Extreme Rules 2009 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On June 7th, 2009, the WWE presented the first edition of Extreme Rules. The event followed in the footsteps of the former ECW connected pay-per-view event, One Night Only. During the introductory video, we see the upcoming matches for this event. Whether it was the Big Show and John Cena, Edge or Jeff Hardy or Batista and Randy Orton, key matches are slated to take place. Five different titles are on the line for this match.

Extreme Rules 2009
United States Championship

Fatal Four Way
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. William Regal vs. Matt Hardy vs. MVP

Matt Hardy walks to the ring sporting a cast on his right hand and wrist. The same rules apply to all those involved in the match – the first to gain a pinfall would be victorious. As the bell rings, Regal immediately pushes Hardy into MVP and Kofi Kingston. That attack is short-lived as both MVP and Kingston focus their attention on Regal. Hardy returns the favor shoving Regal into Kingston and MVP.

Kingston hits a high cross body on Regal and follows with a pinfall attempt. But only for a count of two. MVP attempts a pin but doesn’t even get a count of one! Kingston hits a high elbow on MVP as he comes off the ropes. Regal then focuses his attention on Kofi. He places Kingston on the top turnbuckle, but MVP takes both Kofi and Regal down. Hardy then slides and attempts to pin every member of the match, but all are to no avail.

Hardy is in control of this match, working over MVP. He then teases a twist of fate until Kingston stops him. Kofi hits a standing dropkick on Hardy and then slams Regal on Hardy. Kofi goes for the pinfall attempt on Hardy but only gets a count of two. Kingston hits Hardy and then MVP before being stopped by Regal and MVP. Matt Hardy then throws down on MVP, who returns with a series of fists of his own. Regal then breaks up a count by MVP and throws forearms and fists at him. We then get Regal throwing everyone everywhere. Regal is then hit with trouble in paradise out of nowhere by Kingston. He is pinned for a three count and the win at Extreme Rules 2009.

Winner: AND STILL United States Champion, Kofi Kingston.

Josh Matthews interviews The Big Show about his submission match with John Cena. The Big Show said he would embarrass John Cena during their match tonight. We then have Todd Grisham and Jim Ross on commentary speaking about Rey Mysterio and what happened recently with the Intercontinental champion being blindsided. Flashbacks show what happened when Rey came out, and Jericho impersonated a Rey fan while attacking him at ringside.

No Holds Barred Match
Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio (c)

Jericho’s music plays, but he isn’t at the entranceway; he is at the merchandise stand with a microphone in hand. He walks down to the ring from the stands and talks down Mysterio. Jericho said he would rip off Mysterio’s mask and expose him as a hypocrite. This signals the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio.

As soon as the bell rings, Rey charges at Jericho and takes the fight to him outside of the ring. There are no disqualifications in this match as Rey throws the announce tabletop at Jericho. Jericho recovers and attempts to whip him into the steel steps, but Rey avoids them. Rey hits a hurricanrana on Jericho from the ring apron to the floor. He then hits a leg drop over the top rope onto the back of Jericho’s head. Jericho is just now slowing down Mysterio. He covers the champion but only for a count of two.

While Rey is in the corner, Jericho uses his foot to choke him. Jericho counters Rey’s attempt to use the ropes to his advantage, only to be shoved off the top. Chris Jericho is caught with a dropkick as he attempted a springboard dropkick in mid-air. Rey climbs the top and hits a cross body on Jericho to the floor. Mysterio then hits a leg drop on Jericho from the apron to the inside of the ring. Jericho and Mysterio then collide mid-ring, giving Chris the advantage. Mysterio then rolls Jericho up, but Jericho counters it. Rey is then caught by Jericho, who attempts a Walls of Jericho but is rolled up.

There are some things that are really a liability to the Intercontinental Champion – Jim Ross

Once Rey is up, Jericho catches him with a clothesline. He then makes a pinning attempt only for a count of two. Jericho is slowing the match down and driving fist after fist into the head of Mysterio. He then propels Mysterio under the bottom rope to the floor. Jericho then brings Mysterio back into the ring and makes a pinfall attempt. But he only gets a count of two. We then get Jericho tearing at the mask of Mysterio, and it nearly did tear. It certainly does make a difference to the mindset of Mysterio and his focus.

We then get Mysterio charging at Jericho through the middle rope to the floor. Rey then hits a springboard seated senton on Jericho. After a pinfall attempt, Jericho kicks out at two. Mysterio then sets him up for a 619, but Jericho counters it. Rey then is caught by Jericho, who hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker along his shoulders!

