Extreme Rules 2010 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On April 25th, 2010, WWE presented Extreme Rules 2010. The show featured a WWE Championship match between John Cena and Batista in a Last Man Standing Match, and a World Heavyweight Extreme Rules match between Randy Orton and Jack Swagger. Edge would face Chris Jericho in a steel cage, Sheamus faced Triple H in a street fight and CM Punk put his hair on the line against Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole was on commentary with Jerry the King Lawler and Matt Striker. Justin Roberts makes the ring introductions or so we thought. Triple H’s music hit and then stopped. We see that backstage Triple H and Sheamus are fighting in the backstage area. Referees are pulling these two apart. Sheamus then takes a steel pipe and decks Triple H with it. He’s laying out. Now as Teddy Long calls over help to check on the game.

ShowMiz (The Big Show and The Miz) come out but aren’t scheduled to be on the card. The Miz asks for a microphone and begins those in attendance. He references Bret Hart. Miz then said that if he beat David Hart Smith then the Hitman will have to admit that they are the best tag team in the world. This brings out Teddy Long who said that if the team of his chosing beats ShowMiz that they will get a future Unified Tag Team Championship match.

Now, Long said that if he doesn’t beat the first team then he’ll face another team. Miz keeps talking and then adds a third team to which The Big Show covers his mouth stopping him from talking. Long said that the team that beats ShowMiz will face them for the tag team championship. This brings out R-Truth and John Morrison

Extreme Rules 2010
John Morrison & R-Truth vs. ShowMiz (The Big Show & The Miz)

R-Truth addresses the Baltimore faithful before their match begins. Morrison and The Miz begin the match first off. The former tag team champions battle one on one in the ring. Morrison tags in R-Truth who begins to work over The Miz. R-Truth goes for a pinfall attempt, But this leads to Miz taggin in The Big Show. Big Show works over R-Truth with a slap across the chest. This leads to The Miz getting tagged in and he works over R-Truth.

Miz tries to lock in a rear chinlock, but R-Truth fights him off. R-Truth then tags in John Morrison, and Big Show is tagged in. Show tries to get a handle of Morrison and locks in a triangle choke out. But he doesn’t break the count of five, leading to a disqualification.

Winners: ShowMiz

MVP and Mark Henry come out next to battle ShowMiz.

MVP & Mark Henry vs. ShowMiz

MVP is right on. The Miz. But Mark Henry is tagged in and begins to work over Miz. But MVP is then tagged in, and he hits a side suplex on The Miz. Big Show recovers to come in and break up the count by MVP. MVP then hits the playmaker but Big Show decks him with a WMD.

Winners: ShowMiz

The Hart Dynasty comes out next with Bret Hart and Nataya

The Harty Dynasty vs. ShowMiz

Hart and Kidd immediately get in the ring and hit the massive springboard Hart attack off the top rope onto Miz. David Hart Smith makes the cover and gets the three count for the win.

Winners: AND NEW, WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty.

With the win, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are the new number one contenders for the Unified Tag Team Championships.

We then get a medical update from Todd Grisham but is interrupted by Sheamus. He said either Triple H can man up and face him or lose by forfeit. The barber shop chair with shaving cream and raisers are shown with the stipulation of CM Punk losing his hair if he loses the match.

CM Punk with Straight Edge Society vs. Rey Mysterio
(If Punk loses, he has his head shaved)

Punk and the SES made their way out first awaiting Rey Mysterio out next to the ring. The bell rings leading to Gallows and Deeb waiting on the ringside area now that the match has begun. Punk strikes Mysterio but he still looks up on the rampway at the barber chair.

Mysterio is then dumped to the floor but then recovers and then hits a tilt a whirl hurricanrana on Punk to the ring apron. He then hits a dropkick. Punk attempts a GTS but Mysterio fight that off. Serena then kicks Mysterio while the referee is distracted by Punk.

Punk then proceeds to come to the floor and throws forearms across the head of Mysterio. He goes for a pinfall attempt but Mysterio kicks out at two. We then see Punk put in a vice grip across the throat of Mysterio looking for a submission. Mysterio fights it off and out of the hold.

A stiff kick by Mysterio to Punk leads to pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Gallows gets involved with a stiff right hand with the referee unaware. Punk then goes for a submission attempt on Mysterio. We then see a modified surfboard/bow and arrow on Mysterio.

Punk then drops a series of legs on the beaten Mysterio. He goes for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. A series of leg drops by Punk leads to a pinfall attempt but again for a count of two.

Punk then begins to lift up Mysterio and then drops elbows and then leads this into a modified Gory Special submission attempt. But Mysterio manages to get out of it and then reverses a powerbomb attempt leading to a pinfall attempt on Punk.

