IMPACT Interrogation for 5/31/19 (Mack/Swann vs. Impact/Elgin)

The latest edition of IMPACT features a main event involving Willie Mack & Rich Swann against Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin. Will the Mack, Elgin, Swann, and Impact match up settle differences or only perpetuate them? The show kicks off with Moose. Another of those “fabulous” robes. I don’t hate the guy but his fashion choices since going heel have gone down. His partners for the night are Josh Alexander and Ethan Page (The North). Their opponents are the ECW originals Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, and Sabu, w/Super Genie. Dreamer starts off the match with Ethan Page. They tie up in the middle of the ring exchanging standing switches before a back elbow by Page and missed elbow from Tommy.

Dreamer arm whips his opponent before tagging in Sabu. Sabu plays to the crowd as Alexander enters the match. Sabu gets the single leg takedown before tying up with Alexander who administers a fireman’s carry and armlock. Sabu gets to the bottom rope. Alexander locks up his opponent and Sabu gets to the rope, again breaking up the hold. Sabu hits him with a right before throwing Alexander into the turnbuckle then hits the headscissor sending Alexander rolling into his corner tagging in Moose on his way out. Moose comes into the match calling for Van Dam. RVD takes the tag.

He and Moose play back and forth to the crowd before the collar and elbow tie up that sends Moose into the turnbuckle. Van Dam hits a spinning heel-kick and another before an arm drag to Moose sets him up for Rolling Thunder. Moose kips up before Van Dam can land his signature but he hits yet another spinning heel-kick. He tags in Sabu before hitting Rolling Thunder as Sabu comes over the top rope for a flipping leg-drop. Sabu makes the cover for a two count then tags in Dreamer. Tommy powerslams his partner onto a prone Moose. Dreamer goes for his patented punch and elbow combo but it is stopped by Moose who pulls the ref between them before hitting a low blow on Dreamer.

With the Innovator of Violence down Moose calls for a chair. Moose stomps on the chest of Dreamer as Page grabs chair which Moose puts on the chest of his prone opponent. Moose mimics RVD rolling forward toward Dreamer who pops, wielding the chair, instead. The chair is launched into the face of Moose then Dreamer hits the big DDT sending both men to their corners. RVD and Page come in off the tags. Van Dam quickly takes down his opponent hitting him a split legged moonsault in the corner. Van Dam and Page fight on the outside as Sabu and Alexander trade blows in the ring.

Sabu sets up the chair launching himself into his opponent in the corner followed by Super Genie. Sabu then grabs the chair, jumping to the outside taking out Page. He then throws the chair into Page’s face then grabs a table which he sets up on the outside looking to jump to the outside on his opponent. He is cut off in the ring by Alexander who hits him with a clothesline. Dreamer then hit the Spicolli Driver on Alexander only to be speared by Moose who then eats a chair via a Vandaminator!. Sabu brings the table into the ring, setting it up with the assistance of the ref. Van Dam hits Page with a heel-kick leaving him prone on the table allowing Sabu to hit the Arabian Facebreaker with the chair through the table. RVD hits Page with a devastating Five Star Frogsplash from across the ring for the win! The ECW alums get the win in Philly!

Impact Wrestling Champion Brian Cage gives an update on his condition. He is feeling better but has not been cleared yet to wrestle. He vows to stop Mike Elgin, who has been taking out some of his friends. Brian Cage swears to return to the ring at Slammiversary.

We see Moose in the back, frustrated after his loss earlier in the show. He talks about how he has spent too much time relying on others like Killer Kross and The North. Neither Kross or The North are good enough for him. He declares himself a singles act and Mr. Impact Wrestling.

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Glenn Gilberti makes his way to the ring for his match with Tessa Blanchard to the usual fanfare(none). Tessa Blanchard starts this intergender match in the ring but Glenn rolls outside for a microphone. He has something to get off his chest. He wants to give credit to the “Buzzsaw”. He compliments her as “pretty talented”. He bemoans the “woman’s revolution” of wrestling as a passing fancy but the “ladies” see that as a way to get very popular. Good heel work from the former Disco Inferno. He takes shots at women’s driving. It’s cheesy but effective. He calls himself Tessa’s daddy provoking Tessa to smash him in the face with her fist. She stays on her man delivering elbow after elbow knocking him unconscious. She pins him for a quick pinfall victory.

In the LAX clubhouse, the boys are drinking and celebrating. Suddenly smoke fills the room…the Rascalz come in asking for a match against the tag champs. Treys, after a lot of training, learned to hold his liquor. He downs each of their shot glasses and the flask as the Rascalz take their leave.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack are interviewed by Melissa Santos in the back. Swann talks Johnny Impact and Mike Elgin and Mack promises “the fire” in their main event match with the number one contender and former World Champion later tonight.

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Back in the ring, Gama Singh introduces his team Rohit Raju and Raj Singh, the Desi Hit Squad for their match against The Deaners. Canadian rednecks are definitely a thing? Cody Deaner starts against Rohit in the tie-up. The exchange holds before Rohit takes down Cody by pulling the beard. Cody Deaner drops the knee on his opponent before a tag to Cousin Jake. Raj pulls his partner to safety outside the ring until Cody Deaner comes through the ropes onto his opponents.

Then comes Cousin Jake who comes right over the top rope taking out both of the Hit Squad. Cousin Jake rolls Rohit back to the ring making the tag to Cody. Cody takes control of the match after a double team backbreaker. He hits Raju with several punches and a big kick. Rohit reverses an Irish Whip. Raj picks the leg again, this time of opponent Cody Deaner. The Hit Squad makes the tag bringing in Raj who takes control of the match with heavy fists to Cody Deaner. He gets a near fall before going back on the offensive. Cody Deaner tries desperately to make it to his corner for the tag. He breaks away from Raj tagging in Cousin Jake who explodes in the match with a series of clotheslines and body blocks hitting a spear in the corner.

He tags in Cody Deaner, now wearing a hat, setting up for a Deaner DDT. The Desi Hit Squad hit a double team from the top rope to put an end to the cousins’ momentum. Raj gets a near fall as the pin is broken up by Cousin Jake. Josh Matthews really should learn it’s Desi and not Daisy but I digress. Cousin Jakes hits the sidewalk slam gaining a pinfall for Cody Deaner that is broken up at two. Rohit and Cousin Jake go the outside Jake chasing after his opponent. Jake misses bouncing his head off the ring post. He then pushes Cody off the top rope into the ring rope throat first. The Desi Hit Squad misses a double team attempt that Cody Deaner reverses into a roll up for the three count! Your winners are the Deaners.

We see a vignette of Killer Kross addressing Eddie Edwards. He calls into question Edwards’ sanity. Now that Kenny(the kendo stick) is gone, Eddie will be on his own.

Michael Elgin is interviewed in the back. Mike talks about his match with Brian Cage. Johnny Impact makes his presence felt by interrupting the interview. He feigns sickness(of his arms).

Mack Swann Impact Elgin
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Killer Kross makes his way to the ring in what appears to be a flak jacket for his match against Eddie Edwards. Kross truly looks driven by violent thought. Eddie runs to the ring immediately attacking Kross. They exchange chops and punches on the outside. The two make their way briefly into the ring before Kross is knocked outside by his opponent. Eddie uses a series of frenetic strikes. He drops Kross on the ring apron then reaches under the ring for a weapon. Kross looks to have recuperated as he hits Edwards with a back suplex sending them both crashing to the floor. Eddie looks to be hurt, his ankle of knee perhaps. Kross drives his knee into Eddie into the guardrail. Kross throws Eddie into the ring post before rolling him into the ring.

Eddie gets up and knocks Kross back to ringside going for a dive. Kross cuts him off midair with garbage can hanging Eddie in the ropes. Kross hits a vertical suplex to the floor leaving Eddie a heap at ringside. Kross sends his opponent back into the ring following quickly behind. Back in the ring, he picks up Edwards onto his shoulder attempting to throw him onto the garbage can in the ring. Eddie slips off the back hitting a Blue Thunderbomb onto the garbage can! Eddie grabs a trash can lid hitting Kross in the head rocking his opponent. A second shot takes him to one knee. He’s down after three for a near fall. Eddie goes back to the outside. He’s back under the ring looking for a weapon again. He finds a ladder which he slides into the ring.