Jericho then catches Rey and puts him down with a powerbomb. Rey then hits a 619 in reverse and is then caught with a codebreaker by Jericho. Jericho goes for the pinfall attempt, but Rey kicks out at two.

Everyone here in New Orleans may be astonished! – Todd Grisham

Jericho carries a chair in, but Mysterio hits a dropkick into the face of Y2J, who is holding the chair. Mysterio then uses the chair and drops a leg onto the chair onto the face of Jericho. We then see Mysterio lung off the chair onto Jericho, who applies the Walls of Jericho. As Mysterio goes to hit the 619, Jericho pulls his mask off! A distracted Mysterio covers his face as Jericho rolls him up for the three count and the win at Extreme Rules 2009!

Winner: AND NEW Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho

After the match, he holds Mysterio’s mask with one hand and the Intercontinental Championship with the other. We then see highlights of the last sequence of the match. Finally, the new champion stands in the ring, becoming a nine-time Intercontinental Champion.

Josh Matthews is then shown backstage interviewing Batista, who is challenging for the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. We then see Flair challenge, Orton to a fight to the finish in the parking lot. Next, we see highlights of their match and how Legacy came to Orton’s aid. Batista then came to the ring to see Orton beat down on Flair while the Animal is forced to look on. Finally, the Animal addresses the actions of Randy Orton on Ric Flair and how that has lit a whole different fire under him. Tonight is only the beginning, and he proclaims to take the WWE title, Orton’s pride, dignity, and health, and won’t stop until he completely wipes out his entire legacy.

Extreme Rules 2009
Samoan Strap Match

Umaga vs. CM Punk

The Samoan Bulldozer made his way out to the ring first, followed by CM Punk. Punk is carrying with him the Money in the Bank briefcase that he won at WrestleMania 25. Next, we see a short video of how this match all came about. Umaga came out on SmackDown three weeks ago, where he whipped Punk repeatedly.

With both men in the ring, referee Charles Robinson has both men attached to a side of the strap. Both men exchange blows early on. Umaga touched two turnbuckles but was stopped. Punk does the same, but he is also stopped after touching two. Umaga then begins to whip Punk repeatedly with the strap. A series of strikes followed by a diving headbutt off the ropes. Umaga then pulls the strap so that it forces Punk’s shoulder across the ring post.

Punk is then laid outside the ring, but Umaga begins to pull him towards the ring. After interrupting Umaga’s attempt at touching turnbuckles, he is then hit with a standing spinning heel kick. But it also allows Punk to make a comeback. First, he hits a running knee into the corner turnbuckle, followed by a bulldog. He then touches the corner turnbuckles. As he attempts to hit the fourth, Umaga pulls him in and hits a spinning side slam. Umaga then hits turnbuckles, but Punk prevents him from hitting a fourth.

Punk avoids the contact – Jim Ross

Punk then has the advantage of hitting three turnbuckles but is heaved off his feet as he attempts to hit the fourth. Umaga then climbs the top turnbuckle, but Punk pulls him off the top rope! Both men are slow to get to the feet now. Punk begins to touch the corner turnbuckles. He then catches Umaga, hits the Go To Sleep, and then slaps the fourth turnbuckle at Extreme Rules 2009.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, we see how the win all came about for Punk. Josh Matthews is then speaking with Matt Striker at ringside, discussing the upcoming ECW Championship match between Christian and Tommy Dreamer. It is then passed over to Gregory Helms to speak to the ECW Champion, Christian. They share how he and Dreamer are friends. He says that all week he’s been thinking about how he will miss Tommy Dreamer as he doesn’t plan on losing the title. Dreamer then comes out and interrupts him. Both men are cracking on each other when Jack Swagger comes in. As he addresses both men, Christian and Dreamer walk off, leaving Swager to address no one.

Triple Threat Hardcore Rules
ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

Christian makes his way out first to ring, followed by Tommy Dreamer and then Jack Swagger. If Dreamer loses, he will leave (WW)ECW. Jack Swagger then follows him. As history tends to suggest, whenever the champion comes out first, they typically don’t win. Add to the fact that this is a triple threat match where statistically the champion doesn’t have to be involved in the fall to lose it doesn’t bode well.

Swagger was trying to encourage Christian and Dreamer to fight, but both Christian and Dreamer turn their attention to Swagger. However, the All-American American has the advantage early on. Both Christian and Tommy Dreamer then bring in a trash can lid and a Singapore cane and use it on Swagger. Christian then continues to beat down Tommy Dreamer. However, Dreamer recovers and eliminates Christian from the ring. After that, the focus is on Swagger and Dreamer in the ring. Eventually, all three are on the outside of the ring.

