IMPACT Interrogation for 5/24/19

We get our traditional opening video package summing up last week’s events on the latest edition of IMPACT Wrestling. From Collar matches to Willie Mack…

The show starts on the screaming faces of O.V.E. Sami Callihan is stomping to the ring where he accosts the ring announcer before getting into the IMPACT ring. Fallah Bah makes his way to the ring with Scarlett Bordeaux by his side. Sami starts the match charging at his much larger opponent with a massive kick to the corner. He gets in some nice shots before Bah pushes him and launches himself body press style into his opponent. Bah now has Sami in the corner giving shots of his own before a BIG Stinger Splash before launching a second barrage of chops in the corner. Bah is firmly in control. Sami bounces off his opponent’s chest with no impact. Bah scoop slams his smaller opponent for the near fall. Bah stomps on his opponent’s chest. His second attempt is stopped and Callihan bites his toes. The man from Ohio rolls outside the ring with Bah on his heels.

Callihan gives the ole Greco Roman thumb to the eye before spitting on his hand and smacking it into Bah’s chest, dangling loogie and all. Bah counters with a spit filled chop of his own. Callihan stops Bah from getting back into the ring, knocking him to the outside where he almost gets a count out victory. Bah makes the count but gets knocked down by Callihan who wrenches on his big toe. Callihan launches a toe based assault on his barefoot opponent. Back in the ring, Callihan gains control with chops and punches. The Draw gets Bah off his feet with a rear chin lock but Bah counters his way out with elbows to the jaw. Callihan pump kicks Bah who “Hulks up” and decimates his opponent. He delivers a Sidewalk slam maneuver for a two count. Bah drags Callihan to the corner for a Bonzai Drop style finish. Callihan rolls out of the way of avoiding the large posterior of Fallah Bah. Callihan smashes the toes of Bah stalling him before he’s kicked in the face. Sami again takes control of the match but is cut off via Samoan Drop. Bah drags him back into the corner. Dave and Jake Crist appear ringside. Jake grabs the leg of Bah while Dave helps Sami. The Crists accost Scarlett threatening physicality. Dave holds Scarlett, who moves, before Jake’s kick which meets his brother’s face instead of rearranging the features of Scarlett. She climbs to the apron hitting a running flip on the O.V.E. henchmen. Back in the ring, Bah slams Callihan for another near fall. Sami rolls outside joining his comrades as Scarlett encourages Bah to dive to the outside. He does so taking out all three members of O.V.E. Sami beats Bah back into the ring catching him on the apron with a spike DDT, using the ropes for leverage. Callihan gets the 3 count for the win.

Tommy Dreamer cuts an impassioned promo about his match with RVD later in the broadcast. He talks main events shows with RVD and that this is likely their last match against one another. But he knows they have one last classic in them for the Philly crowd!

Melissa Santos is with Johnny Bravo and Impact- She asks the latter about his helping Michael Elgin last week. He calls him a meathead…right before Big Mike walks up hearing his insult. They decide to team up against Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

IMPACT Taya Madison
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Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring for her title match against Taya Valkyrie on IMPACT. The Knockouts Champion arrogantly makes her way out to the ring gloating all the way down the ramp. The match starts with Taya rolling to the outside running from her opponent. They roll into the ring from opposite sides. Madison spears her opponent quickly gaining a near fall. She whips the champion from literal post to post hitting her with chop after chop. Taya reverses with her own whip into the corner. Madison regains control with an elbow into a body press from the top gain another quick two count. Taya goes to the outside again attack Madison Rayne when she goes to the outside by going after her hamstring. Taya is in control again wrenching at the wounded leg of her opponent. She gets a near fall of her own before going back to the corner to inflict more damage. She continues the onslaught on the legs of Madison Rayne. She stomps on and applies submission holds keeping her opponent grounded. Madison makes attempts to regain some control over the match but the damage to her knee is done. She can barely stand as Taya applies a single leg crab. Madison can’t break out but Taya breaks the hold only to kick the knee of Madison Rayne. The Queen Bee manages to stall her opponent with a few chops but Taya picks her up planting her with a sidewalk slam for another near fall. Back in the corner, Taya kicks the rope into the leg of her opponent.

Taya walks aways taunting her opponent before charging in. Madison ducks a knee catching the champion in the corner. She is hobbling but manages a tornado DDT into a near fall again. Back into the corner, Taya takes back momentum by pulling the referee in front of her. She rolls around Madison to pick the leg once again taking Madison off her feet. Madison rolls her into a schoolgirl pin. Taya kicks out but not far enough away from her opponent who locks in a single leg crab of her own. Taya manages to get to the bottom rope without having to tap out to Madison Rayne a second time as was the case in their previous match. Both women are back to their feet. Taya ducks a clothesline attempt, kicking Madison going behind for her finisher. Madison reverses in a reverse DDT but the champion grabs the referee who pulls away bring Taya with him. She takes advantage of the confusion finally hitting her finisher “The Road to Valhalla” for the pinfall victory. Taya Valkyrie retains her Knockouts Championship.