Mysterio then regains control working over Punk and pulls him into the corner turnbuckle face first. Rey attempts to climb the turnbuckle but Punk stops it. Mysterio fights off a GTS attempt. But outside interference by both Deeb and Gallows lead them both to be thrown out from ringside.

Mysterio dropkicks the unsuspecting Punk from behind and then hits a moonsault from the apron to the floor on Punk.With Punk inside the ring, Mysterio hits a springboard legdrop onto Punk. He makes a cover but only for a count of two. Mysterio hits a kick on Punk and then attempts to make the pin but only for the count of two.

Rey then hits a seated senton. Punk then hits a dropkick on a springing Mysterio off the middle rope. Punk then hits a springboard clothesline on Rey leading to a pinfall attempt. Another count of two takes place! Punk picks up Mysterio and then hits a forearm onto Punk.

But an attempt GTS led to. Hurricanrana pinfall attempt by Mysterio. Punk then hits a kick to the head of Mysterio to stop Rey’s efforts. Punk attempts a running knee. But. Punk reverses it into a 619. But someone climbed from under the ring to hit a move on Rey with the referee distracted.

But Punk comes out and moves the lifeless body of Mysterio into the ring. Punk lifts Mysterio to hit the GTS. But an unconscious Mysterio is hit with a GTS, leading to a pinfall attempt and count of three.

Winner: CM Punk

Strap Match
Shad Gaspard vs. JTG

We see how weeks earlier the duo split. This led to a match taking place between them. The point of the match is to touch all four turnbuckles in succession leading to a win. But we see another side of JTG who repeatedly whipped his former partner. Although JTG appeared to have the advantage, Shad regains control using his strength to maintain control.

The whip is used repeatedly by both former members of Cryme Tyme. But each time one member appears to have the advantage over the other prevents them from touching all four turnbuckles in succession.

Shad is relentless at this point, whipping, choking and tying up JTG at every opportunity. He then manages to pull JTG around. But both men appear to touch the turnbuckle in succession. But at the last moment, JTG hits the final turnbuckle surprizing Shad in the process.

Winner: JTG

Todd Grisham addresses Triple H’s injury outside of his dressing room. He shares that Triple H will not be able to compete later this evening.

We then see the highlights of the upcoming Extreme Rules World Championship match between Randy Orton and Jack Swagger. Swagger shares that he is the odds on favorite to get the win. He has shown how he is able to capitalize on his chances.

We then see how Swagger hasn’t taken Orton seriously but can’t forget how the viper has gotten the better of him in the past. What followed was a video package showing how Orton has gotten the better of Swagger leading up to this match. But Swagger promises to show why he is the Heavyweight Champion.

Extreme Rules 2010
Extreme Rules
World Championship
Jack Swagger © vs. Randy Orton

Swagger makes his way to the ring first and awaits the arrival of the former champion, Randy Orton. Once in the ring the entrants are both announced, first the challenger then the champion. The bell rings and the two lock up leading to Swagger getting the advantage with his mat wrestling. Once both on their feet, Swagger uses a dragon screw leg whip and then drags Orton around the ring from one end to the other.

With Orton backed into the corner, Swagger attempts to berate him only for leaving him open and Orton gains the advantage. This leads to Swagger to get to the floor. He then has a steal chair but is stopped in the process.

Swagger attempts to kick Orton in the head but the Viper avoided it. It leads to the champion regaining the advantage. Swagger then suplex’s Orton on the floor. He then drives Orton back first into the barricade. The champion then rolls Orton into the ring and continues to work him over time and time again.

Swagger suplexs Orton in the ring and methodically stalks the challenger. This is the opening the challenger needs. It leads to Orton getting caught with a side suplex and a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. Swagger throws kicks on the fallen challenger and then hits another suplex.

The champion hits an array of suplex whether it belly to back or side suplex to maintain control. While back in the corner, Swagger charges in and Orton catches him but its temporary. This leads to Swagger driving Orton shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle. He then takes the world title into the ring but Orton stops him.

Uppercut after uppercut catches the champion. But Swagger stops Orton with another suplex. Swagger hits a scoop slam on Orton as the World title lay next to the challenger in the ring. But Swagger moves back slowly and then procedds to attempt a Swagger bomb only to get hit with the title of the champion!

Orton then has the advantage here leading to a pinfall attempt. The champion is then caught with the ‘vintage’ prone DDT but Swagger stops him and tosses him over the top rope. Swagger then picks up a garbage can from under the ring and then attempts to use it on Orton but is stopped and Orton is relentless attacking Swagger with the trash can across the head of the champion.

