ECW When Worlds Collide 1994 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On May 14th, 1994, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW When Worlds Collide 1994. This was the first ever When Worlds Collide event in ECW history. We had seven matches on this show & one title match (Television.

There was also a 4-On-3 Handicap Elimination Match, a Mixed Tag Team Singapore Canes Match & so much more.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
Tommy Dreamer vs. Rockin Rebel

Rockin Rebel teases a handshake and backs off, so Tommy Dreamer slaps him. Then, both men trade punches and chops, but Dreamer takes control of the match with a snap suplex and a dragon sleeper.

Dreamer keeps locking Rebel in holds and even surprises him with a sunset flip, but Rebel answers with a jumping clothesline and distracts the ref so Jason can attack. Dreamer chases Jason, but Rebel jumps him.

He then mocks Dreamer and attacks him until Dreamer nails a low blow and attempts a flying splash. Dreamer misses, so Rebel returns the low blow and does a neckbreaker and a leg drop.

He also gives Dreamer a spinebuster, but Rebel hurts his knee. Jason tries to yell some instructions to him, but he only succeeds in distracting Rebel & Dreamer hits a Thesz Press for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (6:21)

After the match, Rebel argues with Jason and shoves him, then raises his fist, but Jason hands Rebel something that changes his mind, and then they end up leaving together in peace.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
Television Title Match

Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs. 911

911 immediately chokes Mikey Whipwreck in the corner and hits a chokeslam, but he doesn’t cover him. He chooses to lift him for a 2nd chokeslam and then a 3rd. Referee John Moore warns 911, so 911 grabs him as well and hits a double chokeslam, so the ref calls for the bell.

Winner By DQ: AND STILL Television Champion: Mikey Whipwreck (1:42)

After the match, Paul E. Dangerously enters the ring and mimes, giving the ref his last rites before spitting on him. Then he mockingly shakes the hand of an unconscious Whipwreck while the fans chant One more time, so 911 obliges and gives the ref another chokeslam.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
Jimmy Sunka vs. Kevin Sullivan 

Jimmy Sunka & Kevin Sullivan brawl to the floor, and Sullivan starts throwing chairs at Snuka. He even nails him with a skillet that he got from a fan before the fans also hand him more chairs, and Sullivan uses them on Snuka’s head.

Sullivan grabs a hammer and hits Sunka in the crotch before using a spike on his neck but they don’t stay in the ring long before returning to the floor, and Sullivan uses a fan’s crutch on Snuka’s back.

Sullivan chokes Snuka with some string and hits him with a wrench, but Snuka fires back with headbutts and chops. Sunka then charges Sullivan in the corner, but Sullivan surprises him with a boot.

The Sandman appears and convinces Woman to leave & Sullivan is distracted, and Hunter Robbins trips him so Snuka pins him for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Sunka (4:30)

After the match, Sullivan grabs Hunter Q Robbins before he can leave and pulls him into the ring. He grabs Robbin’s cane and hits him in the crotch before removing Robbin’s pants. He then hits Robbins in the crotch again and hits the double stomp, and then he beats up the crew members.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
Mixed Tag Team Singapore Canes Match

Tommy Cairo & Peaches vs. The Sandman & Woman

Tommy Cairo starts the match by hitting The Sandman with multiple suplex variations. Sandman stumbles around the ring and raises a fist at Peaches, but Cairo suplexes him again. Then they brawl to the floor and back inside before Sandman answers with a back elbow and a suplex of his own.

He also gives Cairo a pulling piledriver and chokes him before Sandman tries to continue his attack, but he makes the mistake of ducking, and Cairo takes advantage.

Cairo gives Sandman a power slam and a DDT, but Woman breaks up the pin, and Peaches attacks her. Then they have a catfight until Cairo stops it, but Peaches spots an unconscious Sandman to get the win.

Winners: Tommy Cairo & Peaches (4:55)

After the match, Cairo holds Sandman so Peaches can cane him. As she pulls down Sandman’s pants and starts whipping his bare ass, but Woman throws powder in Peaches’ eyes. Sandman then grabs the cane and starts beating Cairo with it.

He accidentally hits Peaches in the process. Sandman hands the cane to Woman and lights a cigarette. He holds Peaches while Woman canes her a few times, and the fans chant one more time; then Sandman flicks some ashes on Peaches and leaves the ring.

Meanwhile, Cairo lifts Peaches and carries her backstage.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
The Pitbull vs. The Tazmaniac

Tazmaniac immediately attacks Pitbull during his entrance, and they brawl to the floor. Tazmaniac whips Pitbull into and over the guardrail and throws chairs at him. Pitbull finally manages to reverse a chair into Tazmaniac’s face and uses it on his back before returning to the ring.