As Taya celebrates her victory the lights go down, the arena gets dark and we hear Rosemary’s music…Rosemary makes her way to the ring, Sung Yung in tow, still chained in her demon collar. She climbs into the ring to confront the champion. Rosemary licks her palm and touches the face of the belt staking her claim to the title. Is this the beginning to the end one of Impact Wrestling’s most epic rivalries?

Cut to the Deaners sitting in Pat’s King of Steaks. Cousin Jake is gnarling on a cheesesteak as Jake talks about the state of the tag division. The poor guys haven’t lain with their women of had a beer in days. Cousin Jake tells Cody he needs to get heavier so he can’t be pushed over the top rope. again. Cousin Jake with the save…he pulls out two beers for him and his cousin.

In the back, we see Rosemary dragging Su Yung. She is confronted by James Mitchell who speaks of his appreciation to Rosemary for her care of Abyss. He wants his bride and her maids back from the Demon Assassin. Rosemary reminds the father that Su Yung has killed and will now die.

Impact+ Flashback Moment!

A vignette featuring Eddie Edwards paying homage to Kenny(the kendo stick) plays on IMPACT. It highlights the ups and downs of Eddie’s career before Kenny was snapped in half by Killer Kross. He assures Kross of his ability, and willingness, to go completely hardcore!

We find ourselves in the Rascalz treehouse. The camera is on Dez as he speaks to his comrades in arms. Trey hates that they have to train to win the tag titles. They weren’t even able to run the “Rocky” steps! Wentz suggests some “alternative” methods of training. We see the usual smoke again before cutting to a training montage of the boys running up the Rocky steps.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship
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Back in the arena, The North make their way to the ring for their Tag Team Championship match against LAX on IMPACT Wrestling. Josh Alexander and Ethan Page are coming off Page’s loss to RVD last week so they need the win. Alexander starts the match with Alexander and Santana locked up in the middle of the ring. The two go hold for hold moving from corner to corner. The two exchange control of the match as Alexander attempts to slam Santana who makes it into his corner for the tag hitting a dropkick on the Walking Weapon who rolls out of the ring tagging in Page. LAX quickly turns to double team maneuvers taking down their opponent with a dropkick moonsault combo taking time to play to the crowd. With Page on the outside, Santana dives outside before being caught by Alexander with a running shoulder block. In their corner, The North takes control of the match slowing down the action using quick tags. On the apron, they double suplex Santana back into the ring making another quick tag further isolating their opponent. Page applies a rear chinlock that is broken up by Santana with a neckbreaker. Santana launches into some offense of his own snapping off a litany of lucha style moves on Alexander. Both men make it to their corners making the tag to their respective partners bringing in Ortiz and Alexander. The two wind up in the corner with Ortiz hitting an enziguiri before a dive outside takes out Page. Back in the ring, he hits a flapjack style facebreaker on Alexander prompting Ethan Page to come into the ring as Alexander rolls to the floor. More double team maneuvers from LAX. Santana pins Alexander again for a two count. Ortiz is visibly upset as LAX sets up the double team finisher but Alexander escapes after being into the corner. The North is now of the offensive with heavy hitting double teams of their own for a near fall. Santana ducks a running elbow in the corner allowing LAX another double team opportunity before Ortiz is caught by Alexander or sideslams his opponent setting up The North to double slam Ortiz from the corner and use their finisher. Alexander pins Ortiz for what seems like a three count that Santana breaks up at the very last second. Ortiz pulls down the top rope dumping Page to the outside. Back inside the ring, Alexander goes for a deadlift German suplex. Ortiz fights out as his partner comes into the ring. Santana hits a cutter leading into the double team by LAX giving Santana the pin. LAX retain their titles by pinfall!

We come back from commercial with Glenn Gilberti’s name and disco ball on the screen…Glenn “Don’t Call Me Disco Inferno” Gilberti comes to the ring bearing microphone. He announces he will do “sole commentary” by being mic’d up during his match. His opponent is Ashley Vox who he claims is a top athlete in the company. Gilberti interviews his opponent mocking her for lack of experience. His questions range from “When did you get fired from Hooters”? and “Who are you dating in the back?” He then takes a cheapshot by kicking her before the bell then slamming her into the turnbuckle. He mocks her as he applies a side headlock. He calls for his own “you’re awesome” chants. Gilberti then thumbs his opponent in the throat before calling his own hip toss. Ashley Voss rolls him up in for a near fall while he taunts the crowd. He berates the referee for making counting his shoulders on the mat. He has the ref take the mic as Vox trips him then hits a dropkick. She goes for a top rope dive but it blocked by Gilberti who hits his “Chart Buster” stunner style finisher. He pins her but pulls up her shoulders claiming she kicked out. He pulls her up declaring he’ll “have to hit another one”. Tessa Blanchard’s music hits as she storms the ring sending Gilberti scurrying to the back.