Swagger is then whipped shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton then holds Swagger’s head onto the steel steps and then stomps on his head in the process. Orton is rag dolling Swagger into the ring. The Viper then stomps on every joint of Swagger’s body from end to end.

He attempts a knee drop but Swagger avoids it. The champion attempts to bring a steel chair in the ring but Orton stops him and catches him a DDT off the ropes in the process. He then signals for the RKO but then sees the steel chair which he unfolds in the middle of the ring.

A battered Swagger is then hoisted and  Randy attempts the RKO on the steel chair but Swagger tosses him off leading to Orton to land on the chair. Swagger then hits his patented gut wrench power bomb leading to the pinfall, three count and the win!

Winner: AND STILL World Champion, Jack Swagger

After the match, as Swagger attempts to head back up the aisleway, Orton hits an RKO on Swagger on the floor. Orton then slowly walks back up the aisle leaving the champion laying. We then hear the music of Sheamus come out and walk past Orton to the ring.

Sheamus stood in the ring with the led pipe in hand and a microphone in the other. He then proceeds to say that if Triple H isn’t man enough to show up then he wants the referee to raise his hand as the winner of the match.

We then see Todd Gresham backstage saying that Triple H will not compete tonight but The Game walks right out of his dressing room and pushes Gresham out of the way. He then comes down to the ring in pain.

Street Fight
Triple H vs. Sheamus

Hunter comes out with Sheamus waiting for him in the ring. The two battle right away. Triple H is then in pursuit of Sheamus outside of the ring. The Game then drives Sheamus’ head into the barricade. Triple H continues to favor his left arm but isn’t allowing it to stop him.

He is relentless in beating on Sheamus even up the aisleway. Hunter then slides Sheamus into the ring and hits a spinebuster right away. But he attempts to hook in the pedigree on Sheamus but he can’t. This was the opening Sheamus needed. Michael Cole pointed out Sheamus’ height and weight pointing out the force coming after Triple H.

Sheamus continues to drive boots to the body of Triple H on the floor. Fans are trying to get behind Triple H hoping to get him through this. Sheamus continues to work over the head neck and shoulders of Triple H. He refuses to let up on him forcing him on the mat. But Sheamus attempted a pinning attempt but only for a count of two.

Another pinfall attempt leads to another count of two for Sheamus. Triple H attempts to make a comeback but Sheamus stops him at every turn.

Sheamus works over the shoulder and neck on Triple H in the middle of the ring. He’s trying to soften the area weakening him in the process. Each time Triple H attempts to get to his feet Sheamus stops him. And no sooner do we say that then Triple H hits a belly to back suplex.

This leads to both men on the floor forcing Triple H to get taken out down there. Sheamus then tries to charge into Triple H but The Game stopped him. He hits a DDT on Sheamus but clutches his own head upon landing on the mat. Sheamus then hits an Irish Curse backbreaker.

Sheamus attempts a pinfall again but once again for a count of two. He then hits a powerslam and tries to pin Triple H another two more times but only for counts of two!

Sheamus once again hits Triple H with the led pipe again to the head after he began to mount some offense. The Celtic Warrior then signals for Pale Justice but Triple H breaks free. We then see Sheamus find a kendo stick but Triple H gets ahold of it. The Game then cracks Sheamus with it time and time again.

The two battle up the aisleway but Triple H attempts a pedigree only for Sheamus to turn it into a back body drop on the steel ramp.

Sheamus then drags the lifeless body of Triple H to the ring and rolls him in. He then hits a brogue kick to the head of The Game. But Triple H continues to move and drags himself to the corner as the referee checks on him. He then symbols to Sheamus with a crotch chop. But Sheamus comes in with not one but two brogue kicks taking the Game down. This led to a pinfall attempt and a count of three.

Winner: Sheamus

After the bell, Triple H is tended to by officals in the ring as Sheamus makes his way to the back. They attempt to wrap a collar on Triple H’s neck for him to pull it off and struggle to his feet as he makes his way to the back. But with Triple H led to the back Sheamus hit a fifth kick to the head of Triple H once again knocking him down to the ramp. Triple H is then strapped to a stretcher to force him to be immobilized as they took him away.

In the backstage area we see Edge preparing for his upcoming match with Josh Mathews asking him about his battle against Jericho.

