GCW vs TNT Extreme Wrestling to Cap Off Summer 2020

Game Changer Wrestling remains, arguably, the most popular and exciting independent wrestling promotion on the scene today. It boasts a roster of highly sought-after talent. Fortunately for wrestling fans, GCW plays well with others. Well enough, in fact, that in August of this year, GCW will be joining vs TNT Extreme Wrestling, based in Liverpool, England to produce a three-day series of shows that is sure to satiate even the most hardcore of wrestling appetites.

Since its inception in 2014, TNT has risen in the ranks of the hardcore wrestling scene, producing some amazing and acclaimed matches, including DOA annual Deathmatch Tournament, which kicked off this year on January 30th. Though TNT may be British wrestling’s best-kept secret, the promotion was awarded the title of best regional promotion at the Independent Wrestling Awards in 2018, according to TNT’S Facebook page.

GCW vs TNT Extreme Wrestling to Cap Off Summer 2020

GCW debuted a year later in 2015 and has been carving a memorable path ever since. It is presenting wrestling fans with an eclectic mixture of match types and diverse talent. Both legends and new, rising stars, culminating in a fiercely satisfying concoction that has delighted wrestling fans. Though GCW’s home base resides in New Jersey, they have ventured all over the States. This includes a recent debut to a packed crowd in Austin, Texas. As well as making their second annual trip to Japan for a recent, hard-hitting three-day series of shows. These shows began on the 3rd and culminated on the 5th of this month with The Art of War.

According to Mirror’s Neil Docking, the Game Changer Wrestling vs TNT three-day event will commence on Thursday, August 27th. 

It will take place with host promotion TNT’s annual Summer Explosion show. The following day will see GCW host, followed by a cumulative climax on Saturday. Talent from both rosters battle it out against one another. Though no official matches have been announced thus far. This three-day wrestling spectacular is sure to exhilarate and enthrall both established fans and newcomers alike of Game Changer Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling.