Fastlane 2015 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On Sunday, February 22nd, 2015, WWE presented Fastlane 2015,  the inaugural Fastlane event. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler are on commentary. The event took place in Memphis, Tennessee.

We had brothers facing each other on the card, an icon’s appearance, and a match to help determine Brock Lesnar’s opponent for the WWE Championship.

Fastlane 2015
Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs. The Authority (The Big Show, Kane & Seth Rollins) w/ J & J Security

This features a trio representing the Authority against a faction that has battled them time and time again. Before the match began, a recap is shown of how The Authority was able to beat down Rowan and Ryback earlier in the week. Ziggler and Rollins begin the match.

Ziggler gets the advantage early on, but Rollins is able to avoid a superkick and slip out from the ring. The Architect uses underhanded tactics early on; however, Ziggler is able to make a tag to get Rowen in the ring. Rollins is eventually able to scamper away and make a tag into Kane.

Rowen maintains the advantage early on in this matchup and gets a couple of pinning attempts. However, he is moved into the opponents’ corner, and the Big Show makes his way into the match.

Despite scaring off J & J, Rowen is caught and then cornered outside by The Big Show. The Big Show begins to target the leg. Kane is tagged in and continues the assault. Rowen is writhing in pain.

Rollins then tags himself and continues the beat down. Rollins eventually hits a blockbuster off the second rope and attempts a pin without success. The Big Show is then tagged in, and he applies a leg submission maneuver.

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Look at Rowen he can barely move
– Michael Cole

But Rowen begins to make his way to his feet and hits a spin kick on Rollins. He eventually makes the tag into Ryback. Ryback begins a series of Feed Me More chants and then sets up Rollins for the Shellshock, but J & J interfere!

Rollins then hits a kick to the side of the head of the Big Guy. Rollins then attempts to get Ryback off the top rope but gets hit with the Shellshock. But the Big Show comes in and splashes Ryback! Ziggler is on the apron, awaiting a tag, and gets it. Dolph and Kane make their way into the ring.

Ziggler eventually hits a DDT. He attempts a fameasser, but Kane catches him. Then Ziggler hits a fameasser on Rollins. Big Show hits a WMD on Ziggler with the referee. Kane proceeds to chokeslam the already KOed Ziggler and covers the three count and the win.

Winners: The Authority

After the match, Rollins is coaxing Ziggler to get up and hits him with a curb stomp. Ryback and Rowen attempt to make the save, but the Authority’s numbers continue to win out.

At this point, Randy Orton comes out, and he takes out all of the Authority, with only Rollins and Big Show getting away. Rollins takes off as the camera shows him heading to his car in the parking garage.

We witness the growing tension between the Rhodes brothers, including Dusty’s involvement in this matchup. Backstage, Dusty gives Goldust a pep talk and shares how proud he is of both his sons. He also shares his concern about what is set to take place.

Fastlane 2015
Stardust vs. Goldust

Interesting to note that the ring announcer is Cody Rhodes’ wife, Brandi. As Goldust comes to the ring, he stares at his brother, intending to say he isn’t leaving the ring until he brings his brother back.

Each man has an opportunity to back the other into a corner, only to be pushed off. Fans begin to chant that they want Cody. The two lock up, with Goldust getting the better of Stardust early on.

Fastlane 2015 Cody (Stardust) & Dustin (Goldust)
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Stardust is doing a great deal of pandering and playing to the crowd. He then tries to lure in Goldust, who catches him and attempts to hit Director’s Cut, but Stardust breaks free.

Once again, Stardust lures in Goldust but eventually, he gets caught, forcing him to retreat. The chants of ‘Cody’ continue to spin Stardust further and further into the abyss. The two men alternate, gaining an advantage over the other.

Stardust eventually brings the fight to the floor. Stardust is relentless in working on Goldust and clutches him in a body scissors.

He said that he wanted to beat Cody so bad that he’d never want to wear that facepaint again
– Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Stardust works over Goldust in the corner and whips him from one end of the ring to the other. Stardust stomps on the ankle of Goldust and then screams in his brother’s ear. ‘Who is your Daddy? Who is he?’

He goes to work on the ribs and midsection.  Goldust attempted a springboard elbow only to have Stardust avoid it. He then attempts to set him up for his finisher, but Goldust counters into a backslide for the three count and the win!