WWE Women’s Championship
Extreme MakeOver Match
Michelle McCool with Vickie Guerrero and Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

We see prior to the match, the table full of makeup, an ironing board and a mop as items that can be used throughout this match. Beth gains the early advantage as she takes the fight to Michelle. But while outside, Layla tries to get the advantage for Michelle but is stopped in the process. But Michelle uses a can of hair spray in the eyes of Beth. This leads to a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

McCool then slams an ironing board on Beth repeatedly. Michelle is then handed an iron but it isn’t long enough and it gives Beth a momentary advantage. She then places the ironing board across the prone Phoenix and is drilled in the process. Beth is then looking for something to use but a missed can of hair spray goes in the eyes of Layla.

Phoenix then begins to use the ironing boards and mop bucket to her advantage. Beth then lays to the two ironing boards next to one another. This leads to McCool being places on the middle rope. But both Layla and Guerrero use brooms to push Phoenix off the top rope. It leads to a Glam slam by Beth Phoenix leading to a three count and the win.

Winner: AND NEW WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix

After the match, Vickie and Layla try to console Michelle McCool while Beth Phoenix celebrates the win inside the ring.

The steel cage is being lowered in the ring as we see Josh Mathews speak with Chris Jericho in the backstage area. Jericho didn’t believe the loss to Heath Slater will affect him. He also said that he will end Edge and his Edgeheads. Jericho says it ends tonight.

Extreme Rules 2010
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Steel Cage Match
Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Edge makes his way to the ring first. We then see the build-up between the two men which took place nearly two weeks earlier. They were best friends turn bitter enemies. This led to the famous Break the Walls Down track leading Chris Jericho to the ring. With Edge already in the ring, Jericho is hesitant to get into the ring.

Jericho the gets a chair and attempts to bring it into the ring but Edge stops him. The match hasn’t begun yet as the two battle outside the ring. Edge then proceeds to get Jericho and bring him in the ring. The Rated R Superstar slams the door shot beginning the match.

He then pulls Jericho down from trying to climb the cage. Edge beings to lay in kick after kick on Y2J. With Jericho back up Ege begins to work him over. He tries a slingshot to the corner but it leads to Jericho landing on the ropes attempting to get out of the ring.

Jericho is then whipped head first into the steel cage and Edge misses a spear and it forces Edge into the cage. Chris Jericho continues to work over Edge and his shoulder and neck. He then begins to lay fists in on the former champion.

Jericho hits.a springboard dropkick into Edge into the cage. He then uses the bottom rope to hit a slingshot. Chris Jericho then rains down fists atop of Edge’s head. He follows that up with a side suplex. Jericho makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Chris turned it into a rear chinlock. This leads to both being on your feet and leads to Edge’s taking over command of the match. He regains control beating down Jericho.

Edge then hits a DDT and makes a cover but only for a count of two. Jericho then hits a kick to the gut of Edge followed by a bulldog. He then attempts a lionsault but Edge avoids it. It leads to Jericho to land on his feet and he began to climb the cage. Jericho put on the Walls of Jericho.

As Edge gets to the ropes, there is no break and it leads toa counter by Edge regaining control. Both men are down are try to make their way to their feet, Jericho tries again for the Walls of Jericho and fights it off. This leads to a big boot by Edge.

Edge looks around and is psyching himself up aiming for a spear. But Jericho turns around and tries to get out of the cage. But Jericho closed the cage across the head of Edge. Jericho then begins to walk out of the cage and onto the steps. But he then decides to walk back into the cage and closes the door.

He could have won the match but picks up the chair and yells as Edge ‘you want to hit me, you want to hit me’. As Edge gets to his feet he swings the chair at him only for Edge to avoid it and then come back and hit a SPEAR on Jericho.

Edge makes the cover for only a count of two! From out of nowhere, Jericho hits a codebreaker on Edge. He makes the pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Jericho attempts the make a pinfall again but again gets a could of two. Y2J then begins to climb the cage to try and get out of the ring and gets to the top of the cage.

Edge then begins to follow him to the top and then drags him back into the cage. The two battle at the top of the cage. But Edge falls, straddling the rope. Chris Jericho then climbs over the top rope, but Edge makes it back to his feet. Edge stops him and then pulls himself over the cage as well.

Both men battle atop of the cage, exchanging rights and lefts. Jericho then is hit repeatedly as he’s inside the ring. Edge follows him as wel back in the ring. Jericho then hits a springboard codebreaker to Edge leaving both men laying in the ring. Jericho makes a pinfall attempt but Edge fights him off.

The referee is being held by Chris Jericho who calls Edge a ‘stupid idiot’ telling him to ‘stay down’. Jericho picks up the steel chair and then tries to hit the injured ankle of Edge. This lights a fire of Edge getting back to his feet. He goes after Jericho from one end of the ring to the other.

