Hell in Cell 2011 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On October 2nd, 2011, the WWE presented Hell in a Cell 2011. The event takes place in the New Orleans Arean in New Orleans, Louisiana. Michael Cole is on commentary with Jim Ross and Booker T. Among the scheduled title matches included a WWE Championship match between John Cena, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio and a World Heavyweight Championship between Mark Henry and Randy Orton.

Both were set to take place in a Hell in a Cell 2011. The other scheduled title matches include an Intercontinental Championship match between John Morrison and Cody Rhodes and a tag team championship match defended by Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.

Hell in a Cell 2011
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Hell in a Cell 2011
Christian vs. Sheamus

Before the match, they show how Christian cost Sheamus his chance at winning the Intercontinental Championship against Cody Rhodes. As the camera returned to live action we then see R-Truth and The Miz make their way through the crowd and sitting at ringside. It was shared that they were fired by Triple H a couple of weeks ago but they have tickets to sit at ringside.

John Laurentius came down to the ring and has them escorted from ringside. Fans were chanting ‘let them stay’ as the boos began to grow. But security escorted them back through the crowd. Sheamus then makes his way down to the ring with Christian already there while what was taking place in the audience was happening.

The bell sounds as Christian and Sheamus begin to lock-up. Sheamus picks him up and drops Christian onto the mat. The Irishman uses his size and strength to work over Christian repeatedly. When Christian tries to get Sheamus upset he pays for it with a fist knocking him to the mat. Sheamus repeatedly beats down Christian.

As Sheamus climbs the top turnbuckle, Christian pushes him off the top rope to the floor. Christian chokes Sheamus attempting to gain an advantage. A leaping back elbow off the middle rope took Sheamus down.

Christian and Sheamus exchange blows with Christian standing over top of Sheamus. But as soon as we say that Sheamus begins to mount a comeback but ever so slightly. Christian regains control over Sheamus in the process. Captain Charisma throws slaps that just wake up Sheamus and leads him to go right at Christian. A clothesline followed by an axehandle and a power slam.

Sheamus attempts a power slam but Christian attempts a killswitch. A backbreaker on Christian by Sheamus takes place moments later. Sheamus teases that its the end except Christian fires back and throws fists at him.

A tornado DDT by Christian on Sheamus doesn’t even lead to a count. But he teases of the Killswitch finisher but Sheamus stops it and hits a running knee lift on Christian. As Sheamus attempts to leave the ring, Christian stops him. But then Sheamus manages to get to the top rope by holding the top rope and rotating to the top. He then hits Christian with a battering ram off the top. As he attempts a Brogue Kick, Christian avoids it.

Sheamus then whips Christian to the floor. Christian then hits a spear on Sheamus on the floor. He is then hit with another spear inside the ring! Christian goes for the pinfall but only gets a count of two. After climbing the top rope, Christian attempts another dive but misses. Sheamus then recovers and hits the brogue kick and covers him for the three count and the win.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, we see a replay of what took place as Sheamus stands tall in the ring victorious. Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry about his upcoming Hell in a Cell match with Randy Orton.

Hell in Cell 2011
Sin Cara “Azul” vs. Sin Cara “Negro”

A feud between two men claiming to be the real Sin Cara is slated to take place. It was as though Sin Cara light faced Sin Cara negro. One claims the other had stollen an identity of the other. The second Sin Cara would use a submission attempt to gain the advantage. Both men jockey for position with an array of moves against the other. Bridges and backflips along with tilt a whirls and flying headscissors a plenty are taking place.

There is no clear-cut advantage over the other. Both Sin Cara’s hit each other with one move over another from one side of the ring to the other. As Sin Cara attempts a moonsault he’s kicked in the face by Sin Cara 2 as he was coming down. Sin Cara 2 hits a somersault senton into the ring and then leans in a rear chinlock.

The dark Sin Cara appears frustrated as he beats down on the opposing Sin Cara. He seems to catch him at every stop. Sin Cara 2 continues to beat on the blue-dressed Sin Cara. Both men throw each other from one side of the ring to the other.  Sin Cara ‘Azul’ as Cole was referring him would seem to get caught after the initial attack.

He recovers and hits a massive arm drag from the top rope. As he is tossed over the top rope, Sin Cara attempts a senton only for the second Sin Cara to catch him but ends up in a code Red for the three count and the win.

