ECW November To Remember 2000 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On November 5th, 2000, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired the ECW November to Remember 2000. It would be the eighth and final November to Remember pay-per-view.

On the schedule were eight matches, including three Title matches (ECW World Heavyweight, ECW World Tag Team & Television). There were also a Loser Leaves Town Match, Tag Team Flaming Tables Match & so much more.

ECW November To Remember 2000
Tag Team Match

The Bad Street Boys (Christian York & Joey Matthews) vs. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

The Bad Street Boys hits Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger with a double dropkick followed by a double Russian leg sweep and stereo dives.

Christian York also drops Joey Matthews onto Diamond from the top rope.

The flurry lasts until Diamond & Swinger use a cheap shot and a hotshot.

Diamond follows with rolling suplexes into a sit-out gourdbuster, then Diamond & Swinger do a double STO and strikes, but Matthews scores a neckbreaker.

Matthews fends off a low bow and makes the hot tag & York cleans the house with clotheslines and a sit-out wheelbarrow slam. Then we get a wild brawl, and Diamond & Swinger hits a side slam/DDT combo. The ref is out of position, so York kicks out.

Matthews lands a Frankensteiner on Diamond but CW Anderson crotches York and gives him a spinebuster.

This allows Diamond & Swinger to nail the Problem Solver on York for the win.

Winners: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger (5:21)

ECW November To Remember 2000
Kid Kash vs. CW Anderson

Kid Kash uses takedowns, dropkicks, and clotheslines before sending CW Anderson outside.

While on the floor, Kash lands a hurricanrana and a double jump dive over the rail.

Back inside, Anderson catches a diving Kash and hits him with a Ferris Wheel, then follows with a jumping armbreaker, which leads to extensive arm work.

Anderson uses the post followed by a chair and arm holds as Kash keeps trying to rally with a plancha, pin attempts, and a hurricane, but Anderson scores a TKO and a delayed superplex.

Anderson fends off more offense from Kash before nailing a spinebuster & it only gets a two count so Anderson argues with the ref.

This allows Kash to recover & they go through a series of counters until Kash connects with a tornado DDT to get the win.

Winner: Kid Kash (10:47)

ECW November To Remember 2000
6 Man Tag Team Match

Hot Commodity (Chris Hamrick, EZ Money & Julio Dinero) vs. Danny Doering, Roadkill & Spike Dudley

The action spills to the outside, and everyone dives, then back inside. Roadkill hits power slams on Chris Hamrick, then Danny Doring, Roadkill & Spike Dudley hit a triple Lancaster Lariat.

EZ Money ends the flurry with Money Clip & Bankroll; then Julio Dinero uses distractions, then Hot Commodity does some triple teaming and a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.

This lasts until Doring hits  G Spot Sweep and tags Roadkill & he cleans the house with a Barn Burner, followed by Dirt Road Slam, so Hamrick stops him with a chair.

Dudley tags, but Dinero gives him a sit-out powerbomb before Roadkill ends Hot Commodity’s rally with a springboard double clothesline.

Elektra interferes and takes the Bareback from Doring & this allows Roadkill & Dudley to nail a double-team wheelbarrow cutter for the win.

Winners: Danny Doering, Roadkill & Spike Dudley (8:23)

ECW November To Remember 2000
Loser Leaves Town Match

Chris Chetti vs. Nova

The fight spills outside as both men evade each other then they fight around the rail.

Back inside, Nova & Chetti block each other’s finishers, so Nova uses a Crossface Chicken Wing. Once Chetti escapes, he fakes an injury to cause a distraction.

Lou E Dangerously uses the opening for a low blow and Chetti hits Nova with a chair.

Chetti hits a delayed suplex before both men steal each other’s moves.

Chetti hits Novacaine before Nova responds with Chetti’s springboard wheel kick. He also gives Chetti a Pedigree/Fameasser combo then a cover.

Dangerously places Chetti’s foot on the ropes then whacks Nova with his cellphone after Nova hits 3rd Degree.

Lou tries to interfere again, but Nova kicks a chair into his face before Nova & Chetti fight on the top rope, and Nova connects with a super Kryptonite Crunch to put Chetti away.

Winner: Nova (9:48)

ECW November To Remember 2000
Tag Team Flaming Tables Match

Da Baldies (Tony DeVito & Angel) vs. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy

Balls Mahoney hits Ballbreaker on Angel & Chilly Willy hits DeVito a Falcon Arrow, then they use chairs and grab a table.

Before they can set it up Da Baldies take them outside for some crowd brawling.

They scuffle through the stands before the fight moves to the ramp, where Chilly suplexes Angel and nails a spinning backkick.

Da Baldies fight back, and Angel powerbombs Willy onto some chairs.

DeVito also decks Balls with a chair, but Mahoney rallies with a DDT on Angel.

He follows it up with a super Nutcracker Suite on DeVito and a regular one to Angel.

With Da Baldies down, Mahoney & Willy douse a table in lighter fluid and set it ablaze & this allows them to powerbomb Angel on the flaming table for the victory.

Winners: Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy (12:17)

ECW November To Remember 2000
ECW TV Title Match

Rhino (c) vs. New Jack

New Jack uses a trash can, then the lid, followed by a Chicago Bears helmet, a road sign, and a pool cue on Rhino. He sends Rhino outside and nails a diving attack with the sign.

Back in the ring, Rhino kicks New Jack and sets up a table, but Jack rakes his eyes & this leads to an exchange of trash can shots until Rhino pulls the ref into one of them.

Jack gets his staple gun as Danny Daniels arrives & he tries to attack Jack so Jack staples him and throws him outside & the distraction allows Rhino to recover.

He slams Jack, but Rhino misses a flying splash before Jack gets his guitar and breaks it over Rhino’s head but Rhino shakes it off and gores Jack through the table for the win.

Winner: AND STILL Television Champion: Rhino (7:56)

ECW November To Remember 2000
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) (c) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)

Mikey Whipwreck & Tony Mamaluke do some chain wrestling before The Unholy Alliance double teams Mamaluke. Then Tajiri & Little Guido make a test of strength and exchange pin attempts and takedowns then The Unholy Alliance does double-teaming.

They sandwich Guido’s head between chairs while Guido holds them, so Mamaluke tries to help but doesn’t work because Whipwreck hits FBI with a super double Whippersnapper.

They take Whipwreck out on a stretcher, so Super Crazy comes to take his spot in the bout.

Super Crazy gives Tony a press facebuster and places him in the tree of woe before Tajiri nails a baseball slide before he & Super Crazy use more chairs on FBI.

FBI retakes control with arm submissions and suplexes before both teams exchange strikes until Tajiri scores a handspring double elbow, and Crazy does a springboard moonsault.

Super Crazy even lands a sit-out powerbomb and a swinging DDT on Guido, so Big Sal interferes.

He takes Crazy into the crowd, but Crazy hits a moonsault off the balcony onto Sal.

Back in the ring, Tajiri puts Mamaluke in the Tarantula, but Guido kicks him & this allows Guido to bulldog Tajiri for the win.

Winners: AND STILL ECW World Tag Team Champions: Full Blooded Italians (15:47)

ECW November to Remember 2000
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ECW November To Remember 2000
ECW World Heavyweight Title Double Jeopardy Match

Jerry Lynn (c) vs. The Sandman vs. Justin Credible vs. Steve Corino 

Steve Corino lets Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible fight while occasionally joining the fray.

Everybody exchanges strikes until The Sandman arrives & while he does his entrance Credible bloodies Lynn then Sandman canes Lynn and stops for a beer but Corino swats it out of his hand.

Sandman goes cane crazy, but Lynn & Credible pinball him with punches before Sandman and Corino scuffle outside, where Sandman nails a guardrail leg drop.

Sandman introduces a ladder and uses it on everybody, then even collects a section of guardrail and puts it in the ring. Corino places it across some chairs, but it backfires.

Sandman suplexes Steve onto the rail as Francine interferes and almost fights with Dawn Marie, but Corino makes Marie leave the ring.

With her back on the floor, Corino hits Sandman with Expulsion and Credible lands That’s Incredible on Lynn & both Sandman & Lynn are eliminated.

We are down to Credible & Corino. Sandman and Lynn remain at ringside but they get involved. Lynn attacks Corino & Sandman does the same to Credible when they recover Credible throws a low blow and pulls Francine into Corino’s superkick.

Corino scores with Expulsion, then a cover, but it only gets a two count & after fending off a superkick and cane shots, Corino hits another Expulsion.

Dawn Marie turns on Corino as she gives Corino a low blow, then one to Jack Victory before leaving.

Credible capitalizes with more cane shots, but Corino shakes them off and hits a superkick for the win.

Winner: AND NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Steve Corino (24:21)