist to the outside with a hurricanrana. Crist dives over the top but is caught by Swann. Crist catches Swann with a superkick for the two count. Swann fights out of the neck lock catching Crist with a sunset flip near fall. Crist reverses throwing Swann to the floor. The champion drives Swann into the apron rolling him into the ring for a two count.

Crist hits the Russian leg sweep locking in the arm trap submission. Swann gets the boot up stopping the champ before connecting with a series of strikes. Swann hits the elbow drop from the top for another near fall. Jake catches Swann off the rope in a Death Valley Driver for a two count of his own. Swann hits the neckbreaker setting up the 450 Splash from the top for a two count. Jake Crist pulls the referee in from of himself blocking the cutter from Swann rolling him up from behind to retain his X-Division Championship!

A vignette promotes the debut of Tenille Dashwood in IMPACT Wrestling…coming soon

On the Deaner farm, the Desi Hit Squad prepare for a hard day’s labor

Taya Valkyrie wants to talk about…her. Her reign has lasted 229 days, just one week shy of the current record. Next week she returns to Mexico with her title to set the new record

Willie Mack makes his way to the ring to face Trey Miguel of the Rascalz. Trey rolls under lockup attempt from Mack. He extends the handshake catches his opponent in the headlock. Trey leapfrogs Mack until he is caught in the Samoan Drop. Mack whips Trey into the corner. Trey hits the hurricanrana but misses in the corner. Mack lands the Bicycle kick setting up the hip strike in the corner. Trey counters the cutter into the roll-up. Trey hits the neckbreaker for a two count. Mack hits Trey as he climbs to the top. Trey misses the powerbomb in the corner. He knocks Mack from the corner setting up the double knees. Mack catches him from the top with the cutter for the one, two, three. Your winner Willie Mack!

Melissa Santos interviews Tommy Dreamer before the main event. He says understands that Callihan is a bad guy and beating him will make the world a better place.

Dreamer Callihan
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In the main event, Callihan faces Tommy Dreamer in a No DQ match. Dreamer sidesteps the attack from Callihan. He misses the Bionic elbow as Callihan takes him down. They roll to the outside. Dreamer drives the ring bell into the gut of Callihan. Sami answers back with a strike of his own to the belly of Dreamer. Both men have their signature weapon climbing back into the ring. Dreamer connects with the kendo stick dropping Callihan with the White Russian leg sweep. Callihan ducks the kendo stick taking it from Dreamer and striking him in the midsection. Callihan mocks Dreamer setting up the DDT. Dreamer fights out but is swept to the mat. Callihan smashes a chair into the back of Dreamer. Callihan wedges the chair into the corner. Dreamer gets the boot up then hits the Bionic Elbow.

Dreamer avoids the chair instead whipping Callihan into the corner into the cutter for a two count. Dreamer walks to the back and returns with a garbage can and ladder, wedging the ladder in the corner. Callihan whips Dreamer into the ladder then hits him over the head with the garbage can before wedging it into the corner. Dreamer reverses the Cactus Special dropping Callihan into the can in the corner. Dreamer spikes a woozy Callihan with the DDT for a two count. Callihan reverses the piledriver with a groin claw using the drop toehold into the chair. Callihan sets up a piece of plywood between two chairs. Dreamer reverses the piledriver into the DDT. Dreamer misses the elbow drop on Callihan into the ladder. Callihan puts Dreamer through the “Dayton table” with a piledriver for the pinfall victory.

After the match Callihan grabs a bat threatening Dreamer. Tessa Blanchard comes down for the save but is hit from behind by Jake Crist allowing Callihan to spike Tessa with a piledriver.

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York