Winner: Sin Cara ‘Azul’

David Otunga walks in on CM Punk and then speaks on how he is representing all the WWE talent. Punk shared he wasn’t a fan of lawyers and can speak for himself. We then hear a plug for the band who is featuring the music for the event.

Hell in Cell 2011
WWE Tag Team Championship
Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

After the champions come in, Vickie comes out and introduces Ziggler and Swagger as her new tag team. Kingston and Swagger start off the match against one another. Cole is playing the role of an antagonistic heel announcer. Kingston gets the early advantage on Swagger.

He then makes the tag to Evan Bourne. Bourne maintains the advantage but momentarily. Once Ziggler comes in he tries to gain control but its all for not. This was when Ziggler was tagged in next.

Bourne is tagged back in and he continues to work on Ziggler. But Ziggler gets his boot up creating distance and leading to another tag in by Jack Swagger. Swagger runs his shoulder into Bourne while in the corner. Ziggler is tagged in and lays into Bourne maintaining control.

He goes for the pin but only for a count of two. But Swagger separates the ropes leading to Kingston falling out to the floor. Ziggler works over Kingston on the outside and rolls him back in. But Ziggler’s attempt for a pinfall only gets a count of two.

Ziggler continues to beat down on Kingston. He then goes for a pinfall attempt but only gets another count for two. But then Ziggler beats on Kingston and tags in Swagger. Swager then has a front face lock on Kingston preventing the tag to Evan Bourne. Bourne is then knocked down while the referee is distracted. After a pinfall attempt by Swagger, Kingston kicks out at two.

He then tags Ziggler back into the ring. Ziggler is relentless beating down on Kingston. He then hits a large leaping elbow to the chest of Kingston. Swagger is tagged in and gets caught in an ankle lock. He then turns Swagger blocking him into a DDT. Kingston then crawls and finally makes the tag back to Evan Bourne.

Bourne continues to take out both members of Ziggler and Swagger. He connects with kick after kick throughout the match. Bourne then tries to make a pin on Ziggler but to no avail.

Ziggler attempts to make a comeback but Bourne recovers. This was until Jack Swagger comes in and hits a dropkick. Ziggler hits a Zigzag on Kingston. Then Bourne rolls him up for a pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two. Bourne and Ziggler remain in the ring until Swagger is tagged in. Swagger then attempts a powerbomb but reverses it into a hurricanrana for a pinfall and the win.

Winners: AND STILL WWE Tag Team Champions, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.

We see that Kingston prevented Ziggler from stopping the pin. After the match, Vickie Guerrero berates Jack Swagger after the loss at ringside. We then hear about Hell in a Cell and how it has changed lives leading into the World Heavyweight Championship.

A promotional video is shown of Mark Henry’s reign and his Hall of Pain. He also shares how Randy Orton will be inducted into his Hall of Pain as well. We then see how Orton has also had issues himself controlling his anger. Henry asks him do you have a death wish? We then see highlights of Night of Champions that happened weeks prior between the two men. Henry shows how he captured the title against Orton after hitting his Henry Slam on Orton after breaking free of the RKO attempt.

We then see how Orton has been able to hit it on Henry in the past. It is the first time Mark Henry would compete in a Hell in a Cell. As he approaches the ring he looks up at the structure.

Hell in a Cell 2011
World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton

Before the match begins we hear of the history of the structure and when it first began. They shared how it was The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels that competed in the first one. Typically, when the champion enters first it doesn’t bode well for the end result. Does history repeat itself? For Randy Orton who comes to the ring now as the challenger hopes to recapture the World Championship.

After Orton walks slowly to the ring he awaits the Cell door close behind him. Orton stands atop the middle ropes soaking in the adulation of the crowd. Henry looks on as the bell rings as Tony Chimel announces the combatants. The referee locks the door with a chain on the outside as the bell rings once again signalling the beginning of the match.

Orton immediately brings the fight to Henry. But that is momentarily as Henry attempts to capitalize on his strength. Orton, however, uses Henry’s strength and momentum against him driving him into the cage. Henry makes his way into the ring as Orton systematically works the champion over.  Orton then attempts his delayed DDT through the ropes but Henry stops him.

