IMPACT Interrogation for 5/10/19

In the latest edition of the IMPACT Interrogation, a video package of the previous week plays setting up the night’s matches. From no.1 contender Mike Elgin to O.V.E.’s 8 man war with Team Swann…

The evening’s first contest opens on another of Moose’s ridiculous Flairesque(?) robes.
Alexander starts the match against Santana. They start with from a wristlock trading position several times before a chop by Alexander. They lock up again with Santana pushes Alexander into the corner giving him a chop back. Another wristlock exchange sees Santana tag Ortiz who comes in for the double team but misses. Alexander sends Ortiz into the ropes but he leaps his opponent. LAX hit several double team sentons and a power slam. Ortiz hits a body splash for a near fall. Alexander pushes Ortiz into the corner tagging in Moose who immediately launches a heavy fist into the midsection of Ortiz. He taunts as Ortiz takes Alexander before climbing the turnbuckle. Ortiz is caught by a Moose dropkick falling to the outside of the ring.

At ringside Josh Alexander press slams his opponent onto the ring apron before tossing him back into the ring to his partner. Moose throws fists into the head of Ortiz then tags Alexander who puts the boots to Ortiz in the corner before tagging Moose back into the ring. Moose throws chops into the chest of Ortiz as he tags his partner back into the ring. Moose and Alexander are working well together for a very new team. Alexander comes back into the ring dropping a knee on his opponent gaining a near fall. He shoots Ortiz into the corner charging in after him. Ortiz reverses getting in some quick offense.

The Walking Weapon catches Ortiz in headlock regain control of the match and his opponent. Ortiz hits a cutter reversal opening a window for him to make the hot tag to Santana who quickly takes out Moose in the corner before hitting multiple kicks on Josh Alexander. Moose drags Santana under the bottom rope bringing Ortiz into the ring after Alexander. LAX then hits a double team Flapjack on Alexander in the center of the ring. Santana makes the pin but it is broken up by Moose who is now the legal man.

LAX hit quick double team offense before setting Moose up for a double team cannonball splash in the corner. Moose instead pops up catching Santana mid flip powerbombing him onto his partner sending Ortiz rolling to the outside. Moose sends his opponent into the corner before hitting his “go to hell” finisher. Santana somehow kicks out to astonishment of “Mr. Impact Wrestling”! A visibly frustrated Moose tags his partner back into the match. Alexander comes into the match to pick up Santana for a kick from Moose. Moose misses Santana kicking his partner in his face. LAX hits a series of double team maneuvers including a cutter into a codebreaker superkick combo into a flipping facebuster. Santana covers his opponent for the three count. Your winners, Impact Tag Team Champions, LAX!

Melissa Santos interviews Madison Rayne about her nontitle match against Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie later tonight. Madison wonders why she hasn’t gotten her championship match after twice pinning the champion…

We come back from commercial to IMPACT and Tommy Dreamer pumping up his team for their main event match with O.V.E. Dreamer talks about each member of his team and how he’s known them their whole lives. He calls their opponent’s internet trolls. Dreamer then, weirdly, compares himself to MLK(again)…

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Tessa Blanchard joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. The next match is the nontitle match between champion Taya Valkyrie and Madison Rayne. Tessa may the hottest thing in Impact right now. Let’s #replaceMathews with Tessa damn it. Taya starts the match by sliding to the outside taunting her opponent. Madison Rayne goes to the outside giving chase to her opponent who rolls back into the ring setting up Madison for a kickback inside the ring. The two competitors exchange blows and quick wristlocks as Taya takes control with a body drop. Madison Rayne attempts to wrestle control coming off the rope. She is swatted out of the air by the champion who continues her momentum. She slides to the outside pulling her opponent against the ring post. Getting back into the ring Taya goes for a Road to Valhalla finisher. Madison reverses with an arm drag mounting some offense for the first time in the match.

Madison attempts an Irish whip which Taya reversed with an elbow strike. The champion drags her opponent into the corner continuing to dominate the match. As Taya plays to the crowd Madison recovers hitting her opponent with a Tornado DDT. Both Knockouts are down in the middle of the ring. They make their way to their feet with Madison gaining control by hitting elbow strikes to the champ. Madison hits an enziguri for a near fall. Madison locks her arms around the waist Taya before coming off the rope toward her opponent. Taya reverses into a backbreaker regaining control of the match. Taya leaves Madison on the mat once again playing to the crowd and goes back landing kicks to the back of her opponent. She misses a kick and is rolled up by Madison Rayne that she transitions into a single leg crab. Taya Valkyrie quickly taps out saving herself from the pain of the hold but giving Madison Rayne a submission victory(a second) over the Knockouts Champion!

