EVOLVE 145 Available Free On Facebook on Feb 29th

In a recent announcement, EVOLVE Wrestling will be airing their event EVOLVE 145 this weekend. While the airing isn’t necessarily something new, what is different is that EVOLVE 145 will air online for free on their Facebook Page. The move will not air through the promotions streaming service that would where fans of the company would normally be able to watch it.

The card will include the following matches. Anything Goes EVOLVE Championship between champion Josh Briggs and Anthony Greene who will be accompanied by Brandi Lauren. To determine the number one contenders for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles, Adrian Alanis and Liam Gray take on AR Fox and Leon Ruff. WWE NXT talent Mansoor faces the Lonestar Curt Stallion. JD Drake takes on Brendan Vink. In a couple of different grudge matches, fans will see Joe Gacy face Colby Corino and Brandi Lauren will battle Avery Taylor.

While some might have speculated as to the event airing on the 29th, the same night as AEW’s Revolution pay per view. EVOLVE promoter Gabe Sapolsky was quick to dispute its airing as countering another promotion’s event. The event’s intention is to rather provide fans with the opportunity to watch a doubleheader.

He makes it clear why he wants fans to be watching this show. With WrestleExpo taking place leading up to WrestleMania providing fans with another opportunity to watch these talents is crucial. The timing of the event may have an overlap and viewers may flip between both shows especially if they’ve already pre-purchased Revolution. From the perspective of a fan, it certainly is a win-win. There is no monetary investment in watching the EVOLVE 145 show with the free stream on their Facebook page.

Will it remain reliable and maintain viewership with an earlier timeslot?

EVOLVE is certainly hoping that it will pay off as well.