Both men are on the outside of the ring as Orton has his shoulder worked over time and again by Henry. Orton recovers and stomps on Henry from the ring apron. But as Orton attempts to jump onto him, Henry catches Orton and drives him into the cage. It is just enough to create distance between them both. Henry then rolls Orton into the ring. Randy recovers and attempts to regain control but he is caught by the strength of the World’s Strongest Man.

Henry then stalks Orton to the outside. Both men exchange blows on the outside but Henry has the clear strength advantage. Mark Henry then proceeds to separate the steps around the ring post. He then carries the seemingly lifeless body of Orton and drives his head into the steel cage. Henry carries the steel steps and proceeds to throw it right at Orton who was resting against the cage.

Thankfully, Orton moved just in time and was spared. Orton begins to mount a bit of a comeback. This was until Henry shows his dominance again and drives Orton’s head into the steel cage.

Henry grinds Orton’s face right into the steel cage. But Orton once again tries to fight off Henry. Henry hits a splash on Orton and goes for the pin but only gets a count of two. A pair of backbreakers on Orton isn’t enough to keep him down. Henry then clutches Orton into a bear hug trying to wear him down. We can see him driving his fists into the kidneys of Orton.

Henry then stands atop of the ribs of Orton as well. The beatdown continues with him being whipped into the corner turnbuckle. This results in another bearhug by the world’s strongest man.

Both men are on their knees at this point. Randy tries to fight Henry off of him but Henry hits a headbutt stopping him in the process. Henry then attempts a World’s Strongest Slam on the steel steps but clutches the cage stopping it in the process. He then drops Henry with a DDT on the steel steps. Orton seems to have found a second wind and hits a Lou Thesz press on Henry. Randy then hits a picture-perfect dropkick on Henry knocking him down in the process.

Orton then hits his staggered DDT and then taunts an RKO on Mark Henry. He stalks Henry and hits him with the RKO and makes the pinfall. But Henry kicks out at two!! Orton is in total disbelief. This leads Orton to stand overtop of Henry and looks around as he backs up into the corner turnbuckle signaling the punt kick. But as he charges Henry, Henry catches Orton and hits the world’s strongest slam for the pinfall, the three count and the win.

Winner: AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

After the match, Henry holds the title over his shoulder proudly. But he then stops and pulls a steel chair from under the ring. He then goes back after Orton and hits another World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then positions Orton and proceeds to rest Randy’s ankle in the steel chair. Mark Henry then attempts to splash the leg of Orton only for him to move.

But Orton picks up the steel chair and begins to assault the champion with it. Randy chases the champion in tow with the chair in hand. He begins to hit him repeatedly with the chair.

This was all Henry needed to retreat and head to the backstage area as an angry Randy Orton shows his disappointment at the top of the entranceway. We then see a replay of the events towards the end of the match leading to Henry’s win over Orton. Henry then had attempted to ‘end the career’ of Randy Orton but that backfired on him.

In the backstage area, Josh Matthews interviewed Alberto Del Rio regarding the triple threat WWE Championship match against CM Punk and John Cena. He then makes a vow to show a side of him that no one ever expects to see.

Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes then comes to the ring with his legal team in tow. As he stands there he shares how many are there trying to conceal their features including there in New Orleans. But then shares how the current Intercontinental championship should be put to rest. He then places it inside a paper bag and asks for the velvet bag.

It was at this point when Cody pulls out the classic Intercontinental Championship that he said was held by greats such as Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Steve Austin, and Ricky Steamboat, and in honor of them that he will now wear it with more pride or dignity than any of them. He then shares that he will defend it anytime or anywhere defending it feverishly.

John Laurenitis then came out to share that Cody will defend the title right now and here and against this man…John Morrison.

Hell in a Cell 2011
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. John Morrison

Rhodes is still in his suit and must defend his title at this moment against Morrison. The bell rings and Rhodes is completely out of his element as he’s still in his suit. Morrison immediately is on the attack. He begins to hit Rhodes with side headlock after side headlock. As both men are in the middle of the ring, Morrison then tries to get the best of Cody with a sliding dropkick to the floor. Morrison then throws Cody’s shirt in the crowd.

