Falls Count Anywhere | Coming Up NXT UK 11/19/20 | Preview

While NXT has prepared for its own clash between two of the top women on the brand, NXT UK does the same and ups the ante. Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven are subsequently destined to fight forever over the NXT UK Women’s Championship. But since the ring isn’t enough, the pinfall will be held. Well, wherever these two superstars want it to be. Plus, now that we have the NXT UK Heritage Cup finals, we hope to hear from both Trent Seven and A-Kid before their big showdown next week. That match is then; coming Up; NXT UK is now for Thursday, November 19, 2020: Falls Count Anywhere!


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Falls Count Anywhere | Coming Up NXT UK 11/19/20 Prepare To Make History

Trent Seven has found a way to overcome many obstacles in NXT and NXT UK, but predominantly as a tag specialist, the Trent Seven Army leader now has a chance to become the first-ever holder of the NXT UK Heritage Cup and cement his name in history.

But before he can make history, he has to go through the ambitious A-Kid. Subsequently, an underdog in ever sense of the word, the young superstar has overcome a considerable experience challenge against Flash Morgan Webster and the ring antics of Noam Dar to get to the finals, but now this will be his biggest test.

On this week’s NXT UK, we hope to hear from both men before their match on next week’s show.

Falls Count Anywhere | Coming Up NXT UK 11/19/20 What’s Beef?

Also, it seems the entire NXT UK roster has some pent up aggression as each week, there is a new fight brewing. Sam Gradwell returned to NXT UK looking to stand out from the crowd and rise the ranks on the brand, something Imperium looks to do on a regular basis. When Gradwell was confronted by ‘the Hatchetman’ Alexander Wolfe last week, it seemingly began a possible clash between the two hard-hitting bruisers.


Then, there’s the rise of the tag teams as both Pretty Deadly and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, who both want a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Gallus. Oh, and how can we forget the newly determined The Hunt, led by the ever maniacal Eddie Dennis, who destroyed Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams last week. While we are not sure who will sort out their differences in the ring this week, we are confident these superstars will have title aspirations in their mind once it is all over.

Falls Count Anywhere
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Falls Count Anywhere | Coming Up NXT UK 11/19/20 No Limits

There are many times in wrestling when the words “fight forever” are etched in history with some of the squared circle’s biggest clashes. And fresh off of one of the hardest hitting, 5-star matches for the NXT UK Championship, the NXT UK Women’s Championship match looks to match that energy.

NXT UK’s longest-reigning champion Kay Lee Ray has become synonymous with the women’s title as if she was born with it. So much so, she literally called out the entire division as she staked the claim that she will be champion forever.

But that’s not without facing her biggest challenge to date once again in Piper Niven. A few weeks ago, these two superstars met in a big title match that showed nothing but heart, determination, and resolve from both Niven and KLR. However, it came down to pure aggression and will power for Kay Lee Ray to retain her coveted championship. This time, there will be no ring to hold either one, nowhere in the entire BT Sport studio to slow these two down as the NXT UK Women’s Championship match will be Falls Count Anywhere.

Where does Kay Lee Ray Go From Here?

Will Kay Lee Ray once again turn water to wine and prove for the second time against Niven that she will be women’s champion forever? Or will this clash of two former friends turned bitter enemies end with Piper Niven becoming the 4th woman in history recognized as the NXT Women’s Champion?

All this and more, including more on Rampage Brown’s impactful debut, and we can only hope General Manager Johnny Saint or his assistant, Sid Scala, can determine who will be the next man to face WALTER for the NXT UK Championship! Another hard-hitting edition of NXT UK worth to watch as this week’s show on the WWE Network Thursday at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST)!


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