Winner: Goldust

After the match, Stardust faintly shakes Goldust’s hand, rolls out of the ring, and heads back up the aisle. Goldust sits in the middle of the ring, perplexed at his brother.

We eventually see Dusty and Goldust discussing what took place and eventually making his way to the back. Stardust then attacks Goldust with Dusty screaming ‘Cody,’ but Stardust interrupts by saying that he killed him and he’s done living in his family’s shadow.

Fastlane 2015
WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos (c) with Naomi vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd with Natalya

We see a flashback of what happened three weeks earlier when a double date went wrong. Jimmy and Tyson start off the match and take the fight to one another. Jimmy eventually gains the advantage until Cesaro is tagged in.

Cesaro is relentless in his attack on Jimmy’s leg. Kidd then hits a slingshot leg drop onto Jimmy, who is prone in the ring. The relentless attack on Jimmy’s leg leads to an eventually last-ditch effort to get Jey in the match. Cesaro is also tagged in, and the two battle. Jey climbs up for a splash only to have Cesaro catch him and then suplex him.

Kidd hits an elbow drop from the top rope. Jimmy gets tagged in and gets Kidd with a Samoan drop. Both Usos take the fight to Kidd and Cesaro with suicide dives outside the ring.

Jimmy then climbs to the top rope, but Cesaro stops it. Kidd then locks in the sharpshooter. Jey hits a superkick to the head of an unsuspecting Kidd. Jimmy tries to make a pin but to no avail. Kidd then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Jimmy for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: AND NEW WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd.

Sting & Triple H

We get a flashback to Triple H calling out Sting. Triple H arrives and begins to address the fans and calls himself ‘the heartbeat of WWE.’ Sting’s entrance begins after Triple H waits a few minutes.

The Icon comes down the aisle. The Game rests in the corner, and he says that he knows what Sting is doing in WWE. Triple H says his destiny is putting Sting’s legacy out of business. He points out that failure is what Sting does. But he says he could do what’s best for business and work with Sting.

Sting continues to look at Triple H with a stone-faced stare. The two ten begin to exchange blows, with Triple H throwing fists at Sting lying on the mat. Triple H screams that he gave Sting a chance.

The Game goes out of the ring and brings out the sledgehammer. He returns to the ring and is caught with Sting’s baseball bat to his chin. Sting directs Triple H to the corner, and he drops his sledgehammer.

He then points to the WrestleMania sign signaling what he wants. As soon as Sting proceeds to walk away, Triple H attacks him, but Sting catches him with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Fastlane 2015: Roman Reigns beats Daniel Bryan, heads to WrestleMania | WWE News | Sky Sports
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The challenge has been issued for five weeks from today at WrestleMania.

We see Daniel Bryan stretching in preparation for his match against Roman Reigns. Cole recalls what took place between Sting and Triple H and said that anything can happen. They promote the WWE Network.

The flashback to what took place earlier on the pre-show on Miz TV, with Paul Heyman on discussing how the winner between Bryan and Reigns will ultimately be the loser against Brock Lesnar.

Fastlane 2015
WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. Nikki Bella (c) with Brie

They flashed back to the story of the rivalry between Paige and the Bellas. Upon the bell ringing, Paige and Nikki take the fight to one another, throwing fists. Nikki gains the advantage by tossing Paige into the barricade.

She then rolls her into the ring and proceeds to attempt a pin but only for a count of two. Nikki then locks in a rear chinlock, applying pressure to the back of the neck of Paige. She then hits an Alabama Slam on Paige and makes a pinfall attempt but again just gets a two-count.

Paige fights back with a series of short clotheslines. She then hits a running dropkick and attempts a pin but only for a two count of her own. Paige then attempts a Rampaige, but Nikki blocks it.

She then hits a superkick and a pinfall attempt but only gets two. Paige then whips Nikki into the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Nikki turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb, driving Paige’s head into the mat.

However, Paige attempt to lock Nikki in the Paige Tap Out (PTO). Nikki manages to squirm away and clutches Paige’s tights for a pinfall and a win.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella

BREAKING NEWS: Cole announces that Sting and Triple H will face each other at WrestleMania.

Fastlane 2015
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett (c)

We see Ambrose’s flashback zip-tying Barrett’s hands to a ring post and forcing him to sign the Intercontinental championship contract. The bell rings, and the opponents lock up, with Barrett gaining the advantage.

But Ambrose recovers and takes the fight to Barrett, throwing fists at the champion. Once both men are back in the ring, Barrett whips Ambrose off the ropes and gains the advantage.