Kross is still down in the ring as Eddie makes his way back in. He swings the lid and misses being caught in a straightjacket choke. Edwards escapes by smashing a weapon into the skull of his opponent. Kross is shaken but manages a kick that puts Eddie on his back. Kross falters before going to the outside for more weapons. He throws two chairs into the ring. He sets up each before kicking his opponent in the face. Edwards starts to stir as Kross sets up the ladder between the chairs. Kross kicks Eddie in the chest but Eddie takes it with little to no effect. Kross grabs his face pressing his thumb into the eye before slamming Eddie down, mercilessly onto the ladder.

Kross goes back to the outside throwing chair after chair in the ring. He lays them onto one another in the ring before positioning Eddie in the corner. He climbs to the top rope positioning Eddie for a brainbuster. Eddie reverses into a sunset flip onto the chairs! Killer Kross somehow manages to kick out at two. Eddie takes two chairs setting them up next to one another before throwing an elbow into Kross’s face. Eddie attempts a Tigerdriver but Kross reverses it dropping Edwards on his face onto the chairs.

Both men are down but stirring as Kross grabs Eddie chokebombing his opponent straight through the seats of both chairs. Eddie is stirring as Kross circles his barely moving opponent. Kross hits the Doomsday Saito on the former Mr. AIP then goes into his pocket producing a small black bag. He produces the lead-lined gloves he’s used in the past. He pulls them on while Eddie consoles in the corner. As the Kross stalks his opponent someone, believed to be a fan, slides into the ring. It’s Sandman! and he comes bearing a kendo stick! He smashes the stick into the back on Killer Kross allowing Eddie Edwards time to recover. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party pinning his opponent 1,2,3 for the win!. The crowd chants ECDub as the Sandman gifts Eddie with a new kendo stick. The two pose in the ring to a raucous crowd.

Somewhere, presumably in the Undead Realm, Rosemary sits with her feet on the table, next to her prize Su Yung chained to the wall. Father James Mitchell comes in to speak to Rosemary. He gives her a history lesson about allowing Allie into the Undead Realm where she came out without her soul. He tells her that Allie came to him and Su on her own. He plays the entire History of Allie and Rosemary. The Demon Assassin was unable to save her friend, the Bunny, from the Undead Realm. Rosemary chokes Father James knocking him to the floor before she tells him to leave while he can.

In the back, we see Willie Mack and Rich Swann getting ready for the main event for their matchup against Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin.

O.V.E. are in the back cutting a promo, with Sami Callihan addressing the Knockouts, and their opponents next week Fallah Bah and Scarlett Bordeaux

Willie Mack Michael Elgin Rich Swann Johnny Impact
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We’ve made it to the main event. Rich Swann and partner Willie Mack will take on Johnny Nit…Morri…Impact and “Big Mike” Elgin, number one contender to the Impact World Champion. Impact and Elgin are having words on the entrance ramp with each other and the fans at ringside. Before the match starts Mack and Swann dive to the outside taking out both Elgin and Impact. Swann and Mack go on the attack keeping their opponents off kilter. We come back from commercial with Mack and Johnny in the ring. Mack is running into his opponent in the corner. He hits a dropkick in the corner before a near fall. Willie continues stomping his opponent in the opposite corner.

Impact manages to reverse, using the ring like a jungle gym kicking his opponent in the face. Johnny tags his partner into the match. A double team Irish Whip sends Mack into the corner. Mike is shot into the corner but misses. He locks the Mack from behind but well-placed elbows get him out of the clutches of the number one contender. Mike hits Willie with a forearm then whips him into the rope but Mack comes back with a shot of his own before tagging in his partner. Swann tries to whip the bigger man but is caught. Big Mike attempts a powerbomb that Swann reverses into a headscissor, which Callis insists on calling a hurricanranna. Swanna misses in the corner opening him up to a kick in the corner by Elgin who whips him to the opposite corner for a splash. He puts Swann on the top climbing up but is blocked. Swann goes for the suplex but Elgin is too big and strong reversing into an attempt of his own. Swann reverses using the momentum to snap over Elgin into a suplex of his own.

