Hard to Kill 2022 Preview Presented By IMPACT! Wrestling

This Saturday night IMPACT! Wrestling kicks off 2022 with a bang as they present Hard to Kill 2022! This year’s edition of Hard to Kill, presented by the film The Free Fall, promises championship defenses and feuds settled and a few surprises as well. Here’s what you can expect from The Factory in Dallas, Texas, live this Saturday night on PPV.

Hard To Kill 2022 
Tasha Steelz vs Lady Frost vs Alisha vs Jordynne Grace vs Rosemary vs Chelsea Green
– Ultimate X Match

In the inaugural Knockouts Ultimate X matach, Tasha Steels, Lady Frost, Alisha (from left to right at the top), Jordynne Grace, Rosemary & Chelsea Green (from left to right on the bottom) are all in action [Photo: IMPACT!]
This Saturday night, six of the top competitors in the Knockouts division make history as the first women to enter an Ultimate X Match. A signature stipulation in IMPACT Wrestling, the Ultimate X Match is a high-flying, high-wire spectacle. These six women will be competing to capture the prize hanging from intersecting wires 12 feet above the ring. The winner will receive a future Knockouts Championship match. This monumental matchup features former champions Tasha Steelz, Jordynne Grace, and Rosemary along with newcomers Lady Frost and Chelsea Green. Being reigning IMPACT Digital Media Champion, Jordynne Grace seems like an odds-on favorite. However, she doesn’t excel in the kind of high-flying action that would help in an Ultimate X Match. It’s anybody’s match as these six women fight for a Knockouts title match and to make history this Saturday night on PPV.

Josh Alexander vs JONAH

Josh Alexander (shown on the left) faces JONAH (shown on the right) in an IMPACT! Grudge match [Photo: IMPACT!]
Just before the main event of Turning Point, Josh Alexander came to the ring for a promo. He spoke about his victory over Minoru Suzuki the previous Thursday before moving onto his IMPACT World Championship reign. The Walking Weapon explained that he’s still owed a championship rematch against Moose. However, before he could make his case for being added to the main event, JONAH (FKA Bronson Reed) stormed the ring, assaulting Josh Alexander.

JONAH left the former World Champion bleeding on the floor before leaving. After weeks on the shelf, Josh Alexander returned with vengeance on his mind. However, IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore informed The Walking Weapon that he would have to wait to get his hands on the self-proclaimed “Top Dog.” His opportunity comes this Saturday night when these two heavyweights collide in what is certain to be an all-out war.

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner) & The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs Heath, Rhino, Willie Mack, Rich Swann, & Eddie Edwards
– 10-Man Hardcore War

The Good Brothers & Violent by Design (shown on the left) face Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, and Rich Swann (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
Violent By Design always has a plan, but this one might be their most devious. On a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Eric Young formed an alliance between VBD and The Good Brothers. Their stated goals were to destroy all of their competition in the tag team division. However, this didn’t sit well with the self-proclaimed guardian of IMPACT Wrestling, Eddie Edwards.

Eddie is no stranger to Eric Young’s brand of madness, having lost the IMPACT World Championship to Young in late 2020, and feuding with Violent By Design through 2021. The last time these two met in a hardcore war was at Hardcore Justice in April last year, with Rich Swann and Willie Mack also on Edwards’s team. However, that was when Rhino was still under Eric Young’s spell.

Since then, his dear friend Heath has returned, saving Rhino from The World-Class Maniac. Swann and Mack will also want their win back from the last hardcore war. Saturday night, they’ll leave it all in the ring when they collide with no count-outs, no disqualifications, and all the weapons they could ever want.

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
Chris Sabin vs Jonathan Gresham (c)
ROH World Championship

For the Ring of Honor World Championship, Jonathan Gresham (shown on the left) defends the title against former ROH alumni Chris Sabin (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
With Ring of Honor Wrestling on hiatus, Jonathan Gresham has found IMPACT Wrestling a suitable place for him to ply his craft. However, in another IMPACT Wrestling first, he will defend his ROH World Championship against Chris Sabin. These two have quite the history together, despite only working together for a year in Ring of Honor. Along with Alex Shelley and a pre-Bullet Club Jay White, they formed the formidable faction Search and Destroy.