Barrett hits Ambrose with a big boot causing the challenger to fall off the top rope to the floor. He drives Ambrose into the corner and begins to land forearms and fists on the challenger.

Photo / WWE

A rear chinlock has Ambrose down on the mat. Just when it appears as though Ambrose is making a comeback, Barrett stops the attack. Barrett goes outside the ring, and attempts to beat down Ambrose there, but Ambrose perseveres and takes the fight back inside the ring, hitting a tornado DDT in the process.

Ambrose stops Barrett from attacking, hits a bulldog, and then climbs to the top rope, but Barrett attempts to turn it into the ‘Winds of Change.  ‘It doesn’t work, and Ambrose regains the advantage. Ambrose again climbs to the top rope and hits an elbow on the standing Barrett. Dean makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

Ambrose signals for a ‘Dirty Deeds,’ but Barrett recovers and hits ‘Wasteland’ on the challenger, but his pin attempt only gets a count of two. Barrett signals for the Bullhammer Elbow, but Dean reverses it and clocks him with a clothesline.

‘Bad News’ bails from the ring and takes his title, but Ambrose stops him with a suicide dive. Ambrose chases the champion and whips him into the ring. Once there, he continues to drive boots into Barrett, who is in the ropes, refuses to break on the five-count, and gets disqualified.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion via disqualification, Bad News Barrett

After the match, Ambrose takes the title and leaves with it while Barrett lays in the ring.

Purple lighting floods the darkened arena, leading the crowd to believe that it could be The Undertaker. The druids approaching the ring with torches in hand and the haunting hymn being heard can only herald the arrival of one person.

Then the gong rings out. A casket is wheeled out to the ring by two druids while The Undertaker’s theme plays in the background. The casket is then turned sideways and is opened to reveal Bray Wyatt inside.

Wyatt takes the mic and says that there is a wicked feeling in the air tonight. He speaks of how the first time he saw him (Undertaker), he trembled. That he feared him, but now The Dead Man has become much like everyone else; his obsession with sympathy has turned him into a mere mortal.

Wyatt says it is time for ‘him’ to go home. He said his mission is clear: he doesn’t fear him anymore, and at WrestleMania, he will claim the soul of The Undertaker. He proceeds to lay down, and the casket lid is once again lowered.

Fastlane 2015 panel addresses what they just witnessed with Wyatt challenging The Undertaker.

John Cena, in an interview, spoke about how, no matter what Triple H has put him through, he will overcome it. We see the dominance of the WWE United States Champion, Rusev. Rusev, with Lana by his side, says that Cena will not come back.

Fastlane  2015
WWE United States Championship
Rusev (c) with Lana vs. John Cena

The champion arrives first. The undefeated Bulgarian Brute has defeated everyone put in front of him. With chants of USA ringing out, John Cena proceeds to come out. Cole shares that the US title was the first championship that John Cena won at WrestleMania XX.

Lawler shares that this match is reminiscent of when Cena stepped up to Kurt Angle. Champion and challenger size each other up, and Cena throws a right hand to knock the champion down. He then proceeds to lock in a rear chinlock. Rusev escapes and begins to drive his feet into Cena time and time again.

Cena begins to fight back until a leaping spin kick by Rusev takes him out. Rusev begins to kick Cena while holding the challenger’s arm. He follows this up with a leaping splash into the corner.

Rusev attempts a pinfall, but Cena kicks out. The champion then hits a dropkick. He is stalking Cena and begins to throw fists at the challenger. Cena fights back and hits a shoulder tackle on Rusev but gets caught and hit with a fall-away slam.

You guys are talking like John Cena is on his last legs
– Jerry Lawler

Rusev is relentless in his pursuit. Every time Cena appears to be recovering, Rusev has the answer. Finally, Cena blocks a suplex attempt and hits one of his own. The champion attempts to strike the challenger but gets caught with a stiff clothesline.

Rusev responds with a DDT. He follows up with splash after splash on Cena, appearing to wipe him out. The champion is getting frustrated by the resilience of the challenger.

With Rusev standing tall in the ring, Cena climbs up the champion’s body and proceeds to fight back. He sets Rusev up for a five-knuckle shuffle, but a follow-up AA is blocked. Instead, Rusev hits a superkick.

He then attempts to set him up for ‘The Accolade,’ but Cena escapes and then fights off a pinning attempt!

