IMPACT Interrogation for 6/28/19 (Cage and Elgin)

With just over two weeks until Slammiversary, the stars of IMPACT Wrestling jockey for position including a confrontation between Brian Cage and Michael Elgin. On tonight’s show, before heading to Texas for tonight’s main event, a six-man match between The Rascalz vs LAX and The Laredo Kid.

Cage Elgin
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The night’s action starts as The North make their way to the ring for their match against The Deaner. At least they left their sometimes partner Moose, and his robes, in the back. Cousin Jake the match against Josh Alexander. They lock up in the middle of the ring Alexander quickly taking control until the two men bump into one another, neither yielding.

Jake takes control powering Alexander around the ring before tagging in Cody who knocks down his opponent with a clothesline before tagging his cousin back into the match. The Deaners keep the ring cut off for a time before Page gets in the ring illegally giving back control to his team. Alexander gets the near fall on Cousin Jake firmly in control.

Cousin Jake gets to the tag to Cody who comes in only to be met but Ethan Page with a backbreaker taking control again. The North are all over Cody keeping him grounded as they pound on him making quick tags to keep in the fresh man. Alexander gets another near fall on Cody before going back to work on the Canadian redneck. Another tag to Ethan Page sees him continue the Deaners domination locking in a rear chokehold

Cody fights out tagging in Cousin Jake who swiftly dispenses of both members of The North. Alexander fights back locking in an ankle lock taking Cousin Jake off balance and taking back control bringing Cody back into the ring to break up the offense. The Deaners are back in control taking over by decimating Alexander. Cousin Jake gets the pin but fails to put away his opponent. He tags in Cody who climbs to the top only to be stopped by Ethan Page. Page and Alexander hit Cody with the double team for the pinfall victory!

Cage Elgin
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Taya Valkyrie is with Rosemary in the back. She’s really concerned about the conditions of “Rosie’s” hideout. Tonight they have a tag match against the “flea goblins” they’ll face in a four-way Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary on July 7. Taya reminds Rosemary she still owes her protection. Rosemary reminds Taya of the payment due(a title match)Valkyrie really hopes Rosemary gets a matching outfit by later tonight

The Mendez Report: Dr. Ariel declares Impact World Champion is still not cleared for competition this week and possibly put his health at risk attacking Mike Elgin last week

A video clip shows Moose going to House of Hardcore taking out Tommy Dreamer before their match at Slammiversary

The next match of the night is Su Yung and Jessica Havok vs Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie and “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary. The match starts with a very insistent Taya against Havok who takes out both when Rosemary does not exit the ring quickly enough. Havok then dominates Taya before tagging in Su Yung who comes in keeping on the champion keeping her grounded and tagging Havok back into the ring. Taya fought into her corner tagging in Rosemary who attempts to take Havok off her feet failing several times before a Slingblade takes Havok to the mat. Rosemary think locks in a submission bringing in Su then Taya into the ring the later taking out the former

On the outside, Havok takes out Rosemary as she dives to the outside spilling her to the outside. Havok taunts Rosemary who drives her face first into a chair. Havok picks up the chair swinging wildly. Rosemary knocks the chair from her hands leaving it out the floor for Su Yung. She picks up the chair smashing it into the back of Rosemary prompting the disqualification. Your winners by DQ Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie!

After the bell, all Hell breaks loose in the ring and outside. Rosemary and Taya takeout Su Yung with chairs before Rosemary grabs a bag of thumbtacks pouring them out on the ring mat. Su Yung inadvertently hits Havok angering her in the process. Havok grabs Sun in a chokeslam position bringing James Mitchell to the ring to break up the fight

In the back, Melissa Santos interviews Ace Austin about his first loss next week to a returning TJP. He claims he was not ready for someone who didn’t work in the company until last Friday night and that the loss was a fluke. TJP interrupts telling Austin he should “do his homework” because, next week, they will have a rematch and he plans to issue Austin his second loss next week

Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake are behind a bar. Cody is giving his cousin a pep talk letting him know they just have to “turn down the bad and up the good” The Desi Hit Squad walk-in taunting the Canadians for losing to The North, mocking their appearance before walking out laughing

Eddie Edwards in knelt in prayer in what is presumably a cathedral in Boston. He sits pensively on the pew as a priest asks him about his last confession. Eddie talks about losing friends, his career and probably his wife. The voice in his head is telling him to do bad things. He knows he’s a sinner. The priest is replaced by Killer Kross who tells Eddie the rules are different in the church, that he can’t fight here. Killer Kross sits down, making himself comfortable before asking to confess to the priest

Johnny Bravo tells the other referees he’s like Johnny Impact’s soulmate. That, Rich Swann, were around, he would take him out like he did last week. Swann walks in to confront Bravo but is attacked by Johnny Impact challenging Willie Mack and the X Division Champion to a match tonight

Back in the arena, O.V.E. makes their way to the ring for Sami Callihan’s match with Fallah Bah who is accompanied by Scarlett Bordeaux.