Josh, imagine ECW without Tommy Dreamer…ever again? – Matt Striker

Dreamer has the cane with him and continues to use it on Swagger leaping off the middle rope with it. Tommy Dreamer then suspends Swagger from the tree of woe.  He then places a trash can in the face of Jack Swagger. As Dreamer teases charging at Swagger, Christian interrupts him, and he attacks Swagger in the corner. Then both Dreamer and Christian exchange blows. That gave Jack Swagger time to recover, and he then makes a play at Christian, attacking him from one side of the ring to the other. After a pinfall attempt, Swagger only gets a count of two.

As Swagger removes the turnbuckle, Tommy Dreamer hits him with the cane. That gives Christian an opening in this match. However, Dreamer recovers momentarily, but that is short-lived. Christian moves on to pursue Swagger, who takes out Captain Charisma. Swagger and Tommy Dreamer continue their battle in the ring.

I don’t think Jack Swagger wants to find out what Tommy Dreamer has in mind – Josh Matthews

Swagger places Dreamer on the top rope and attempts a suplex, but Christian turns it into a powerbomb taking out both Jack and Tommy. Christian then attempts a pinfall on Dreamer, but he kicks out. He then attempts it on Swagger, but Jack kicks out. Christian then brings in a crutch and is caught by Jack Swagger. Swagger then gets cracked with a crutch by Tommy Dreamer as he makes the pinfall and the win at Extreme Rules 2009!

Winner: AND NEW ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer

The win was special as the longtime member of ECW (both company and brand) is finally recognized as its flagbearer. Dreamer holds the title above his head as he celebrates against the barricade with the fans. Dreamer then runs into the crowd to celebrate.

Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero Jr. Vicki is being antagonized by Chavo as a means of motivation leading into a Hog Pen Match defending her Miss WrestleMania title. Michael Cole then shares how Santina would appear at WrestleMania, making her (him) and compete for the Miss WrestleMania title. Next, Jerry Lawlor goes into the hog pen and explains the rules and then the participants.

Extreme Rules 2009
Hog Pen Match

Santina Marella vs. Vickie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Santina makes her way to the…pen first, followed by Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Vickie came out in a gown and then announced it is a handicap match to include Chavo as well. The referee then tells Chavo to get into the pen. Chavo removes his shoes and walks into the pen with his socks on. Santina then picks up mud and throws it on the shirt of Chavo. Chavo then picks up mud and wipes it into the face of the Santina. He is then back body dropped in the pen. Both Santina and Chavo both attempting to toss each other into the hog portion of the pen.

Chavo is then in control, and he tags in Vicki. Santina then threatens to throw slop on Vicki, but Chavo accidentally hits her with the slop. She then gets covered, and Santina wins.

Winner: Santina Marella

After the match, Vicki and Chavo keep slipping and are falling all over the mud. We then see highlights of the match and what happened as Santina makes the cover for the win. Both Vicki and Chavo are still in the hog pen, arguing, not attempting to get out of it.

Before their match begins, we see highlights of the Batista and Randy Orton feud and how it came to this point. Orton dares Ric Flair to get in his business again but is told he won’t worry about a disqualification after their match at Judgment Day match. It all leads to a fight to the finish between them. One that culminates in Flair being punted as he is locked in a steel cage while Batista is forced to look on.

We then see Chavo and Vicki backstage attempting to recover from what took place earlier in their Hog Pen match. Edge then sees her in her office, addressing how he is going to face Jeff Hardy alone. He then tells her to get a good divorce attorney because tonight it all ends. Hardy’s title reign and Edge’s marriage to Vicki is said to be over!

Steel Cage Match
WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista

Orton makes his way out to the ring first, followed by the Animal. When the champion comes out first, it usually doesn’t bode well. However, that didn’t prove true earlier in the show. So did it prove to be true here? Batista is immediately pacing around the ring, waiting to get his hands on Randy Orton. As soon as the bell rings, Orton immediately runs to the cage attempting to escape right away. However, Batista is quick to follow him and thwart his efforts.

Batista is on the attack. He has Orton in the corner, and he continues to drive his shoulder into the ribs of the Viper. Orton avoids another attempt and tries to climb the cage. The Animal suplexes Orton and then goes for a cover. He doesn’t get far with a count of two. The Animal is still in pursuit of the Viper, who then attempts to escape through the door. Batista continues to beat Orton from one side of the ring to the other. Orton then hits his inverted backbreaker. He then climbs to the floor, but Batista drags him back into the cage.