Cody begins to head towards the entranceway. But Morrison gets him and whips him towards the ring. Cody then holds the ring post trying to avoid getting into the ring. But that is short-lived as Cody regains control by going after Morrison in the process. Cody then applies a modified abdominal stretch on Morrison. He then clutches his head and pulls on his neck and shoulders in the process. Rhodes then gets to his feet and hits Morrison a kick to the midsection. Cody then locks in a figure four on Morrison who is able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Rhodes drives a fist into the head of Morrison who is knocked to the mat. Morrison manages to come back with a fury of punches and kicks of his own. He then hits a Spanish fly on Rhodes and goes for the pin. But only gets a count of two! Morrison then kicks Cody in the midsection and attempts a shining wizard but Rhodes ducks. He then attempts a disaster kick on Rhodes off the middle rope but misses that too. As Morrison attempts to recover, Rhodes rolls up Morrison for a three count and the win.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes

Rhodes stands tall with his title in hand as he heads back to the entranceway looking at the defeated John Morrison in the ring. We then see Triple H backstage in his office on the phone. He is then interrupted by John Laurenitus who then tells him not to make the matches. We then see a brawl in the dressing room involving The Miz and R-Truth as Kingston and Bourne were attacked in the process.

Hell in a Cell 2011
WWE Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix with Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly with Eve Torres

Phoenix makes her way to the ring first followed by the champion, Kelly Kelly. The bell rings and Kelly Kelly knocks Natalya out of the ring and takes the fight to Beth Phoenix. She continues to take the fight to Beth with a  crossbody off the top rope. Kelly Kelly attempted a tilt a whirl headscissors but is caught with a backbreaker. This is all Beth needed to regain control.

Phoenix begins to wrench on the neck and head of Kelly. She then begins to drive elbows into the lower back of butt of Kelly Kelly. Phoenix then hits a backbreaker and then applies pressure to her chin and leg forcing her spine to rest upon Beth’s knee. Kelly Kelly tried to quickly roll up Beth but only got a count of two. Beth then hits a slingshot suplex off the top rope onto the mat.

Kelly Kelly then attempts a hurricanrana but Beth recovers and hits a clothesline in the process. A frustrated Beth Phoenix is relentless working over Kelly Kelly in the process. Kelly then hits a neckbreaker on Beth giving her a chance to recover. Kelly and Beth exchange pin attempts. But Beth drives Kelly chest first into the turnbuckle. Kelly drives Beth’s head into the top turnbuckle.

A cartwheel and handspring elbow connects on the corner on Beth Phoenix. Kelly Kelly then goes for the pinfall cover but Beth kicks out. Natalya climbs the apron but Eve Torres brings her down and Nattie whips her into the barricade.

Beth then locks in the legs of Kelly Kelly as Natalya takes the microphone and encourages her to scream. With the referee distracted Natalya clocks her with the microphone. Beth then hits the glam slam and follows it up with the pinfall and the win.

Winner: AND NEW WWE Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix

After the match, Beth celebrates the win with Natalya by her side. We then see the French quarter as music is played on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Fans then hear the ominous music signaling the Hell in the Cell match set to begin. Before this takes place a promotional video is shown involving the lead-up to this match.

We see Punk winning and leaving with the title, then Del Rio capitalizing on his Money in the Bank chance, and Cena regaining the title against Del Rio. But the match is made as both Del Rio and Punk never got their rematches. Each man makes their claim at the championship and what it ensues.

Hell in a Cell 2011
WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena (c)

We then see Ricardo Rodriguez introduce Alberto Del Rio who comes to the ring in his Mercedes convertible. With Del Rio in the ring, he awaits CM Punk who makes his way to the ring next. Punk comes down to the ring to a hero’s welcome. Both former champions await the current champion to make his way to the ring. It was at this time when John Cena makes his way to the ring next. Cena throws some of his merch to those at ringside.

Once in the ring, all the combatants are announced. Referee Mike Chioda shows all the combatants the title belt. The door is then locked from the outside. CM Punk makes the chase after Alberto Del Rio and continues to stalk him around the ring. With John Cena in the ring, we see each man attempting to get their hands on Del Rio. Punk would pull Cena off Del Rio to get his blows in on the opposition. While working over Del Rio, Punk rolls up Cena for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

Back in the ring, Punk and Cena tease finisher attempts. With Del Rio on Cena’s shoulders to the floor, Punk hits a diving tope to the floor crashing into both of his opposition. Punk and Del Rio continue to battle inside the ring. Dueling CM Punk/Let’s Go Cena chants begin to happen. Cena and Punk exchange blows on the outside. With Punk focused on Cena he misses Del Rio blindside him and take him out to the floor.