Cage Elgin
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The match starts fast with Bah rocking Callihan with elbows in the corner. Callihan mounts some offense before Bah takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Callihan gets the upper hand after Madman Fulton picks the ankle of Bah. Fulton is ejected from ringside leaving Callihan alone.

Callihan takes control locking in the rear chinlock on Bah who fights up to his feet. Callihan keeps control with a big DDT driving Bah to the mat. Sami attacks Bah on the mat keeping on the attack locking in the chinlock again keeping down the big man. Bah gets back to his feet hitting the belly to belly taking down Callihan. Bah charges into the corner knocking Callihan to sitting position then hitting a hip slam before dragging him into the corner climbing the turnbuckle

Callihan rolls to the outside Bah giving chase throwing him back into the ring. Bah attempts a suplex to the outside but Callihan bites his thumb then plants Bah with a “Cactus Special” spike piledriver for the one, two three pinfall victory.

Callihan grabs a mic after the match berating the crowd and his opponent inciting a “draw” chant from the crowd. He says he over “like only a male performer can be” while threatening to hijack the show and sitting down. He calls out Tessa Blanchard who comes down from the back with a quickness. Callihan mockingly holds open the rope, Tessa refusing and hopping into the ring instead

Callihan says she can’t do anything to him in heels because he is a man. Tessa is unfazed. Callihan kicks Tessa in the face telling her that’s being equal. As Callihan mocks her Tessa jumps on him from behind driving fists into his face bringing out the Crist brothers. They jump on Tessa holding her as Callihan hits her with a baseball bat before spiking her with a piledriver leaving her laying in the ring as he celebrates

Cage Elgin
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Next up is a six-man match featuring the Rascalz vs Laredo Kid and LAX accompanied by Konan. Laredo Kid comes off the top rope before the bell rings taking out The Rascalz who roll to the outside. Santana dives out to the floor onto Dez and Wentz with Trey in the ring with Laredo Kid. Things are moving too fast to call everything as men fight inside and outside the ring. Laredo hits a moonsault to the outside taking out everyone going into the commercial

On the other side of the break, Laredo is back in the ring with Wentz before all Hell breaks loose and everyone is the ring going at one another. Things settle down with Santana and Treyz in the ring. Treyz tags in Dez who hits a double team with help from Wentz. The match breaks down again with each member from both teams hitting the ring taking each other out one by one. Everyone is down either inside or outside the ring

All six men are back in the ring. They square off three on three exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Laredo Kid dives on the pile of the Rascalz leaving them out on the mat. Treyz is left in the ring to take the onslaught from the LAX. The Rascalz take control taking out Laredo Kid. Treyz hits the double knees from the top rope hooking the legs of Ortiz for the three count. Your winners, The Rascalz!

Melissa Santos interviews Madison Rayne about her match last week with Jordynne Grace. Madison wants to give Jordynne a rematch due to the interference of Keira Hogan…who interrupts the interview telling Madison she doesn’t care; that she’s a “selfish bitch”. Madison challenges Keira to a match at Slammiversary

In the Rascalz treehouse, the boys argue over the implications of their win over the Tag Team Champion. Wentz tells Treyz he isn’t part of the tag team of he and Dez. They agree to a match next week to decide which two men will team up against LAX for the titles

The Melendez Report catches up with Brian Cage outside his locker room. Brian Cage walks past him, and his doctor, making his way to the ring to confront Michael Elgin. Cage has a microphone and he calls out “Big Mike” Elgin. He tells him it’s been over a decade and now he’s become champion. But Elgin took that from him ( Cage), sending him to the hospital. He tells his challenger that he can’t be broken. Doctor Ariel comes to the ring to confront Cage, who hasn’t been cleared to wrestle and address Elgin. Cage takes out the doctor. Elgin comes out taking out Cage from behind with a buckle bomb/Elgin bomb combo leaving the champion a heap in the ring and raising the belt over his head.

Cage stops Elgin grabbing his leg. Elgin shakes him off hitting a second Elgin bomb before grabbing a table from under the ring setting it up on the floor. He slides back into the ring grabbing Cage in a powerbomb, outside the ring, and through the table. Elgin stands over a fallen champion in the ring before grabbing a headset at the announce table bragging about, again, taking out their champion.

Don Callis confronts Elgin who attacks him, throwing him into the ring setting him up for a powerbomb. Brian Cage rises from the gurney at ringside, ripping off his neck and sliding into the ring and exchanging heavy blows with Michael Elgin at Slammiversary!

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Originally written by Tavish York