The X Division champion is sent to the ropes again where is caught by Johnny Impact who kicks and holds him causing Elgin to nearly hit his partner. Swann uses the moment to rollup Elgin for a two count before diving to the outside taking out Impact on the outside. Back on the apron, he kicks Elgin down before Johnny attempts to stop him before being kicked back outside bringing in Mack to break up the hold. Elgin pushes Mack into his partner in the corner then DVDs Mack into Swann in the corner. He pins Swann for a two count before tagging in Johnny Impact who kicks a prone Swann in the head. Back from commercial Elgin is back in the ring with Swann on the mat. Off another tag, Impact comes into ring for the double team whipping Swann into the corner.

Rich avoids the onslaught going over his opponent’s head making his way to the corner with his waiting partner. Willie Mack into the match from the top rope taking out both opponents with a frog splash. He then hits Elgin and Impact with exploder suplexes. He goes for the double stunners but is whipped into the ropes by his opponents answering instead with a double clothesline to both men. He then hits Impact with a trifecta of powerslams for a near fall. Both men are down. Mack is stirring first as both men get to their feet. Impact thumbs his eye. he kicks Mack attempting the Moonlight Drive neckbreaker. The Mack reverses pushing Impact into the rope near his corner. Elgin makes the blind tag as Impact goes over the top to the floor. Mack hits Big Mike with the elbow going to the ropes but Elgin jumps over the rope hitting his opponent with a cross elbow dropping his opponent. Mack rolls to the outside. Swann attempts to dive to the inside but is caught by Elgin who power slams Swann before flipping over the rope taking out both Impact and Willie Mack.

Back in the ring, Swann dives onto a just stirring Elgin as he attempts to make his way back to his feet as well as Mack and Impact. Elgin slides back into the ring as Mack makes the tag to Swann they place Elgin on the ropes landing kicks to his chest before the slingshot by Mack and elbow by Swann who goes for the moonsault. Elgin rolls out of the way as Swann lands on his feet. Elgin superkicks him in the face dropping Swann again. Elgin crawls into his corner making the tag to Johnny Impact. Impact comes in and kicks Swann to the Mack to the outside isolating Rich Swann. Impact kicks Swann into a waiting Elgin into the German Suplex position. Impact springboards into Swann into the German from Elgin. A running knee from Johnny gets him a two count. He hits the Moonlight Drive neckbreaker for yet another near fall. He drags his opponent into the corner setting up his finisher from the top rope. Swann rolls inside then ducks the clothesline. Swann goes for his handspring stunner off the spinning heel kick.

Elgin catches him holding him for Johnny Impact. Impact hits a dropkick then tags Big Mike who calls for the double team. Willie Mack is back in the ring to break up the double team with an enzuguri. Impact dives from the top rope on Willie who instead catches him with a backdrop and moonsault combo. Elgin hits Swann with an elbow then hitting both opponents with chops to the chest. He goes to the ropes but is hit with a double superkick by Swann and Mack. Mack hits the bicycle kick into the superkick from Swann. Impact nips back up only to be hit with a double team maneuver. Swann pins Impact. Elgin breaks up the pinfall with a shoulder tackle. He kicks Willie in the face but is met with chops from Rich Swann. Elgin recovers from said chops as Swann comes off the ropes and hits the X Division Champion with a debilitating clothesline.

Mack comes back into the ring with a double knee driver taking out Elgin. Impact takes Mack out from the top rope bringing in Swann who takes out Impact. Everyone is down in the ring. Each man stirs, it’s a race to see who gets to their feet first. Each man is back to his feet. They pair off Elgin with Mack and Impact with Swann. Chops and punches are exchanged between the two pairs. Swann and Mack get the upper hand pouncing off the ropes to double superkicks. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb. Rich Swann pushes Impact into Big Mike. He rolls to the outside, visibly upset. Impact swears it was an accident distracting Johnny Impact. Rich Swann takes advantage of the miscommunication hitting Johnny with a handspring stunner laying out his opponent. He goes to the top rope hitting Johnny with the 450 splash for the three count. Your winners Rich Swann and Willie Mack! Rich Swann now has a pinfall victory over the defacto number one contender to his title. Mack and Swann celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air. Will this be the end of the Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Michael Elgin, and Johnny Impact rivalry?

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York