RVD interviews with Melissa Santos about his match against Ethan Page. This is a very arrogant Rob Van Dam. He’s not taking his opponent very seriously. At least the “RVD Point” is still in good form.

We cut to a vignette of Rosemary speaking cryptically about Su Yung. She challenges Su to a “Demon Collar Match” next week in Philly!

Jordynne Grace makes her way to the ring against Alexia Nicole who is making her Impact debut. Alexia wants a “test of strength” against Grace. She quickly regrets that decision as Grace pulls down her hand. Grace powers her opponent around the ring before a delayed vertical suplex. Jordynne Grace dominates the match landing several massive kicks on her smaller opponent. Alexia tries to choke out her opponent to no avail as Grace is too strong. She takes back control just ragdolling her opponent. Alexia attempts to mount any offense against her larger, more powerful opponent. Jordan Grace is too dominant! She lifts Alexia on her shoulders spinning her down to the mat with a blue thunder bomb. Alexia attempts once more to mount some form of offense by coming off the rope. Jordyne catches her positioning her for the Gracedriver and the pinfall. Winner by pinfall Jordyne Grace.

Cut to…The North in the locker room. Josh Alexander tells Ethan Page he will be in his corner for his match with RVD. All Ego vows to defeat RVD for himself and the team!

Melissa Santos interviews Kiera Hogan about leaving Rosemary to Su Yung and the Undead Bride’s Maids last week. The interview is interrupted by Jordyne Grace who Kiera accuses of walking out on her. Jordyne is left looking perplexed.

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander make their way to the ring for the former’s match with Rob Van Dam. The match starts with Ethan Page in RVD’s face and Rob kicks Alexander then Page from the ring. RVD goes to the outside pursuing his opponent. Alexander attempts to interfere but is kicked in the mouth. RVD puts Page on the guardrail going for some vintage Van Dam. Alexander steps between the two preventing the Van Daminator. Page capitalizing knocking RVD to the floor. Page takes control of the match rolling Van Dam back into the ring. Page dominates his opponent with heavy chops in the corner hitting him with a powerful backbreaker for a two count.

Page and Van Dam exchange closed fist punches in the corner. Page hits a huge suplex before RVD escapes back to the corner. Page charges in and misses bringing Alexander back to the apron only to be knocked down by RVD who rolls up his opponent for a near fall. Van Dam takes control of the match with Rolling Thunder. He goes to the top rope but Alexander is back up and holds his leg. Page avoids Van Dam from the top rope getting a roll-up near fall. Van Dam reverses an Irish Whip to the turnbuckle hitting a low spinning heel kick in the corner setting up the Five Star Frogsplash! RVD hits the frog splash for the win via pinfall.

Medical update with Brian Cage. He talks about his legs going numb. His doctors have told him he is out for the foreseeable future.

Cut to Rolando Melendes for the scoop with Michael Elgin. Big Mike is interrupted by Johnny Impact. They lob insults back and forth with each claiming they sent World Champion Brian Cage to the hospital. Elgin stresses to Johnny that Cage won the title from him. Elgin tells Johnny he will send him away in the ambulance next.

Gama Singh is in the ring to introduce the Desi Hit Squad for their match against the Deaners, Brent Banks and Aiden Prince and Dez & Wentz of the Rascalz. Rahit Raju starts against Brent Banks with Rahit jumping on Banks early. Banks throws Rahit to the ropes leapfrogging him several times be he tags out to his partner Singh. Aiden Prince tags in and goes on the immediate offense against his larger opponent. Desi Hit Squad double team Prince leading to a near fall by Raju. In their own corner the Hit Squad exchange quick tags keeping control over their opponents. They double team Prince with Rahit becoming the legal man. Prince mounts a come back to no avail as his partner was taken out before he got to his corner. Aiden Prince falls into the Deaner’s corner where Cousin Jake tags himself in. He is joined in the ring by Cody.

They hit a double team on Aiden Prince leading to a pinfall that is broken up by Brent Banks who jumps back into the ring from the outside. Cousin Jake runs through their opponents before being cut off by the Rascals on taking out everyone with some highflying offense. Wentz then Dez go over the top taking out Cousin Jake and Banks at ringside. Back in the ring, the Desi Hit Squad take advantage of Cody Deaner, knocking him from the top rope. Raj Singh rolls up Cody Deaner for the pin giving The Deaners they’re first lost in Impact Wrestling.

Kevin Kross is shown holding Kenny(the kendo stick) that has become Eddie Edwards best friend. Kross tells Eddie he is not fond of the two being compared. He wants to answer from Eddie about which of them has become the most crazed.

We’re back in the treehouse with Trey and LAX. Trey wants to touch it (the tag title). Trey tells Dez and Wentz he redecorated the treehouse while they were gone. Ortiz tells Santana they are so much better than every tag team(even the Rascalz). LAX gives The Rascalz tequila shots…does not go well.

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Main event time on IMPACT! Team Swann make their way to the ring first being lead by X-Division Champion Rish Swann. Swann, Fallah Bah, Willie Mack and The Innovator of Violence take on O.V.E. under O.V.E. rules. O.V.E. surround the ring…back from commercial Fallah is running into Dave Crist in the corner of the ring while on the outside we see Callihan smashing a garbage can lid over an opponent. Swann and Jake Crist are in the ring now. Swann takes down Jake as Sami rolls into the ring taking out Swann after he puts down Jake. Callihan dispatches of Swann as Willie Mack rolls into the ring cleaning house. Dave Crist comes into the ring only for The Mack to put him out. Willie flies over the top rope taking out O.V.E. Tommy Dreamer looks to go over the top rope only to be intercepted by Dave Crist.

Dave then goes to the top rope for a moonsault that takes out everyone on the outside. Fallah Bah takes his turn diving through the middle rope on his opponents. Tommy is next going bowling ball from the top. Dreamer leaves ringside going to the back. Back from commercial, we see Tommy carrying a ladder. Dreamer puts the ladder over his head spinning it helicopter style. Madman Fulton takes him out with a folding chair assaulting each of his opponents. Fulton backdrops Dreamer onto the ladder before taking it out of the ring and setting it up on the ramp outside the ring. Dave Crist produces a fork.

Back in the ring Dreamer hits Fulton with a cutter but is hit immediately with a cutter by Jake Crist. Willie Mack is building a mound of weapons before being DDT’d by Jake Crist for a near fall. Fallah comes back into the ring with a STOP sign taking out Jake with by slamming him onto a garbage can. Fallah pins Jake Crist, the pinfall is broken up by Dave Crist who hits Bah with a barbed wire wrapped steel chair. Dave lays the chair over a fallen Fallah Bah as he goes to the top rope. Bah is up and hits his opponent with an open hand slap to the chest. Bah goes to the top with his opponent in a superplex setup. Madman Fulton is in to break up the attempt lifting Fallah in a powerbomb onto the chairs. Fulton holds the barbwire chair into the chest of Fallah Bah.

Dave Crist comes down with a stomp on Fallah Bah. Crist covers Fallah who somehow kicks out! Swann is back in the ring hitting chops and kicks on Fulton and Dave Crist. He sends Fulton the outside and hits a cutter on Dave Crist. With Dave down Swann climbs the ladder only to be caught from behind by Fulton. The madman holds Swann in place as Jake hits a super cutter from the ladder. Fallah Bah breaks up the pinfall attempt. Fulton dives off the ladder but gets caught in a Samoan Drop by Bah who pins Fulton. Callihan breaks up the pinfall.

Dreamer is back in the ring with a bucket of Legos pouring them onto the mat. Callihan hits him with heavy fists before being caught in a groin claw. Dreamer sets up the double DDT on Callihan and Dave Crist. Fallah Bah is back up…he is momentarily halted by the Legos before charging into his opponent into the corner. He takes out Callihan only to be taken out by a Fulton who drops him on his head. Willie Mack then takes out Fulton with two stunners, one of which is on a chair. In the corner, Mack hits Fulton with a garbage can but is suddenly stopped by a Callihan who hits his “Cactus Special” sitting piledriver onto the Legos. He pins Willie Mack for the pinfall victory!. O.V.E. conquers everyone! This ends another edition of IMPACT Wrestling for the week.

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