Both men battle atop the ropes with Edge standing and making his way down. Edge watches Jericho crawl to the cage door. Edge then slams the door on Jericho’s ankle. Jericho is begging for Edge to stop. Edge then wrenches on the ankle of Jericho. Chris tries to beg for mercy, but Edge won’t have any of it.

He then stops on Jericho’s ankle. Edge then moves to the opposite side of the cage and begins to set up for the spear. As Jericho gets up, Edge hits him with it. He makes a pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winner: Edge

Extreme Rules 2010
WWE Championship
Last Man Standing
John Cena © vs. Batista

Before their match begins, we see a video package of what took place a month earlier between Batista and Cena. We see Batista attacked a battered and beaten Cena as he was left laying in the ring. Batista showed as he issued his challenge for a last man standing match. The Animal makes his way down to the ring first, followed by the WWE Champion, John Cena. With both men in the ring, Justin Roberts announces both competitors.

The bell rings as both men soak in the reaction from the audience. Cena and Batista lock up both jockeying for the early advantage. Batista is taken out with a shoulder tackle. He leaves the ring comes back in and is hit again with another shoulder tackle. This leads to Batista to grab a chair and bring it into the ring.

Cena then hits a bulldog and waits for him to get up so he could hit a fisherman suplex. This leads to the referee to count but Batista is up well before the count of 10. Batista gains the advantage and the referee begins to count Cena down. But as Cena gets to his feet, he lifts up Batista who reverses an AA and throws Cena into a corner turnbuckle.

Batista gets a chair and attacks the legs of Cena with a steel chair. The former champion continues to work over Cena’s leg. The intent is clear have his legs weakened so he can’t stand and thus must have to be counted down.

Batista continues to stomp on the ankle and calf of Cena as he continues to favor it. Each time Cena gets up Batista focuses on the leg relentlessly. The referee continues to count as Batista waits for Cena to get up to the count of 6. But it Batista continues to work Cena over trying to tear at the leg as the referee continues to count once again. He can’t seem to stand at any count greater than 7.

The champ tries to fight back but he collapses in the meantime. He then whips Batista into the steel steps with the intent of trying to buy him some time. But once again, Batitsa works over Cena with a figure four leglock. Cena fights to power out of the figure four as Batista continues to maintain the hold.

The champ then rolls over putting the pressure on Batista’s knee and leg. The referee begins to count both men down. They both make it to their feet by the count of 7 but manage to knock each other both down with a. clothesline. Cena is a house of fire hitting a series of shoulder tackles and then hits a 5 knuckle shuffle. He tries to set up for the AA.

With the referee doesn’t see it, Batista uses the ring rope tightening device. Cena then hits an AA on Batista on a steel chair. This leads to the referee to make the count. As Batista tries to get up he pushes the referee to hit the ropes knocking John Cena off the top rope. Batista then hits a spear and both men are getting counted out.

As Batista and Cena both get up, Batista charges again hitting another spear. This begins to infuriate Batista who see’s Cena beat another count. He then goes to the floor and brings in a table. He sets it up in the corner and as Cena attempts an STF, Batista pushes him off forcing him into the table set up in the corner.

Cena makes it to his feet by the count of 8 on the floor. Batista follows Cena out and then picks him up and drives him back first into the steel post. Cena is then whipeed into the barricade…and through it!

This leads to the referee making the count once again.  He then gets up by the count of 9. Batista then begins to pull out the monitors by the announce table and then gets Cena and drives him into the steel steps and post. He pulls the steel steps by the announce table. Batista then picks up Cena or at least tries to but Cena reverses it and hits an AA on him through the announce table!

The fans erupted at the table just obliterating. Batista gets up by the count of 9! Cena then pulls out another table from under the ring and slides it into the ring. A barely coherent Batista is holding onto the steel steps just to hold himself up. Cena comes oua dn brings Batista into the ring.

The Animal reversed an AA attempt into a spinebuster through a table in the middle of the ring. Both men look like hell! They’ve put each other through tables. But then Cena is hit with a Batista bomb. The referee then begins to count once again. Once again me makes it to his feet at the count of 9! Batista then brings in steel steps into the ring.

He then tried to hit another Batista bomb Cena reversed it into an STF. Cena holds onto the hold and Batista looks out. This leads to the referee to begin to count once again. But Batista makes it to his feet once again. He then tapes his feet together around the steel posts using duct tape. Batista can’t get up because he’s tied around the ring post with duct tape. The referee makes the count and Batista can’t get up.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Champion, John Cena.

Cena celebrates as Batista can’t break free of the tape and make it to his feet. The challenger remained taped around the ring post as Cena celebrates up the aisleway.