Rusev attempts yet another splash, but Cena catches him. Both men are throwing fists and kicks at one another. Cena again attempts the AA, but Rusev catches him, so Cena turns it into an STF on the champion.

Rusev breaks the hold and hits an Alabama Slam on Cena. Elbow after elbow is landed on the back of Cena, but he catches Rusev again and locks in another STF. Rusev eventually gets to the bottom rope.

Rusev is hurting
– Jerry Lawler

Rusev hits a couple of kicks but is caught with an AA. Cena makes the pinfall attempt but only for a count of two! Both men look exhausted. Rusev then locks in ‘The Accolade,’ and Cena attempts to fight with everything he has. Rusev sits back and wrenches, but Cena is still fighting.

Finally, he stands up with Rusev on his back. The official is distracted by Lana, so Rusev kicks Cena low and locks in ‘The Accolade’ once again. Cena is unresponsive, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: AND STILL WWE United States Champion, Rusev

After the match, Rusev celebrates with the championship while Cena is unconscious in the ring. Rusev stands at the top of the ramp holding the United States Championship. We then see Cena beginning to come to in the ring as officials are attending to him. Cena makes his way back to the entrance and appears upset.

We then are shown the countdown to WrestleMania, which is 35 days away from this presentation. The kickoff show panel then discusses the night’s action. A graphic shows that the Bryan/Reigns match winner will face Brock Lesnar for the title.

The growing animosity between Reigns and Bryan is evident leading into this matchup.

The winner to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

The commentary team discusses how Bryan never lost the title but had it taken away from him due to injury. Bryan tries to get into the head of Reigns as they jockey for position. They lock up, and Bryan forces him into the corner.

Dueling chants of ‘Roman Reigns’ and ‘Daniel Bryan’ break out. Bryan locks in a side headlock, but Reigns tries to fight him off. Daniel then tries to lock in a surfboard but Reigns counters out of that.

Bryan kicks Reigns in the thigh knocking Reigns off his feet. The Big Dog gains the advantage and hits a tilt, a whirl slam on Bryan, followed by a clothesline over the top rope.

Reigns drives Bryan from the barricade to the ring apron time and time again. Bryan regains the advantage and resumes the assault on the leg of Reigns. That doesn’t stop Reigns, who throws clubbing blows to the head.

He begins to mount some offense until Bryan hits a drop-toe hold. Reigns comes back and uses a variety of suplexes. He follows this up with a drive-by dropkick. He signals for the Superman Punch but is caught in the chest with a kick. Bryan is relentless with kicks to the midsection. He follows this up with three dropkicks.

Reigns is in trouble!

Bryan has Reigns sitting on the top rope and attempts a hurricanrana, but Reigns reverses it into a powerbomb. He follows up with a pinfall attempt, but Bryan kicks out at two. Reigns then hits repeated clotheslines while Bryan is in the corner.

He picks his opponent up and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Bryan slips out and causes Reigns to drop face-first onto the top turnbuckle. He then hits a superplex on Reigns and goes for the pin, but Reigns kicks out at two.

He then puts him in the YES lock! Reigns struggles to make it to the ropes and forces a break.

A flying GOAT

Reigns is struggling but catches Bryan and hits a belly-to-belly over-the-top suplex. He then attempts to spear him, but Bryan moves out of the way. Both men are lying on the outside, incapacitated as the referee makes the count.

First, Bryan and then Reigns return to the ring before the referee reaches ten. Bryan climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off the top rope, only to be hit with a Superman punch. Reigns then makes the cover, but only for a count of two.

Reigns attempts a spear but is caught with a small package. Bryan hits his running knee, but Reigns kicks out of the subsequent pin.

Bryan then sets up for a series of YES kicks, but Reigns catches the last kick. He then tries an armbar and turns it into a YES lock! Reigns breaks the submission and hits repeated fists and forearms on Bryan.

Bryan attempts another armbar, but Reigns turns it into a powerbomb. Both men are being counted out as they are absolutely spent. Bryan hits repeated slap kicks on Reigns and tries to set up for the running knee once again, but he is caught with a spear by Reigns and a pin for the count of three!

Winner, and headed to WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns.

Both men get to their feet and look at one another. Bryan points his finger at Reigns and tells him he had better kick Brock Lesnar’s a**. They shake hands, and Bryan leaves.

WWE Fastlane 2015 results | WWE
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