Edge Wins World Heavyweight Championship

On this day in wrestling history, everything came to life once again for the Rated R Superstar, as Edge wins the World Heavyweight Championship. At WWE Armageddon 2007 on December 16th, 2007, he defeated The Undertaker and Batista in a triple threat match to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Travesty of Justice 

Edge was forced to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship a few months before Armageddon. According to the Rated R Superstar, this was “a travesty of justice.” He said he even contemplated retiring. However, Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero brought Edge back to Smackdown. After Edge’s return, the WWE universe found out that Edge and Vickie were actually dating.

Unquestionably the ultimate opportunist was using her to get back in the title hunt. At Survivor Series, Edge made a statement by giving a conchairto to The Undertaker during his Hell in a Cell match with WWE World Champion Batista. Edge cost the Undertaker his opportunity. On Smackdown, The Dead Man attacked Edge. However, the Rated R Superstar ran and left Vickie in the ring with The Phenom. Undertaker tombstoned Vickie Guerrero as Edge Looked on.

Championship Turmoil

The week after on Smackdown, Edge was granted a World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista. The Animal and The Rated R Superstar had a brutal match. It looked as if Edge was ready to spear the Champion at one point. Then, the lights in the arena went pitch black. A gong vibrated throughout the arena. When the lights came on, The Undertaker grabbed Edge. Batista speared Edge out of the ring. Once again, The Rated R Superstar ran.

The Undertaker took out his frustration on the World Heavyweight Champion and chokeslammed him to hell. With Vicki Guerro incapacitated, Teddy Long was appointed interim GM. To Edges dismay, Long made a no disqualification World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match at Armageddon 2007 between Champion Batista, Edge, and The Undertaker.

Edge’s Plan 

Vicki made her return to Smackdown in a wheelchair. She claimed to be “mentally scarred.” As punishment, The Undertaker was put in a match with Mark Henry and Big Daddy V. These were two of the biggest most dangerous monsters in the company. The Undertaker fought valiantly, but the two behemoths and Edge’s interference were too much even for the man from the dark side. As The Undertaker lay to rest after the beating, Edge stood over him, mocking him. According to the rated R superstar, this was a plan months in the making. 

“What you are witnessing is the product of four months of careful plotting, planning, and preparation. The culmination of this plan is when I become the new World Heavyweight Champion.”

Today In Wrestling History Via WWE Network (12/16/2020): The Undertaker vs.  Edge vs. Batista at Armageddon | WWE Network News
Edge (in the foreground) looks on as The Undertaker (center of the ring) and Batista (in the far left) stare down each other [Photo: WWE News Network]

Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship

Immediately when the bell rang, Edge tried to run from both Undertaker and Batista. The two traded blows before they both caught onto Edges’ plan. However, both wanted him so bad they ended up fighting over who would get their hands on Edge first. Indirectly Edges’ plan was working. At one point, The Undertaker was going to ram Batista into the steel ring post, but Batista reversed it.

In seeing the ultimate opportunity, Edge threw Batista into the ring post, too, injuring his shoulder. The Animal was wounded. Like a vulture, Edge pounced on Batista. Undertaker came back to life and distracted The Rated R Superstar. That momentary pause was long enough for Batista to Batista bomb Edge. The Champion was now in control. As Batista was going for the cover, the Deadman grabbed him, pulling him out of the ring. He then went after Edge. As Undertaker went to leg drop him, Batista clotheslined him out of his boots.

The Ultimate Opportunist Clones 

The Phenom was temporarily out of the picture; the Animal was unleashed on Edge. Unfortunately, Edge stopped Batista with a low blow. As Edge went for a pin. The Undertaker grabbed the referee to stop the count. Edges’ eyes looked like he saw a ghost. Undertaker would finally get his hands on Edge. Big Evil leveled him with three clotheslines in the corner and a big boot.

He also went old school on Edge, walking the top rope, as only The Phenom can. Undertaker was gaining momentum. Edge’s plan was about to be changed drastically. As Undertaker went to give Edge his last ride, Batista hit the Deadman with a spear. As Batista went for the cover on The Undertaker, he got caught in the Hells Gate submission. Batista looked like an animal caught in a trap as he scrambled to reach the ropes.

Edge Wins World Heavyweight Championship – Lying in wake

As Batista started to fade, the ring bell rang. Did Batista give up? Did the Undertaker just win the World Heavyweight Championship? No, neither had happened. Edge rang the bell. This infuriated the Undertaker as he went after the Referee, thinking he had called for the bell. Edge snuck up behind the Undertaker and speared the Deadman. At the last second, The Undertaker kicked out. Batista slowly made it to his feet but was also hit with a spear.

Batista also kicked out. Did Edge’s plan backfire? Edge grabbed two chairs, setting up for a conchairto, but as he held the chair above, his head was kicked off. The Ultimate Opportunist stayed outside on the arena floor, Undertaker and Batista went after each other. Undertaker even gave a superplex to the Animal from the top rope. As The Undertaker went for old-school Batista, he was caught in a spinebuster. Batista had enough.

The Champion gave his signature thumbs up /thumbs down as he prepared Undertaker for a Batista Bomb. Edge ran back into the ring but got speared. As Edge fell to the arena floor, it appeared it wasn’t Edge at all. Instead, it was someone that looked just like Edge. 

Triple Threat Match: World Heavyweight Championship | WWE
Edge delivers a chair shot to The Undertaker, who was attempting to pin Batista [Photo: WWE]

Edge wins World Heavyweight Championship.

Meanwhile, The Undertaker delivered a viscous choke slam to Batista in the ring. Another Edge lookalike tried to jump The Undertaker but was caught and choke slammed. Obviously, something was not right. It was obvious there were other Edges. As Batista went to power slam the Deadman, it was reversed into the Tombstone. The Undertaker was minutes away from winning the World Heavyweight title.

As The Undertaker pinned Batista, Edge hit him from behind with a steel chair. However, since Batista was tombstones, he was the worse for wear. The Ultimate Opportunist pinned Batista. Edge was the new World Heavyweight Champion. The plan had worked. Edge got out of dodge with the World Heavyweight Title. Edge stole the title. As Edge celebrated, the two Edge lookalikes joined him.

The two became known as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, aka the Edge Heads. Throughout Edges’s title reign, The Edge Heads, along with Chavo and Vicki Guerrero, made sure The Ultimate Opportunist remained Champion.

Edge Wins World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertakers Wrath Awaits 

The Rated R Superstar was now a Four-time World Heavyweight Champion after Edge wins  World Heavyweight Championship. He may have won the title, but he also awakened the wrath of the Deadman. Edge was at the top of the Undertakers list of wayward souls. Their feud continued in 2007 and 2008. At one point, The Undertaker even sent Edge to hell at Summerslam. But, hell hath no fury like The Undertaker.