Back in the ring, Del Rio continues to work over Cena as Punk is also recovering on the floor. Del Rio sets up a chair in the corner and attempts to work over Cena until Cena comes back with a furry on his own. He hits a pair of moves but then Punk comes back in and takes out both Cena and Del Rio. We hear about the back of Punk that is bleeding on the rightside.

Punk sets up a table on the floor and begins to go after Cena. He teases a bulldog through the table on the floor but is throw into the cage. But Cena doesn’t see Del Rio coming at him with a chair. Del Rio suplex’s Cena on the chair inside the ring. As he attempts to charge into Cena, he avoids Del Rio who hit the ringpost from the inside of the ring.

While on the top rope, CM Punk shakes the ropes forcing Cena to fall off the top rope. He comes in and hits a Russian legsweep and a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Punk and Del Rio battle in the ring but Del Rio gains control. A rear chinlock on Punk by Del Rio continues to wear him down. Out of nowhere Cena drops a leg off the top rope wiping out both men. He then attempts a pinfall attempt on both men but only for a count of two.

Cena drills Punk with a lunging clothesline as each of the men appear to be worn down. Punk and Cena exchange blows inside the ring. Both men are throwing punches on both men. Del Rio comes in and wipes out both men with a steel chair.

Del Rio climbs the top rope and hits a senton taking out both men. He goes to pin Punk but only for a count of two. Del Rio then does the same to Cena also for a count of two. Del Rio then attempts a cross armbreaker but Punk tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Cena attempts an AA but Del Rio stops the pinfall attempt. Del Rio then hits a kick to the head of Cena.

He follows up with an attempt to hit a cross armbreaker. Then Punk hits a slingshot senton into the ring knocking oub both men. Punk then hits a GTS and as he goes for the pinfall attempt Del Rio breaks that up. Del Rio then beats a prone Punk with a steel chair on the floor. Cena then rolls through in a clothesline attempt on Del Rio but gets caught. The former champion is relentless taking out both of his adversaries in this match.

Punk then comes back in the ring and hits a series of clotheslines on Del Rio. CM Punk then slams Del Rio and climbs the top rope and hits an elbow drop ala Macho Man. He then goes for a pinfall attempt and only gets a count of two. But Cena comes in a house of furry trying to wipe out Punk and gets caught with a kick to the head.

CM Punk climbs the top rope once again but Del Rio pushes him off the top rope through the table on the outside. Del Rio then charges in and gets caught in an STF. Ricardo Rodriguez knocks out the referee and comes into the cage and gets an AA on the floor. Del Rio then locks out Cena from the cage and goes after a wiped out CM Punk.

Del Rio then hits a German Suplex and attempts a pin but only gets a count of two. He then attempts a second one but gets rolled up but only for a count of two. Del Rio hits a kick to the head of CM Punk and then goes in for a count of two. Cena is then trying to get to his feet. But in the ring, CM Punk is relentless in his pursuit of Del Rio. Cena realizes that he’s been locked out of the cage.

The champ is trying to look for the key but he doesn’t realize its inside the ring.  Del Rio has the led pipe and wipes out Punk with it. Back in the ring he wipes out Punk with led pipe and then pins for the three count and the win.

Winner: AND NEW WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

As soon as the match ends, Cena charges into the cage and goes after Del Rio but he is then jumped by two men in the ring. The two men are The Miz and R-Truth who are beating down the officials, Del Rio and Punk as they wipe them out in the process. The locker room tries to get into the cage. R-Truth and The Miz are relentless in their attack on everyone in the ring as everyone is locked out of the cage.

Truth even punches a cameraman. As soon as the locks are cut both men surrender inside the ring voluntarily being taken away. Police are then taking them both away as Triple H jumps them both and beats on the handcuffed tag team in the process. The show goes off the air with Triple H being restrained as the police take The Miz and R-Truth away.