Back from commercial Gama Singh introduces Rohit Raju of the Desi Hit Squad. Raju makes his way to the ring for this four-way contest featuring himself, Petey Williams, Ace Austin and Dez of the Rascalz. Rohit quickly knocks Dez off the apron before the match officially starts. Austin goes to the outside as Petey hits a Codebreaker on Austin. Austin and Petey fight in the ring exchanging holds. Austin slices Petey’s fingers with a playing card. Dez headscissors Austin from the ring as Rohit rolls back into the ring to be hit with a ton of offense and cutter by Dez who then dives outside onto Ace Austin before throwing him back into the ring. Petey takes out Dez with a headscissor to the outside. Ace Austin hits “space flying tiger drop” per Don Callis on Dez and Petey on the outside. Ace gets back into the ring where he takes out both Dez and Raju. He places Rohit on the turnbuckle before kicking Petey from the apron. Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer sending Austin to ringside. Rohit seizes his opportunity to hitting Petey as he attempts another Destroyer. Dez is back in the ring to hit a timely cutter on Rohit Raju to score the pinfall victory. Your winner Dez!

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Up next is the main event RVD v Tommy Dreamer on IMPACT Wrestling! Dreamer comes to the ring paying homage to Dusty with his polka dot pants and shirt. Callis calls Tommy the “pop machine” for his crowd reaction. I have to agree as Dreamer may have gotten a bigger pop from the audience than “The Whole F’n Show”. The two shake hands before locking up for the collar and elbow. Dreamer shoots him to ropes before being caught with a leg roll-up pin for a near fall. Quite the traditional wrestling match, thus far, from two legends of hardcore. Van Dam high fives the ref then Dreamer provoking ECDub chants. They lock up again with Dreamer getting the suplex on RVD. Dreamer gets his own Van Dam high five. They lock up again with Van Dam performing a standing switch go behind. Van Dam takes down Dreamer who locks in a headscissor. Van Dam leverages out rolling right over. Dreamer hits an elbow bring both men to their feet in a standoff in the middle of the ring. The respect here is palpable. RVD plays to the crowd turning his back on Dreamer who take advantage of rolling up his opponent. Van Dam kicks out at two gettings back to his feet, catching an elbow from Dreamer. Dreamer hits two fists to the face before a roundhouse kick. They roll to the outside. Dreamer takes a bottle from a fan spitting water in his opponent’s eyes. Dreamer rolls Van Dam back into the ring. RVD drops Tommy keeping him on the apron. He jumps over the top leg dropping Dreamer and dropping to the outside. Van Dam fishes out a chair from under the ring. Back in the ring, he drives the chair into Dreamer’s face with a patented Van Terminator style kick. He then leans the chair into the corner. He Irish Whips Dreamer into the corner where it’s reversed. Dreamer whips Van Dam who avoids the chair instead of going to the top. Van Dam gets caught in the tree of woe giving Dream the opportunity to hit a diving stalling dropkick into the chair against Van Dam’s head.

Dreamer puts the chair in the center of the ring going for the DDT. Van Dam blocks set the chair on Dreamer’s chest going for Rolling Thunder. Dreamer rolls out of the way instead of hitting a DDT onto the chair. Dreamer gets a two count on his opponent. Dreamer goes for a piledriver onto the chair Rob counters by picking the legs. Van Dam hits the spinning leg drop onto the chair. Dreamer recovers quickly kicking at Van Dam who grabs his leg attempting a spinning heel kick which Dreamer blocks. Dreamer hits a devastating piledriver rolling up RVD for another near fall. Dreamer goes to the top but misses an elbow drop. RVD sets up the chair for a drop toe hold on Dreamer into the chair. RVD rolls toward the corner jumping to the top turnbuckle. Van Dam hits the Five Star Frogsplash from across the ring for the pinfall. Your winner ROB VAN DAM! Van Dam celebrates his win in the ring before helping Tommy to his feet when Ethan Page and Josh Alexander hit the ring attacking both the ECW alums. They stomp on the two who just had an incredible war against one another. Van Dam and Dreamer get the advantage off a double clothesline. Moose hits the ring helping The North take advantage gain. Suddenly the lights go out…when they come back up…SABU!!! Several chairs are thrown to Sabu as he takes out all three men, Moose, Alexander and Page as the show ends with the three legends standing victorious in the ring. This ends another edition of IMPACT Wrestling.

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York