When not teaming up, they often found themselves in the same ring for multi-man matches. However, they never faced each other, leading some to see Gresham vs Sabin as something of a dream match. That dream comes true this Saturday night as Jonathan Gresham defends the ROH World Championship against one of the greatest in IMPACT Wrestling history, Chris Sabin.

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) vs The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessica McKay) (c)
Knockouts Tag Team Championship

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration, Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee (shown on the left) defend the titles against The Influence, Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood (shown on the right) [Phot: IMPACT!]
Tenille Dashwood was absolutely delighted when fellow Aussies The IInspiration joined IMPACT! Wrestling. Upon their arrival, Dashwood went full tilt on forming an alliance between The Influence and The IInspiration. If she were successful, they would become the most dominant women’s faction in wrestling history. However, when The Influence teamed with The IInspiration to take on DECAY, Lee & McKay did nothing to prevent Dashwood taking a pin from Rosemary. The supposedly indomitable faction lasted only 7 days until they found themselves at odds. This Saturday night, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne challenge Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel (c)
X-Division Championship

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
For the X-Division Championship, X-Division champion, Trey Miguel (shown on the left) defends the title against Steve Maclin (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
Since his debut with the company in June 2021, nobody has managed to pin or submit Steve Maclin. In fact, Maclin went 11-0 after his debut, his winning streak only coming to an end when Trey Miguel pinned El Phantasmo in a triple threat match. That night, “Spider-Trey” captured the vacant X-Division Championship, and Steve Maclin vowed to take it off him by any means necessary.

One month later, at Turning Point, Maclin found himself competing for the X-Division Championship in another triple threat match. That time, Trey Miguel pinned Laredo Kid to scamper away with the title. Worse, when Maclin approached Executive VP Scott D’Amore about facing Trey one-on-one, D’Amore said he’d have to earn it. That’s when Maclin took matters into his own hands, abducting Trey Miguel and forcing him to accept the challenge.

Will Steve Maclin maintain his undefeated streak or will Trey Miguel walk away with the X-Division title AND bragging rights? Find out live this Saturday night on PPV.

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
Deonna Purrazzo vs Mickie James (c)
– Texas Death Match for the Knockouts Championship

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
In a Texas Death Match, Knockouts Champion, Mickie James (shown on the left) defends the title against former champion, Deonna Purrazzo (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
Saturday night, Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James write the next chapter in their historic rivalry. After Mickie James dethroned Deonna Purrazzo at Bound For Glory, The Virtuosa made precious few appearances at IMPACT tapings. In one of her rare appearances, she sat down for an interview with Gia Miller. When Miller asked Purrazzo what’s next, The Virtuosa told the world to wait and see.

At Turning Point, Mickie James defended her championship against Knockouts Knockdown tournament winner Mercedes Martinez. After James pinned Martinez, The Virtuosa stormed the ring and attacked the Knockouts Champion before invoking her rematch clause. After yet another vicious assault between the two, Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim struggled to find a solution.

Eventually, they instituted a no contact clause in return for making their hotly anticipated rematch a Texas Death Match. Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo end their rivalry in the most hardcore fashion this Saturday night at Hard to Kill!

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
Matt Cardona vs W Morrissey vs Moose (c)
– IMPACT World Championship

Hard to Kill 2022 Preview
For the IMPACT World Championship, Moose (pictured in the centre) defends the title against Matt Cardona (shown on the left) and W. Morrisey (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
On December 2nd, Moose cut a promo on Matt Cardona, claiming the former Zack Ryder would only ever amount to a mid-carder. That night, Cardona teamed with Eddie Edwards to face Moose and W Morrissey in the main event. In the climactic finale, Cardona made Moose eat his words, pinning him to win the match. Moments later, former ally W Morrissey laid out Moose for losing the match.

The following week Scott D’amore announced Moose would defend his IMPACT World Championship against both Cardona and Morrissey in the main event of Hard to Kill. While each competitor in this match is out to win the gold, they each have a secondary motivation. Moose wants to maintain his dominance after spending much of 2021 getting screwed over by Kenny Omega.

W Morrissey wants to prove that he’s the new alpha dog in IMPACT Wrestling after Moose seemed so weak. Matt Cardona wants to finally topple the two men who made life hell for him and Chelsea Green back in November. Only one man will walk out of The Factory with the IMPACT World Championship, and we’ll find out who this Saturday night.


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