Never ever get complacent against the Viper, Randy Orton – Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

The Animal hits a power slam and then goes for the pinfall attempt again. But once again only gets a two count. Orton recovers, however, and regains the advantage. He lays in fist after fist on the fallen Batista. The Viper then looks around at the cage and then gets caught with a spinebuster by Batista! Batista signaled for a Batista bomb, but Orton reverses it back body, dropping him into the cage. Orton hits a standing dropkick and then begins to climb the cage but stops midway. He then comes down and then attempts the punt…only to miss! Batista then catches Orton and a Batista bomb only to hit one in the center of the ring. He makes the pinfall for the three count and the win at Extreme Rules 2009!

Winner: AND NEW WWE Champion, Batista

After Batista leaves the cage with the title, a distraught Randy Orton looks on from the ring as the Animal celebrates at the top of the ramp.

We then see a promotional video of John Cena and his recent struggles and triumphs. Cena shares about how he has persevered. That done with John Cena and how he wanted him in a match he knew Cena couldn’t win…a submission match. Several attempts are shown by Cena trying to apply the STF on The Big Show only to show him fail. Finally, Cena says h

Extreme Rules 2009
Submission Match

The Big Show vs. John Cena

The Big Show makes his way out first, followed by John Cena. As always, a mixed reaction of cheers and boos follow Cena. The rules are simple the only way someone can win is by submission. With both men in the ring, they are jockeying for position. Show catches Cena’s leg and clobbers him with a clothesline. We are then put in a position where Cena tries to go for the STF, but he can’t get a handle on The Big Show. Cena hits a series of rights and lefts on The Big Show, who takes down Cena with one fist. With each punch, The Big Show is able to clobber Cena time and time again.

The Big Show stalks Cena and then tells him, ‘you didn’t think this was going to be easy, did you?’. Cena then recovers but then gets swatted across and out of the ring with one hand by The Big Show. Cena is outside of the ring recovering as the fans cheer him on. The Big Show then drops a headbutt on Cena and then tries to tie him to the ropes. Cena then begins to fight off The Big Show only to hit the mat after attempting a flying shoulder tackle.

How do you adapt and overcome against this man (The Big Show)? -Michael Cole

The Big Show then attempts to apply a full nelson on John Cena, who continues to fight it off. Show whips Cena into the turnbuckle, but The Big Show misses a splash and gets caught in a sleeper. It appears to be more of a chokehold that drops The Big Showdown to one knee. But Show fights off Cena tosses him off his shoulder. The Big Show then picks up John Cena for a powerbomb but drops him face-first to the mat. Show continues to focus on the ribs of John Cena on the bottom rope and then the corner turnbuckle.

Eventually, both men make it to their feet and exchange fists, only for Cena to get the worst of it. The Big Show then picks up John Cena and drives another fist to the ribs to the leader of the Cenation. Then, Show stands on the ribs of Cena, who is pressed up against the ropes. But, again, Cena is at the mercy of The Big Show. We then see The Big Show climb the ropes only to miss an attempted elbow. Cena then picks up Show, who falls on top of him.

Cena may have to tap out right here – Jerry The King Lawler

John Cena continues to fight off an attempted submission attempt by The Big Show. Cena is then tossed to the floor after blocking a chokeslam. Both men are on the floor with Cena, then hoisted up and driven into the ring post ribs first. The Big Show comes into the ring and then has an abdominal stretch on John Cena in the center of the ring. Cena fights off The Big Show and turns an attempted chokeslam into a DDT. He then attempts an STF only to get kicked off him to the floor! Cena is trying to make it to his feet only to have The Big Show pick him up. He then attempts a cross body only to get caught in a bear hug.

The Big Show wrenches on the ribs of Cena while down on one knee. Cena breaks free and then takes down The Big Show. The fans cheer on Cena, who then hits a five-knuckle shuffle. John then hits a AA on The Big Show. He then tries once again to lock in an STF only to get knocked off with the point of his elbow. Show then hits the WMD, but Cena falls to the floor. The Big Show then comes out to the floor and picks up the lifeless body of Cena, who recovers and drives him headfirst to the ring post.

A desperate Cena with a desperate move that’s paid off for now – Michael Cole

Cena then uses the bottom rope to tie up the leg of The Big Show only to get him to lock in the STF. The Big Show eventually taps out. Typically, the ring ropes would cause a break, but it was allowed here because a submission was the only way to win.