He then gives Tazmaniac a belly-to-belly and locks him in a chinlock, but Tazmaniac reverses it into a judo throw but Pitbull answers with a low blow, then Pitbull wears down Tazmaniac with nerve holds, knee drops & chokes. He also distracts the ref so Jason can attack, but the cameraman misses it.

Pitbull continues his attack with leglocks, chinlocks, and headlocks until Tazmaniac suplexes him. Tazmaniac then goes to the top rope, but Pitbull knocks him to the floor.

He brings Tazmaniac back inside and hits a sidekick kick, but Taz catches him in a t-bone suplex and an overhead belly-to-belly.

Jason gets on the apron, but Tazmaniac suplexes him, too. Then Pitbull uses the opening to grab a chain and nail Tazmaniac with it for the win.

Winner: The Pitbull (8:45)

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
4-On-3 Handicap Elimination Match

Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) (c), Shane Douglas & Mr Hughes vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don & Ron) & JT Smith

JT Smith fights off both Shane Douglas & Mr Hughes until Douglas grabs him from behind. Then Public Enemy takes over the match, and they catch Ron Bruise in their corner. He tries to fight back, but all four men attack him.

They cut off his comeback attempts while double and triple teaming him, then Hughes even manages to hit a dropkick, then they are working over Ron’s leg, and everyone takes turns locking him in holds.

Douglas starts giving Ron flying headscissors, but Don Bruise stops him and makes a tag but Smith finds himself in trouble, and they start attacking his leg, too. Everyone tries saving Smith, but the attack continues for a while until Hughes misses a flying splash.

Ron finally tags into the match and cleans house, but he makes the mistake of tagging Smith again. Public Enemy attacks him while everyone else brawls into the crowd, so the ref has no choice but to count out Douglas, Bruise Brothers & Hughes.

Public Enemy continues the attack on Smith’s leg and puts him in a Figure 4 as he won’t submit and eventually turns the hold. Rocco Rock breaks free and continues beating Smith, but he poses and dances for the crowd.

Smith uses the opening to roll him up for an elimination, but they immediately attack Smith and double-team him. But Johnny Grunge runs into Rock & Smith rolls him up for the win.

Winners: The Bruise Brothers & JT Smith (24:52)

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
Tag Team Match

Arn Anderson & Terry Funk vs. Bobby Eaton & Sabu

Terry Funk & Sabu start brawling in and outside the ring, and Bobby Eaton does the same to Funk. Arn Anderson eventually fends both men off with a chair, but Sabu attacks Funk and slams him over the ropes and through a table.

Sabu continues his attack with chair shots and then jumps off the chair with a wheel kick before Anderson & Funk manage to take control. Anderson puts Eaton in a Figure 4, but Paul E. breaks the hold.

Funk from giving Eaton a piledriver onto a piece of table, then Funk misses a moonsault, but Sabu hits his. Funk answers with a powerbomb, a neckbreaker, and a DDT before brawling with Eaton.

Sabu fends off Anderson and hits a slingshot somersault plancha onto Funk. Anderson responds by taking out Sabu & Eaton with a chair, and then they return to the ring, but Sabu surprises Anderson with a dropkick and a moonsault.

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994
[Photo: Twitter/@WrestlingIsKing]

Eaton hits Anderson with Alabama Jam, then goes for the cover, but Funk breaks up the pin. Sabu & Eaton aren’t done because Sabu hits Anderson with a slingshot somersault senton and a springboard moonsault.

He also takes Anderson to the floor, but Sabu crashes into the rail. Anderson seizes the opening to hit multiple DDTs while Funk & Eaton fight to Joey Styles’ eagle’s nest. Funk gives Eaton a piledriver, but then Public Enemy appears and attacks Funk.

They injure his knee before Anderson can stop them, but Anderson drives them away and helps Funk back to the ring, but Public Enemy attacks Anderson.

Arn fights off the attack, but Sabu attacks Funk’s knee, putting him in a spinning toe hold. Funk keeps trying to fight him, but his knee buckles. Anderson finally stops the attack, and Funk grabs a chair but accidentally hits Anderson.

Funk then fights valiantly until Anderson returns, so he grabs the chair and attacks Funk as he hits him in the knee repeatedly, and Sabu puts Funk in a half crab for the submission win.

Winners By Submission: Bobby Eaton & Sabu (19:35)

ECW When Worlds Collide 1994 would then go off the air.