Winner: John Cena

It was certainly a unique way to win but total credit to John Cena for how he manages to walk away victorious. We then see the build to the lead-up to the ladder match between Edge and Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Extreme Rules 2009
Ladder Match

World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Edge (c)

JR shares that this is the first time they faced each other one on one for the championship. Out first comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Will once again the champion coming out first curse rear its ugly head? Followed by Edge is the challenger and former World Champion Jeff Hardy. As Jeff makes his way to the ring, he continues to walk under ladders. The bell rings as the two men lock up in the middle of the ring. Hardy hits a clothesline on Edge in the corner, followed by ramming his head into a turnbuckle.

Once both men make their way to the center of the ring, Edge recovers, driving a knee into the midsection of Jeff Hardy. Hardy recovers and hits a face-first suplex on Edge. He then rolls out and brings a ladder into the ring. Or at least he attempts to as Edge hits a dropkick into Hardy, causing the ladder to hit him in the ribs. Edge and Hardy make their way into the ring. However, Jeff hits a back body drop over the top rope on Edge onto a ladder!

Hardy sets up a ladder in the ring, but Edge stops him and drives his head into the ladder. Edge then tosses Jeff into the ladder, causing it to twist and contort.

Jeff may be incapacitated – Jim Ross

Edge sets up the ladder and attempts a spear on Hardy but spears the ladder instead. Jeff sets up the ladder and drives his feet into the ladder on Edge. Hardy then rests the ladder in the corner and leaves Edge on his mat. Edge moves as he attempts to slide into it, forcing Hardy to drive his foot into it. Edge then lays Hardy in between the ladder and locks in a sharpshooter! Fans are chanting for Hardy as Edge then throws him to the floor. Edge sets up the ladder once again. He attempts to climb the ladder, but Hardy dropkicks the ladder from the top rope. Hardy then sets up the ladder upside down and drops Edge chest first along with the supporting frame.

A collective groan by those in attendance can be heard after this took place. Hardy then shakes off his aching knee and sets up another ladder. This ladder is much higher than the other one. Hardy then climbs the ladder one rung at a time. But instead of leaping onto Edge, he fell into the belt. While attempting to unhook it, Edge pulled Hardy down. Hardy then reverses Edge’s attempt to whip him into the ladder. He then hits a whisper in the wind from the middle of the ladder.

You have to believe after all the abuse he’s taken, Hardy could have won by now! – Jim Ross

Hardy positions the ladder but hits a clothesline taking both men out and to the floor. Edge hits a big boot between the eyes of Jeff Hardy. The World champion then sets up the ladder between the ring apron and the barricade. He then attempts a suplex him, but Hardy blocks it. Hardy then throws another ladder onto Edge.  Edge then whips him shoulder first into the steel steps. He then follows this up by whipping him into the barricade at ringside. Hardy then drives Edge’s head into the steel steps. Jeff then hits a slingshot across the barricade on Edge. Hardy then positions Edge across the ladder that was set up earlier across the barricade. He then climbs another ladder, but Edge gets off and then climbs the ladder that Hardy is on as well, but both men fall onto the ladder snapping it in half!

Both men eventually make their way into the ring, slugging it out. The referee goes down as Jeff hits Edge. Both men then climb opposing ladders. As Edge attempted a spear in mid-air, Hardy turned it into a twist of fate! Ross reminds fans that Edge has hit Hardy before with that before..but not this time! Hardy and Edge once again climb the ladder. Jeff then ties up Edge between the rungs of the ladder, only for Jeff to climb the turnbuckle and capture the title at Extreme Rules 2009.

Winner: AND NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy
Extreme Rules 2009 - Retro Review
Photo / TWM

We then get highlights of what took place just moments earlier. Jeff Hardy is then shown celebrating, but just then, CM Punk’s music hits and hits as he is cashing in his money in the bank contract. Hardy can barely stand, and as soon as the bell rings, he hits the GTS. He goes for the cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Punk then gets caught in an inside cradle. He then hits another GTS once again. This time he hooks both legs and makes the pin capturing the World Championship at Extreme Rules 2009.

Winner: AND NEW World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk

Hardy couldn’t recover, and Punk cashed it in at the ring time and the right place. Jim Ross mentioned that he was going into the ring prior to this bout to talk about the match until Punk’s music hit. Hardy gave a valiant effort, but he couldn’t the second time after kicking out the first time. After the bout, Punk is celebrating as Extreme Rules 2009 draws to a close.